Christmas Gifts For Him & Her From Philips

Christmas is that time of year when we get to ask for the things we need as well as the things we would like. We can ask for the novelty, the things we can’t justify for ourselves and then the things we need but just don’t want to buy! I find that Christmas is the perfect time of year to give electrical gifts – the type of things we all want but may not have the budget for ourselves. Plus with how difficult men can be to buy for at Christmas, electrical’s for them especially, are a fail safe. Which is why this year I’m working with Philips again to give a showcase of top picks for him and from her. And you won’t go wrong with any of these!

For Him


Philips Star Wars Special Edition Poe Men’s Electric Shaver (SW6700/14)

You can hit a double whammy with this as a gift at Christmas! If your man loves Star Wars then he’ll absolutely appreciate this limited edition Poe shaver. With the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi this month, everything Star Wars will be going crazy this Christmas and this shaver not only covers the inner Star Wars lover, but it works to give an amazingly close shave too. It works to position the hair perfectly to create up to 30% more of a close shave, meaning softer faces for longer. It also comes with a trimmer attachment for shaping and styling too, meaning your man can use this whichever way he prefers – especially as it’s both a wet and dry shaver. Which is always handy for those rush job mornings! I was watching my partner use this and we were talking about it as he tried it out and he said a big pro-point for this shaver is that it charges enough for a shave in just 5 minutes, which is good when you’re rushing and have forgotten to fully charge it. He also said it gave a really comfortable shave both with foam, dry and while he was in the shower. So from a man with facial hair – it gets a huge thumbs up, so we’re officially giving it the Lady Writes seal of approval! (And Mr Writes!)

Get it from Argos, £119.99 (currently on sale for £79.99!)






Philips OneBlade Styler & Shaver

As much as we love the SW6700/14, we do recognise that not everyone has over £100 to spend on a shaver this Christmas (full price.) So we wanted to make sure that we included a more budget shaver too, but it had to work well and give great results – there’s no point otherwise! My partner trialed the OneBlade Styler and Shave system and found it really enjoyable to use and he said the results were good. As someone who likes to keep a small amount of stubble on his face, he found this trimmed it well and shaped it really nicely, and he said it’s perfect for his everyday use. The biggest pro-point we found with this is that the single-use attachment does everything you need it to without the need for swapping heads/attachments etc. So it made the morning shave a lot quicker. Not quite suitable for wet and dry shaves, it’s water resistant but not waterproof, but still good for quickly getting styled for the day. This is the best budget-friendly shaver we tried.

Get it from John Lewis for only £25.49!


For Her


Philips Sonicare HX9391/92 Diamond Clean Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush in Rose Gold

I have one of these and can vouch for it 100% at giving the best clean my teeth have ever had! Dentists recommend electric toothbrushes over normal ones if you can afford them, and the Sonicare range are perfect. I can’t say I’ve ever counted, but apparently it gives 62,000 movements per minute which is what works to remove all the nasties from your teeth. And the shape of the brush head works to also clean between the teeth, the gum line and the tongue too – for a fresher feeling mouth. Also, as someone with sensitive spots in my mouth, the sensitive mode on this toothbrush is a lifesaver at making sure the motions don’t cause pain. And being rose gold in colour, I feel like I’ve got such a girlie and feminine toothbrush – I didn’t even know that was a thing! The accompanying charger case means you can charge by USB or power-point, so it’s great for travelling with too. I feel like this is one of those essentials that a lot of people would love but perhaps not buy for themselves, so it would make a fantastic gift!

Get it from John Lewis for £109.99



Philips VisaPure Advanced 2-in-1 Home Facial Device

What could a girl want more than the opportunity to have a facial – but in the comfort of her own home?! (Not a lot, I can tell you!) And the new Philips VisaPure is a great tool to help achieve salon worthy treatments without the need to leave home. Designed to clean skin 10x better than without, the VisaPure will gently buff and rotate to remove grime, dirt and other built-up nasties that sit on the skin. The deep level massage it provides to the facial tissue then stimulates blood circulation which creates a fresher looking and feeling face instantly, and with continued use it looks dramatically better. With two intensity settings you can mix up your routine and it comes with a nifty and neat charging and storage stand to make life easier. A real treat for the lady in your life this Christmas.

Visit Philips.





For Them


Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro Dental Flosser

Okay now this might not sound like the most exciting gift but hear me out – we would actually be thrilled to receive something like this for Christmas! It’s one of those things that once you’ve used it, you realise how great your mouth feels and suddenly you don’t ever want to do your morning and evening brushing without it again! The AirFloss Pro makes flossing really simple and easy and gives the deepest clean of any flossing system we’ve used before. With the ability to remove up to 99.9% of plaque, this really will give you a fresher feeling mouth – and also promotes good oral health. The perfect gift for those looking to improve their teeth cleaning routine.

Get it from John Lewis for £74.99



So all of these has the approval of the Lady Writes household and we’re pretty sure that you’ll find something that will bring a smile to your friends and family with these goodies!


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