September 13, 2017

GlamGlow For Daily Skincare – Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

Everyone’s heard about the GlamGlow face masks – they’re so well regarded and highly performing that everyone’s been intrigued about them since day one. I’m a full on GlamGlow addict and have been obsessed with their Supermud for months. Then they released their Gravitymud which is the silver peel-off one that everyone loves…me included. How novelty is a peel-off mask that actually makes skin feel good?! I still love using it! Anyway, as a fully fledged member of the ‘I heart GlamGlow’ club, I had been waiting, just waiting, for them to release a daily skincare range. And when they did, I was first in line to try it out – because if their face masks and muds perform that well, then I had really high hopes for the daily skincare too.

The Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer is a daily use product – unlike the muds, which can be used multiple times a week, but not daily. And not just a moisturizer either, this can also be used in several other ways too. Making it a multi-purpose product, so you’ll be able to use it in so many ways to suit your skincare needs. Plus there’s three shades to pick from. I use Pearl Glow, the pearlescent white shade, as I’m very pale skinned. But there’s also Nude Glow which is a pink tone based shade and Sun Glow which is more of a brown/bronze shade. So all skin tones are covered.

GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer Swatch in Pearl Glow

If you decide to use this as your daily moisturizer then you’re going to be sporting a really illuminated and dewy look. If you like the dewy finish to your make-up, then using this as a moisturizer is going to be great for you. Just apply all over the face as your morning moisturizer, before make-up application and you’ll find it acts almost as a dewy primer too. It’s like GlamGlow have combined a liquid highlighter with moisturizer. 

Another way you could use this if you don’t want to apply it all over the face is as a highlighter alone. Apply across the cheekbones, browbones etc and then apply make-up over the top (I think you could also apply the GlamGlow on top of make-up for a more concentrated highlight, but I haven’t tried out that method yet.) This will give your skin that illuminated look in selected parts of your face only – which really draws the eye. This method is better for those who might not like the all over dewy finish.

Another method, which is a slight extension of the above, is to use it as a contouring duo (or trio if you get all three) and use the Sun Glow for the darker contoured areas and the Pearl Glow for the highlight. Likewise another way you could use this, would be as an all over body highlighter if you want a sunkissed or shimmery look.

I’ve used the Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser for a while now, and I’ve tried it in lots of ways, but my favourite is to mix with my foundation. I can’t pull off a full dewy finish because my skin is too oily, but mixing with my foundation makes it more suitable for me as it tones down the illumination slightly. Not enough to remove the highlighting properties, but just enough to slightly dilute it, so even us oily skinned beauty lovers can enjoy the dewy look. Having used this, I now think that this is more like an illuminating product with great moisturizing properties. It’s got my much loved hyaluronic acid – which I swear by in skincare products, along with a rush of vitamins and botanicals which work together to boost the appearance of the skin – making it appear more radiant. When I wear this, I can see a HUGE difference in the way my skin appears. The illumination qualities really do show through – even under make-up and the pearl particles reflect and blur light, so my skin looks more even toned as well. And it’s not shimmery – thankfully, because no-one wants a glittery face. But it does have a sheer glow to it, which means for those dewy-skin lovers, this will be a Holy Grail product.

Do you like the sound of the GlamGlow skincare as much as their best-selling muds? I do!

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