January 7, 2018

How I’m Getting Organised With A Bullet Journal

The start of the new year gave me the perfect excuse I needed to start a new diary. I’m a sucker for crafting, scrapbooking and planning but I just really don’t have the time to keep up with all of them these days. Between the kids, the business, the blog and the Mr, well I just don’t have as much time for hobbies as I would like. I’ve also taken on so much in the last six months, most notably my new son Hayden who is now five months old, but also a whole new business and I’m full time blogging at the moment as well. So it’s very full on! And trying to organise everything is a nightmare. Try finding a diary or planner that will help me keep track of everything I need to know for even just one of these areas is tricky, let alone a diary that would suit my needs for organising ALL of these areas together.

So I realised I was going to need to make my own. And actually, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier! I’ve spent far too much money on diaries and planners in the past, only to use them diligently for a few months and then slowly tail off as I’d never quite get what I needed from them. No matter how beautiful, or how popular the diary for being the must-have organisational tool of the moment… Nope, I’ve acquired many a journal, diary and planner, which I never throw out, and a box full of cute embellishments to go with each – because I’m a sucker for craft supplies. And yet I’ve never found the perfect one for me.

The time had finally arrived for me to start my own diary, and more precisely, a Bullet Journal. If you don’t know exactly what a Bullet Journal is, then rest assured that I didn’t either at first! But basically a Bullet Journal is a journal you create yourself with lists, calendars, diary entries and anything that you want. It therefore means you can create custom categories, plans, dates etc in any way that works for you. No longer do you need to search for the perfect diary – the key is to make it yourself!

I’d been put off creating a Bullet Journal myself before as I’m not very good at drawing. The ones I’d seen on Pinterest made me drool and aspire to create beautiful pages, but I quickly realised that actually, the joy of a Bullet Journal is keeping it natural in it’s imperfections. And I’ve embraced my wobbly lines, crossed out words and just basically removed the stress of striving for perfection – and as a result I spend several evenings a week creating lists etc in my Bullet Journal because I enjoy it so much.

Finding the right journal was actually easy too. Central Crafts are a company based in Hertfordshire with over 50 years experience, who create personalised leather journals and I have never seen anything so beautiful in my whole stationery loving life. They have an amazing range of stunning journals in every size available, in different designs and in top quality leather. But one thing all the journals in their collection have in common is their superior quality. When mine arrived I had never, ever owned anything quite like it. The journal was bound in stunning and soft fuchsia coloured leather with an envelope style cover and it feels luxurious to touch, and it’s beautiful to look at. The paper within the journal is also top quality creamy, Italian, acid-free and it’s thick to touch – which is always the sign of a good quality paper.

My journal is the Capri in size extra large which is perfect for a Bullet Journal. It’s slightly bigger than A4 size and so there’s absolutely plenty of space for all my lists and things! I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the start of mine, and I am still spending most evenings drawing, doodling and writing in it. Some of the lists you can create in your own personalised Bullet Journal would be things like A Winter Bucket List of all the things you want to achieve this season. I separated mine out in individual sections, but you don’t have to do that. You can do it any way you would like – that’s the joy of a Bullet Journal.

Of course the most simple and original page is a diary, and naturally you’ll likely need one. For January my colour code is green and I’ve got all my important details listed. I can’t wait to change my colour code each month.

I also rely on my Bullet Journal now for all things blog related – and I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to combine my family organisation in the same place as my blog stuff. All housed in my beautifully crafted leather journal. I have a page at the moment for monthly Blog Stats which I’m using to chart the progress each month, and will help me see which areas to focus on each season. It’s also just useful to be able to see these figures at ease.

As a beauty hoarder I constantly have a list of products I’m waiting to try out, so in the Bullet Journal that list went, to help me keep track. I’ll be able to add things on throughout the year too.

And for sure one of the most fun pages to put together was my Instagram Mood Board which is full of stickers I’d previously purchased and just represents the feel and style I want to achieve on Instagram. It’s supposed to keep me motivated this year!

Another idea for a Bullet Journal Page would be a goals-type layout. I’ve started one which is based on my 2018 Positive Aims and includes things that might not mean much to others, but are things I want to do this year. For example: remembering to take reusable bags to the supermarket and not have to buy them every time I go. To drink more water and less caffeine. To donate to charity each month. Everything I want to achieve as a good or positive aim this year, is written down in my journal.

The one I’m most looking forward to reviewing at the end of the year is My Year In Pixels. This is a page dedicated to tracking what type of year I’ve had. Each day of the year has an individual square and each day I colour that square in using the colour code I’ve made. The code includes things like “A great day” or “a normal day” and even things like a “bad mental health day” so I can’t wait to review the colours and the chart at the end of the year.

But it’s not just my Bullet Journal, I also have a Wedding Journal now too, because just one personalised leather journal from Central Crafts wasn’t enough! Seeing as I recently got engaged, this year I need to crack on with the Wedding Planning. I’ve got a whole brand new and beautifully crafted journal which is going to house all my Wedding plans, pictures and cut-outs. I want to record every idea in my Wedding bullet Journal so at the end of the year, when we get married, we have a wonderful handmade memento to keep. And I couldn’t think of anything better to have it in than this.

So overall I am now fully in love with Bullet Journalling. I think it’s my new thing and I am determined to do it all year and beyond because quite frankly, no other journal could beat a Bullet Journal for suiting the different areas of my life, as well as allowing me the space to express some creativity – even if my drawing is rubbish! And what’s more, there’s no better personalised Bullet Journal than the stunning ones available from Central Crafts.

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Central Crafts  but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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  1. suhana says:

    Hello from malaysia . your bullet journal is so cute . Lately i’ve follow many blogger who had a bullet journal then i found your blog too . Most of them is so creative and inspire me to have one .

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