January 23, 2018

American Drugstore Beauty Haul

When it comes to drugstore make-up, nothing beats shopping in the States. Their drugstore brands outperform, price-bust and generally impress to the max. Some of their drugstore products are so impressive in fact, that to buy them here, you’ll end up paying over the odds, often counter-brand prices. Mad eh? So while I was recently doing some American shopping online, I decided to treat myself to a bit of a drugstore haul, and I am SO glad that I did because almost everything has wowed me…

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation $10.99 (approx £7.84)

Everyone raves about this foundation. It’s one of those products that everyone knows about but not many here in the UK have tried. That’s because you can’t actually buy it over here – L’Oreal, why you do this to us?! Anyway, I have really oily skin but this year since upping my skincare regime, I’m finding it a little bit easier to manage. So I wanted to see if a.) a dewy look would suit me and b.) if a glowy finish foundation would possibly work for oily skin….I’m pleased to say that I am thrilled with the results! I got two shades after watching some YouTube tutorials and found that one was the perfect finish, the other was slightly too dark – so I’m saving it for when I go on holiday. The finish was beautiful. I couldn’t be more impressed. My skin glows without looking oily – which is a first for me with foundation! I was so worried about the consistency – it’s like thick water – but the coverage it gave was still full, with a lovely fresh tint to the skin. I am OBSESSED.

L’Oreal Infallible Metallic Lip Paints Kit $8.99 (approx £6.41)

When I saw this in the sale at Walmart, I couldn’t not pick it up for that price! Another product not available here in the UK are the Infallible Lip Paints with a metallic finish. These are gorgeous and considering the set retailed at full price for $18.99, I got such a bargain. I wish I’d picked up an extra set as a back up actually, because the colours are so pretty. The consistency is thicker than liquid lipstick but not quite lipstick itself and it’s completely non drying – I’m a BIG fan!

Revlon Photoready Eye Art $9.99 (approx £7.12)

These gorgeous dual ended tools have one satin finish, liquid eyeshadow and one matching/co-coordinating glitter eyeliner to match. They’re another item that you can’t buy here and I don’t know why, because I know they’d fly off the shelves. The quality is gorgeous and the colour selection is fab. I went with a nude/neutral and an olive selection and love them both. Perfect for a whole eye look in one handy tool.

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara and The Super Sizer Mascara $5.99 each (approx £4.12)

I’d heard amazing things about the Covergirl brand, and the more I looked into their products, the more I heard rave reviews about their mascara – these two in particular. It took me a little while to get round to trying these, no particular reason why, but I was impressed with one, and disappointed in the other. To be fair for $5.99 each, you can’t go far wrong really, and you’re expectations shouldn’t be that high either. The Clump Crusher was weak – it didn’t do anything to my lashes, it barely coated them with product at all in fact. But the Super Sizer was slightly better – it curled and lifted the lashes a little bit. Noway near the “up to 400% claims” but it was’t too bad. I wouldn’t rebuy though.

Physcians Formula Butter Bronzer $11.99 (approx £8.56)

Another cult beauty product in the States is the range of Butter Bronzers from Physcians Formula. I am always wary of bronzers because I’m so pale, but I went for the lightest shade available. When it arrived I was struck by how much it smelt like fake tan! If you’ve ever tried the Banana Boat Fake Tan/Gradual Tan then that’s exactly what it smells like! This actually gave me high hopes for it, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s an extremely buttery and creamy formula that melts on to the skin. The colour is very slight, and not shimmery, so it sits on the skin perfectly – and works well with fair and pale skin tones like mine. I can see this being a favourite in the summer.

Butter London Majesty’s Metals Kit $19 (approx £13.57)

Okay, so admittedly this isn’t a drugstore brand, but hey, I couldn’t not include it because I got it on sale, so it kinda counts, right? The set is worth £35 but it sold out very quickly here in the UK because the Eye Glosses are so well known. It’s features four mini sized eye glosses in a gorgeous box. Butter London had this in the sale on their American site for $19 so I picked it up and can’t wait to use it! (I’ve only got one face guys and can’t use everything at once! ha!) 

So that’s my little American drugstore haul – pretty cool huh? I can’t get over the quality of these products, and mostly the price! The foundation has to be my favourite with the sale Lip Kit set second, although I’m pretty chuffed to have finally got my hands on these bits when I’ve heard about them all for so long!

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