July 13, 2017

Zoeva Basic Moment Collection

I wanted to find a really sassy and eye-catching title for this blog post, but quite frankly the products themselves do all the talking, don’t they? One look at the Zoeva Basic Moment Collection and I fell in love with it because it’s just so endearing to look it. It’s one of those collections that’s been catching the eye of many a make-up lover. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s probably my favourite collection from Zoeva thus far.

With it’s pretty pink packaging and rose gold accents, you’re drawn to the palettes before you even see the shades. And then once you do, they’ve got you hook-line-and-sinker. I’m a sucker for girlie ranges that appeal to my magpie-like heart for anything pretty, and this range is no different. There’s an eyeshadow palette and matching cheek palette so you’ve got two of the statement parts of your face sorted.

The Basic Moment Collection is probably one of the most versatile collections I’ve seen in a while. Mostly because the shades are going to work on all skin tones based on the whole range being a modern twist on simple classics. Think everyday essentials and classic shades with a contemporary edge. Not only that but all the shades in both palettes perfectly compliment each other and work together, which I love because it means you don’t need to reach for any other palettes or shades when doing your make-up. There’s no need to use extra products because between the ten shades, you’ve got your basic lid colours, the crease shades and a mixture of finishes from matte and satin to shimmer. Meaning you can create a gorgeous barely there nude eye, but also a pretty gorgeous and suitable-for-everyday smokey eye, with tones that are still on the neutral spectrum. Add the shimmer shades for a pop of dimension and you’re instantly able to create a whole new world of looks that are perfect for evenings and for those of us who prefer the shimmery eye look (me!)

The shades themselves range from the basic pale creams to cover your brow bone, through to nude pink and basic neutrals, then there’s grey toned nudes, gold and warmer grey tones too. All have been carefully created to work together and there’s not one single shade that you’d look at and think “I wouldn’t use that one” as they’re all so versatile. And pigmentation-wise I’m a big fan of the quality of Zoeva eyeshadows anyway. (You’ll remember I talked about them here and here.) And the quality of the Basic Moment Eyeshadow palette is no exception. The shimmer and satin shadows apply with a cream like texture and provide amazing colour payoff, while the mattes have a similar creamy texture but it’s lighter, meaning you’ll probably need to apply a tad more on the brush. Because the pigmentation is so creamy the fall out is minimal, especially from the satin and shimmer finishes so I love being able to use this one in a rush as I don’t have to worry about excess product under my eyes.

The Blush Palette in the collection is just as gorgeous and performs as highly too. Containing three shades – one blush (satin finish) one highlight and one contour (matte) shade, it’s the perfect balance of colours for everyday and I can’t get enough of it. I carry mine in my handbag every day now. The blush itself is a soft rose toned pink which reminds me a natural looking cheek. When worn it creates an elegant and barely there but very pretty touch of pink to the apples of your cheeks. It basically gives you the most girly and feminine flushed cheek look.

Then there’s the highlighter (or luminizer as Zoeva call it) which is a golden shade that works for all skin tones. I tend to get worried about golden highlight colours because I get cautious they won’t look great on my pale skin tone. But this one is so light and buttery that it’s a very gentle pop of colour. It’s great for the cheekbones. Then the contour shade which again is universal. A more powdery pigmentation than the others, it’s a lovely contour shade for the hollows of your cheeks and I think if you mixed it together with the luminizer you’d get a gorgeous bronzer too. (Can’t wait to get a tan and give that a try.)

The glory of these palettes, and the whole collection is how usable the products are. I love make-up. That’s obvious as a beauty blogger. But collections like this are what I live for. Yes, the limited editions and one-off collabs are something I get excited about, but it’s ranges like this that become the staples in my collection. The perfect blend of shades for everyday wear with a bit of shimmer in the right places for a quick evening pick-me-up, and a quality that’s affordable as well as performing highly. If you get these palettes you will be reaching for them a lot.

Have the Zoeva Basic Moment palettes caught your eye?

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