October 2, 2017

When Fragrance Meets Laundry

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As a fragrance lover, my dressing table is jam-packed with perfume bottles, body sprays, scented oils and even an ever growing stack of candles. You could say that I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to scented products – if it smells lovely, then I’ll want it. I don’t know why I’m so indulgent when it comes to fragrance – I never leave the house without perfume, always have scented candles burning to scent my home and I’m also forever on the hunt for gorgeous smelling anything – from shampoo to fabric softener. If it can be made to smell good, then I’m all for it.

In fact, laundry products like fabric softener and detergent are one thing I’ve grown to become very picky about. This is for two reasons – the first because I love that feeling when you wash your bed sheets and get into bed that night, with an instant hit of gorgeous, clean and almost perfume fragranced sheets. From this gorgeous feeling I realised that my clothes could smell just as lovely, and as a result, make me smell great when wearing them too. So for years I’ve been an advocate of using some of the most gorgeous smelling laundry products that I can find. This is because the right laundry products can have a fragrance strength that’s sometimes better than perfume, so I’m picky about which one’s I use – in the same way I am with my actual perfume. The second reason that I’ve become picky about laundry products is because I have a new baby – a six week old to be precise. His skin is brand new, so I don’t want anything nasty to cause irritation or dryness. So, for me, I want laundry products that smell gorgeous – like a perfume would, but also that provides the best quality and cater for sensitive skin for him.

So when I recently went to the Ecover Laundry and Style event, I was really excited to learn all about how Ecover are pioneering a greener clean while also introducing some brand new fragrances to their range. Combining both of the things I look for in laundry products – fragrance and natural/green detergent. Ecover detergents and fabric softeners are one of the best in terms of being ‘green’. Their smart green science means that you get a powerful clean even on a cold wash and their plant-based formulas mean that even those with the most sensitive skin can use them with no worries – which gives me great reassurance as a newborn mummy. This is why over 85% of Mumsnet users say they would buy Ecover again. For me, as well as the green side of things, the fact that their formulas are so concentrated means that you get more bang-for-your-buck with more washes per pack verses standard detergents. For me this is essential but I am also seriously impressed with the new fragrances…

Ecover’s Fragrance Expert, Cassandra Browning (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the event) used to work developing the fragrances for Bath & Body Works products – one of my favourite bathroom brands. In fact, she used to create the fragrances for some of their cute anti-bac’s – those tiny hand sanitizers that everyone (me included!) loves. So I was really excited to meet with her and hear about her role in designing the new fragrances. As a new mum, I want my clothes to smell clean but also wonderfully fragranced and Cassandra has created the perfect scents for Ecover’s range. Perfectly pairing two scents together – one more known and one lesser know, the pairings are clean and fresh – as laundry should be, but also fragranced in a way that means your clothes will smell like you’re wearing perfume – even if you’re not. The new scents are Lavender & Sandalwood, Honeysuckle & Jasmine and Apple Blossom & Freesia. All of these tones are common in perfumes, so that should show you how elite the fragrances are for a laundry product. 

Since becoming a newborn mum for the second time, it’s not only my laundry habits that have changed (from doing a lot more of it, and wanting it to smell fresher) but it’s also my style habits that are evolving too. I’m not 30 yet, so still very much a young mum – but I’m terrified of becoming too ‘mumsy’ with the way I dress. At the Ecover event, Celeb Stylist Alex Longmore was there and I got to have a great chat with her about beating that mumsy-style I’ve been terrified of. I was thrilled to chat with her and be told that I wasn’t far off where I needed to be in terms of style. Meaning I’m doing a good job of beating the mum-run look! I told Alex that with less time to spend getting ready, I often rely on basic colours and plain jeans with plain jumpers. Plus I’m always trying to hide that middle section too. I try to pick one item as a ‘statement’ piece per outfit, but even then it sometimes doesn’t happen. But Alex confirmed that relying on one key statement piece is a great way of avoiding mumsy looks. She also helped me to learn that I should look for clothing with a seam that draws attention to the places I want it – for example my waist, not my hips. It was really interesting hearing this, but also reconfirming that a statement piece is great for making sure I stay trendy. In fact, as a result of falling in love with some statement boots she had with her, I went out and bought the same style the next day – there’s no mumsy-mum here! Plus they’re almost flat heeled, so easy for school-runs and perfect for winter. (If you want some celeb style advice from Alex too, then watch her videos here.)

So thanks to attending the Ecover event, not only did I get a hands-on fragrance lesson with their resident Fragrance Expert, which showed me just how the new fragrances have been blended together, giving them a perfume like scent, but I also got some amazing tips and style advice from a Celeb Stylist. As a new mum I want to look my best, especially with tiredness meaning I don’t always feel it. So knowing I’ve got my statement shoes on, and my clothes smell fresh and scented even if I forget my perfume, well it gives me all round reassurance. Knowing that while I’m strutting my stuff in my new boots, clothes smelling great while I push the pram, and also knowing that my son’s clothes have been washed in green, natural detergent and are safe for his new skin…well it gives me confidence to know that I’m nailing at least those two elements of mumhood. 

For more details on the Ecover product range and the new fragrances, visit their website for more information.


This post is sponsored by Ecover.

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