November 20, 2017

30 Things I’ve Learnt in 30 Years

Seeing as I turned 30 yesterday, it seemed like the appropriate time to have a bit of fun and also seriously reflect on some of the many things I’ve learnt in the past 30 years.Some are silly and lighthearted, some are a touch more serious, but altogether I’d say these are some of the most profound…except the one about chocolate and Gin…

1. It’s true what they say – find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, almost. But I have learnt that finding a job you enjoy is the biggest piece of career advice you can ever give someone. I’ve worked in enough rubbish jobs to know this, and now fully appreciate my current dream job.

2. It’s expensive being an adult. Really expensive.

3. People always say that you’ll have it ‘all together’ when you’re “older”. It’s a lie. You never really have it ‘all together’!

4. Childbirth is the worst pain on earth. Ever.

5. A good cup of tea makes everything seem better. Even if only for a minute or two.

6. It is perfectly acceptable to do the school run in trainers and gym clothes. Not because you’ve actually been to the gym, but because they are the only clean clothes you have left and you can’t be bothered to get dressed properly, therefore pretending you’ve been to the gym is fine.

7. Never, ever tell your partner how much you spend on make-up.

8. People think blogging is easy. HAHAHAHAHA

9. It’s perfectly acceptable to drink on a school night…

10…But hangovers last way longer the older you get. (I’m talking days) And they feel more like a mountain is falling on your head and an elephant is jumping on your stomach than the ‘mild inconvenience hangovers’ when you were 18.

11. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it. There is no shame in it at all.

12. Friends are the family we pick for ourselves. Another old saying, but fully true. Some of my closest friends are like sisters to me.

13. Success attracts two things: support and jealousy. People will always fall in one of two camps, and it’s usually very easy to spot.

14. Eating a whole pizza for lunch then telling your partner you had salad isn’t really that bad…

15. Gin and chocolate are legitimately a food group.

16. Pregnancy makes you crazy. One minute you’ll be filled with rage and anger, the next you’ll be crying at the loo-roll advert.

17. It’s not the end of the world to have pudding for dinner when nobody knows about it other than you.

18. Treasure your family. You only get one.

19. A girl really can never have too many clothes. Or shoes. Or eyeshadow palettes.

20. Hot water bottles and electric blankets are sent from the Gods.

21. Everyone’s imperfect. Unless you’ve got a spare £5k laying around you just have to get on with life having small boobs, crooked teeth and/or a big nose. (Or all three if you’re really unlucky like me.)

22. The right one is worth waiting for. 

23. “I told you so” shouldn’t ever be uttered. Especially if you’re having a bad day/PMT’d, pregnant, tired, hangry etc.

24. Naps are life.

25. You’ll never win the lottery but mentally spend every penny on a weekly basis.

26. The best hobby a girl can have is filling up her online shopping basket then closing the browser because she only has enough money in her bank account for a tin of beans.

27. The worst thing you’ll ever see on your phone “STORAGE FULL”

28. When you’re single the thought of sharing a bed with someone fills you with warmth and hope. The reality is that you’re stuck in a bed that’s too small, with another person sweating, breathing morning breath all over you and occasionally (or frequently) farting too. They usually always hog the duvet and snore at least a few times a week.

29. You’re never too old to ring your Parents and ask them how to do something. (“Mum, how do I cook gammon?” or “Dad how do I know if my tyres need replacing?”)

30. Turning thirty is terrifying but it’s okay because mentally I still feel 21. Therefore, age is just a number. 

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