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When it comes to creating hair styles I’m all about the creative thought process – but I need a little help with the actual styling. I can create stunning looks and styles for all occasions – in my head. But actually creating them on myself can be a bit more tricky. Make-up is my thing, I can do that. Style it in my head and on my face, but hair? I’m not the most natural. 

As a complete girly-girl I like to wear feminine hairstyles. Mostly I wear my hair down during the day. I sleep with it up, but during the day it’s usually hanging down. And yes, I’m one of those people who wash my hair everyday! (Eek!) This means that I get lots of opportunity to practice styles out, and practice means perfect, right? For me, my favourite style is girly glam. I love big curls, bouncy curls and Hollywood curls and any type of waves. You know…the ones that flick away from the face, giving the natural look of windswept hair. These styles sit perfectly on me with my hair at it’s current in-between shoulder and bust length. But I also play around with the type of curls too. I like to go for beachy waves quite a lot, and sometimes I literally just put 3/4 curls through my hair and leave it – for a tiny bit of shape with minimal fuss.

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It’s not just about the curls, because I also love my hair straight. Poker straight to be precise. This has become such a fail safe for me that I actually had my hair blunt cut two weeks ago, just to really define the ends for that perfect straight and blunt look… But straightening is easy isn’t it? You just run your straighteners down, in one direction, and voila. DONE! …It’s everything else that takes a bit of practice!

Fortunately ghd have launched their hairstyle hub, which is the destination for all your hair inspiration. Not only do they have tonnes of styles, they also have themes for you to pick from – like festival, prom and wedding hair. And if you’re not sure which style to try, the also have the option of showcasing different styles depending on the length of your hair. So it makes it super easy to find some inspiration for everyday – as well as special occasions.

ghd hairstyle hub

But it’s not just a bit of inspiration you’ll find here… Once you’ve decided on your chosen ‘do, you’ll find a whole host of information to help you create it. Literally everything you need is in one place. The hairstyle hub delivers step-by-step tutorials on creating the style for yourself, as well as offering videos that show you how to do it too. There’s also a full list of everything you would need to create the look – so literally you won’t need anything else but what you’re told.

Considering I’m a girly-girl, when ghd challenged me to recreate a look from the hub, I knew straight away it would be their cult Hollywood Waves. I love wearing my hair with some level of curl or wave but it’s not always easy to achieve. The hairstyle hub makes it so easy to achieve those flowing and luscious looking waves that look like they’re naturally bouncing away from the face. Here’s my take on gorgeous Hollywood Waves…

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I find that when I wear Hollywood Waves, I like mine to have slightly more definition, so I only comb them slightly after curling, I don’t fully brush them out. If you want the really soft looking curl or wave then I recommend brushing the hair fully after styling.

Speaking of styling, one hair essential is a ghd styler. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve always had a pair of ghd’s. They are without doubt, my Holy Grail Hair Styler. Nothing has ever compared. For all my recent styles, and my favourite Hollywood Waves, I’ve been using my snazzy Platinum Nocturne Styler – which comes in a limited edition kit featuring a heat proof bag and two unique O.P.I Nail Polishes. The styler features the trademark ghd tri-zone technology which ensures heat is evenly distributed across the plates, meaning perfect styling. For waves, the slightly curved edges have really given me that extra bounce which makes the waves themselves look more voluminous. It’s my favourite styler too – because it’s just so pretty!

So for everyday hair styles I love using the ghd hairstyle hub to inspire me. I might usually go for Hollywood Waves but I can’t wait to try even more of their fabulous ideas. For all your own hair inspo, check out the hairstyle hub for yourself.


Chloe Brewer, Lady Writes, UK Beauty Blogger

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with ghd but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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