September 1, 2017

August Favourites

August has been the most eventful month in Lady Writes Land and it’s all because Baby Writes #2 arrived. Yep, you’ve probably all seen my social media and the introduction of Hayden Oliver, but yes, his arrival (three weeks early) made August super eventful in our house! Besides the sleepless nights and bottle feeds, August had also been a lovely time to try some new products in-between baby time and I’m super excited to show you what I’ve been loving the most this month…


Probably one of my favourite discoveries EVER! I am a Spacemask convert and I’m telling everyone about them. Obviously with a new baby, I’m tired. (Okay, exhausted) But even without a new baby, we all get tired, over worked or under the weather – and our eyes will often show signs of this. That’s where Spacemasks step in – an individual mask in a sealed packet which is scented like Jasmine and self heats upon contact with your face, it’s getting full marks from me…

You pop the mask on and it hooks over your ears with a cut-out space for your nose. It’s then got square-like shapes that cover your eyes and it’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Within minutes the heat is noticeable and combined with the scent, it’s the most relaxing experience that really feels divine on the eye area. I sit back with mine on and rest – enjoying the sensation as my eyes feel indulged with the heat. Spacemasks say you get 15 minutes of heat but I find mine last a lot longer, although it does give 15-20 minutes of prime heat before it very slowly cools. I happily sit with mine on for 30 minutes or so – or share with my boyfriend, who loves them now too.

When you take them off, the scent and the heat combination leaves eyes feeling fresh, awake and alert. My eyes felt less puffy and swollen due to the tiredness and more alert than they have done in ages. The most relaxing experience I’ve had at home by far, and a quick way to get fresh feeling eyes, I can not recommend the Spacemasks enough – a box of 5 costs £15, making them a totally affordable treat for only £3 each.

Mii Cosmetics Celestial Skin Shimmer & Wide Eyed Liner

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Mii Cosmetics and their summer collection was a beaut. I can’t get enough of their products and two favourites in August were the Celestial Skin Shimmer and Wide Eyed Liner. The Celestial Skin Shimmer is effectively a shimmer brick – which is an absolute essential in summer months. I love this one because it combines six shades of pinks and brown tones for a blush/bronze coverage with subtle highlight. I sweep across my cheekbones in place of normal highlight, but because it’s got such lovely pink shades, I also use instead of normal blush – saving me a step in my make-up routine. Which is never a bad thing. The shimmer is subtle enough for my pale skin tone, and a light dusting is all I need to catch the light.

The Wide Eyed Liner is a nude eyeliner pencil which goes in place of (or as well as!) normal eyeliner. I run mine around the bottom line of my eye to brighten it and make my eyes look more awake. It’s a soft pencil that’s easy to apply and has helped to wake-up my sleepy looking eyes during August.

Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother

My lips have been really dry this past month, thanks to some dental treatment I had, and a normal lip balm wasn’t cutting it for me. This yummy vanilla bean scented Lip Smoother from Nugg is great for getting smooth and soft looking and feeling lips. It’s got a grainy and almost sand like texture, which is how it works to exfoliate your lips – removing chapped and dry skin. You apply with your finger and rub over the lips gently, which will leave them softer afterwards. Then the cocoa butter works to leave them feeling nourished and the oil and wax within in too leaves them hydrated and feeling soft and cared for. It’s a really quick process that has made my lips feel soft and kissable again and it’s 100% natural and vegan friendly so I’d 100% recommend to anyone.

Scunci Hair Products

I’ve featured these hair products before but a girl can never have too many hair pins, bands and bows can she? The latest range from Scunci is their Hero range and it’s exclusive to Primark, which means it’s even better value than normal – win/win! There’s some great pieces in the collection and I’ve been loving the round barrel hairbrush, which is perfect when blow drying your locks and only £4. It helps to give lift when drying your hair, which for me is perfect as I have normally quite fine, flat hair. Also in the range is a two pack of their comfy hairbands and a multipack of hair bobbles – both of which only cost £2.50. I’m constant moving my hair around – putting it up, taking it down etc so I like to keep hair accessories around my house and in my car. The Scunci products are such great value that you can stock up for next to nothing and they’re all great quality too.

The English Soap Company Guest Soaps

I was kindly sent some of The English Soap Company’s Guest Soaps to try recently which was like taking a step back in time – in a nostalgic way. I’ve not used a traditional bar of soap in years, having used liquid soap instead. These tiny little boxed soaps are just the right size for trying out and there’s some really lovely scents available too. I personally loved Summer Rose this month, which was floral without being old fashioned. We’ve had a couple in our house this summer and this one was by far my favourite. I like these because they haven’t dried my skin out as much as liquid varieties – having to wash my hands so much now we’ve got the baby, my hands had been getting dry so these have been a huge relief for my hands! And for only £2.95 these make lovely gifts too and I’d absolutely rebuy them as I found it really nice to go back to basics and use a soap bar instead of my normal liquid one.

So those are my August favourites – I highly recommend trying them out as they’re all fab and worth splurging on!

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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