January 25, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Relax

When it comes to relaxing, I seem to have lost my ‘off’ button. I don’t know when this happened because when I look back over the past few years, I can’t seem to locate a time when I found it easier to switch off! Maybe I’ve just been full-on for so long that I can’t remember any other way, but hey! That’s why I’ve been making a conscious decision to relax in the evenings and try my hardest to locate that ‘off’ switch!

Relaxing doesn’t come easily to me – I’ve got two children, one with special needs and one six month old with teeth coming through. I run a blog full-time and a household – and try to squeeze in the odd bit of time with friends and family. And that’s without planning my wedding! So with all this considered, I’ve been spending time focusing on actively switching off in the evenings. And I thought it might be helpful for others to read this list of 5 simple ways to relax…

1. Have A Hot Bath or Shower
This one seems like a no-brainer. I’m a daily shower kinda gal, but I love a good bath when I need to relax. There’s nothing more relaxing for me than a quiet house and a full bath. But sometimes it’s not enough. I use the gorgeous Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil Collection  to maximise the relaxation because it’s got ten of their best-selling oils, which all encourage certain types of relaxation – my favourite being the De-Stress and Deep Relax. Plus this gorgeous little set has helped me find some lovely new oils from one of my favourite brands. I also purchased two of these sets for friends at Christmas because they’re just such lovely gifts – and easy to have around the home

2. Turn Everything Off and Enjoy Peace & Quiet
Speaking of peace and quiet, nothing encourages calm and relaxation like a bit of quiet time. Living in such an active world we have screens everywhere – phones, computers, TV’s etc. It can be hard to switch off when there’s always something switched on. So one of the most simple things to do – is physically switch everything off, and mentally you’ll find it easier after this. Lighting a few candles in the evening, dim lights and a feeling of space follows when it’s quiet. It’s something I try to do for a few minutes a day – sit in pure quiet and take deep breaths and enjoy the solitude.

3. Remove Make-up and Feel Fresh
For me, switching off is easiest when I’m comfy. My dress-down routine always starts with removing my make-up and washing my face. A clean face means that I feel fresh and free – weird huh? I recommend using the Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Soothing Cleansing Balm. I recommend this particular cleanser for several reasons: firstly, it removes make-up and dirt in one go, but also has Camomile Oil in it which reduces the signs of skin redness and stress. So just because you’re feeling stressed, doesn’t mean you skin has to show it. Another reason I recommend this for step three is because of it’s scent. As with all the Aromatherapy Associates products, the aromatherapy scents are rich and indulgent and instantly works to calm and relax. A cleanser that encourages calm and soothing is a sure winner for relaxing.

4. Get Your Comfies On
After washing my face and removing traces of the day from my skin, I get my comfy clothes on. Either pjs, or leggings and a hoody -whatever feels most cosy. I find wearing jeans in the evenings stops me relaxing for some reason, so before tea time I always dress-down and get my comfies on to start my wind-down process and prepare to relax.

5. Give Yourself A Hand Massage (Or get your partner to give you one!)
My partner is a real hero at foot rubs and back rubs, but it does take quite a lot of effort for him, which isn’t really fair after a hard day at work! So I’ve had to learn to lessen the blow when asking for a massage! Less full back massage and more hand massage! A hand massage is actually so relaxing, I can’t tell you how much better I feel afterwards. Plus you can do these yourself too. Using the Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Hand Cream is perfect for this, especially at this time of year because it helps to nourish dry and winter-hindered hands. Plus it smells DIVINE! Not only does it reduce the appearance of blemishes, but it helps to make hands feel super soft and relaxed. Plus a good old massage will leave you feeling totally chilled out. Massage into the hands yourself for the same effect if you don’t have someone to ask!

So there you have it – five very simple steps to help you relax. I’m making sure I do these every day to encourage calm and relaxation in the evenings! Let me know if you have any other simple tips!

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