September 15, 2017


I’ve used MAC products since I was a novice in make-up. They were the brand I aspired to own as I learned to love make-up, and as soon as I could afford it (and even when I couldn’t!) I would spend all my Saturday-job earnings on their make-up. Nothing’s really changed since then – I still buy practically every new product they come out with, drool over their eyeshadows and swatch practically every lipstick every time I go in store. MAC are one of my Holy Grail brands – and I know that will never change. What can I say, I’m a MAC girl through and through.

Within my time buying MAC goodies, I’ve made some questionable choices – a couple of bright green eyeshadows are most memorable! Now some people can pull off bright green eyeshadow. I can not. But MAC eyeshadows have my heart and in the last decade I’ve probably bought shades of every colour going. Including those greens… Nothing wrong with them, but my skin tone doesn’t lend itself to green! HOWEVER, other than the odd questionable choice (and I did actually wear those eyshadows a few times you know!) I’ve never found a MAC product that disappoints because their products are literally some of the very best in beauty.

With such a strong loyalty to MAC for never letting me down, I’ve spent a lot of money of their products, and as a result tried pretty much everything I’ve from them. Which my face is thankful for, but not always my bank! Trying so much means that along the way I’ve found some products that have literally never left my make-up collection. You know the ones I mean – the Holy Grail’s. The ones you line up a replacement for before they’ve even run out because you couldn’t be without them, and the ones that you always go back to time-and-time again. For me, there’s five products that never let me down and are religiously the ones I refuse to run out of. These are my five MAC Must Haves..

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

If ever there was a Holy Grail foundation in my life, this is it. I try lots of others, but I always come back to this because it never lets me down. I know that a lot of oily-skinned people like me swear by this, because of it’s ability to help keep oil secretion at bay. I swear by this because my skin is very oily. By early afternoon my face will resemble an oil slick and I need a really good foundation to help with this. The Studio Fix Fluid is one I’ve always been able to count on for giving me a nice matte finish, regardless of having oily skin because it’s an oil free formula and it’s resistant against sweat and humidity etc.

The Studio Fix Fluid is also great at giving me the full coverage that I like in a foundation, even though it’s classed as a medium to full coverage, I find it’s more full coverage. Which is another reason I love it. I find one layer is enough to get a good even coverage, but for those days I want something more, an extra layer really takes it to the max and it looks fabulous. For me it suits for everyday and those special occasions too for this reason.

Mineralize Skinfinish

I love the Mineralize Skinfinish powders because they work in two ways – you can use them as an all over powder, or just as a highlighter. As a matte finish make-up lover, I use a lot of fixing and finishing powder on my face. The Mineralize Skinfinishes are brilliant because they allow me to buff all over the face for more of a glow look to my make-up, or use as a powder highlighter in specific areas of the face.

The powders themselves are lightweight and dust on with ease and then sit nicely on the skin too. I use the Soft & Gentle shade which is a peach bronze tone that’s not too dark, so it looks great on my pale skin, but because it does have that bronze in it too, it’s also great with a tan. The Mineralize Skinfinish powders are so easy to wear that I recommend them to everyone, regardless of whether they like matte or dewy finishes.

Eye Shadow x9: Burgundy
MAC eyeshadows are some of the best out there. The pigmentation is excellent with high colour payoff. They always feel luxurious and top quality as well, especially because I never get powder fallout with them. (Which is my pet hate with eyeshadow!) I’ve got some of the huge MAC palettes and use them all the time, but the x9 palettes are amazing because they fit in your make-up bag too.

The Burgundy x9 is one of my favourites because the shades all perfectly compliment each other and offer a huge range of options when it comes to creating versatile eye looks. There’s matte, satin and frost finishes within the palette, which mean that you can get your lid shades, crease and final shimmer ‘pop’ all within the one palette. As with all MAC eyeshadows, they’re lightweight to apply and quite creamy in texture – which I think is why you don’t get much fallout. Plus for nine MAC eyeshadows, I think £25 is an absolute bargain, so it’s almost criminal not to have one in your collection!

Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick
I couldn’t write a Holy Grail style post without featuring an iconic red lipstick – because what girl doesn’t have a statement red lippie in her collection?! For me the one I’ve always relied on is Ruby Woo because it’s got that gorgeous deep red shade – it’s a very intense colour, which is exactly what you want from your red lipstick. No time for weak reds! This one is really eye catching without being too in-your-face so you can wear it during the day, or as I like it, during the evening etc. It’s one of those statement lipsticks that you’ll never go wrong with. The creamy formula that you expect from MAC makes it soft to apply and to wear and I find it’s got a really good lifespan too without need for reapplication.

Boldly Bare Lip Pencil
One product I reach for every single day is my Boldy Bare Lip Pencil. I can’t swear by it enough – it’s the perfect every day shade ( as recommend to me by Leah from Devoted to Pink a few years ago!) Ever since I got my first one, I’ve made sure I’ve constantly got this in my bag – it’s one of the products I won’t leave home without.

The share is perfect for any type of lip colour or shade because it’s a very realistic nude pink that will work with any skin tone. It’s without a doubt the lip liner I use most in my collection. But I also love the MAC Lip Pencil’s because you don’t just use them to line, but also to fill and this looks great all over the lips too – sometimes I use it as a filler all over the lips before applying another shade to create something unique and I love it for that too! I couldn’t be without my Boldly Bare pencil.

So, of all the wonderful MAC products in my collection, these five are by far the Holy Grail’s and my #MACMUSTHAVES – you can’t go wrong with any of these and they’re all staples for your make-up bag.

What MAC goodies would be on your #MACMUSTHAVES list?

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