Top 5 Pink Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks

Urban Decay are one of my favourite brands. Which won’t come as a shock if you’ve read my blog and seen my social media channels. I love their products and can’t get enough of them – their palettes are some of my all-time favourites, their lipsticks some of the best and their new skincare and beauty essentials are fabulous too. I just don’t think there’s much you can do wrong with Urban Decay goodies in your collection. Lip wise I love their Vice range – who doesn’t? And I first reviewed them a while back here. So when I recently decided to try out the Vice Liquid Lipsticks, I was pretty excited. Could they beat the trusty lipstick varieties?

For me, a liquid lipstick has got to be pretty good these days. There is so much hefty competition in the market when it coms to liquid lipsticks, so to really knock it out of the park, a brand have to do something different or absolutely nail the formula. I do love the variety available when a new trend explodes in the way liquid lipsticks have – there’s budget versions, high-end versions, vegan friendly, cruelty free…the whole lot. And it makes it so much fun for me as a beauty blogger because there’s always a lot to try out and compare. But it does also mean I’m a pretty hard nut to crack when it comes to impressing me now too. The pro’s and con’s of beauty blogging hey?! So when I started trying out the Vice Liquid Lipsticks, I had high standards. I also had high hopes because I have yet to be disappointed with anything from Urban Decay.

So colour-wise, I’m a pink lip kinda gal. Rose pink, nude pink, hot pink…any kinda pink. I do branch out from time-to-time, and I love a good red lip too but for me, my heart is with the pink lip shades. So it seemed like a good idea to try and find the top 5 pink shades in the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks range while I was busy testing them out. And I can say that I’m pretty happy with my chosen shades, and think that pink-lip lovers will feel the same…and hopefully find a new colour or two to try out.

But first let’s talk about the formula itself. The Vice Liquid Lipsticks have a really gorgeous pigmentation that gives high-colour payoff with only a thin layer or two. You don’t need a lot of product on the wand to get an intense shade on your lips which is always a sign of high quality. The colours are bold and strong, and unaffected by skin-tone too much, which again shows how pigmented they are. And they also dry relatively quickly and don’t change tone as they dry – which is fab because that’s one of my pet hates with make-up. These however dry the same colour that they apply, so you know you’re going to get exactly what you expect when you apply them.

They’re also pretty durable and long lasting too. I found mine to be right up there with some of the most smudge-proof liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. I can eat and drink and still retain some of the colour afterwards and don’t always need a touch up at all. A big meal might require a touch-up afterwards but snacking and drinking through the mornings and afternoons and you’re pretty much set without needing any colour touch-up at all. Which is one of the things I love most about liquid lipsticks – they should be so durable, and these really are.

My biggest concern with liquid lipsticks is how drying they can be, but I’ve learned to use lip oil before and after wearing liquid lipsticks and lip toppers help too. (Urban Decay have some fab new ones to check – linked in the ‘Shop This Post’ section below.) Fortunately the Vice Liquid Lipsticks don’t feel drying to the lips and feel really comfortable to wear. If you’re used to wearing matte liquid lipsticks, you’ll know to expect that matte texture, but as for drying? Nope. These are pretty good at not feeling too bad.

So formula and standard wise it’s a very big tick from me, and I was feeling very impressed with how well these worked. So then it was on to finding the top 5 pink shades in the collection. Seeing as there’s 30 shades to pick from, I was completely spoiled for choice! Obviously they’re not all pink tones, there’s a broad colour spectrum available. But there are some lovely pink tones in the range, and working through them, I did manage to find my top 5 pinks. So in no particular order (that would be too hard!) the Top 5 Pink Vice Liquid Lipsticks are…

A gorgeous fuchsia pink with purple tones throughout. More of the bold-lip shade and perfect for those who like their lip colour to make a statement. Comfort matte finish.

A softer pink than Firebird, more muted and pastel. Reminds me a lot of a more lilac pink shade. Very pretty and easy everyday wear. Comfort matte finish.

A gorgeous dusty-rose shade that actually comes out with more of a brown tone to it. Very good for the nude-pink lip lovers. Such a versatile shade. Comfort matte finish.

A very fun shade that I love to wear! Also more of a fuchsia pink but brighter and a lot more girlie than Firebird. No purple tones in this shade so a good alternative to Firebird. Comfort matte finish.

Best of the five for everyday wear, it’s a warm toned baby pink that will suit all skin tones. Not too bright and if you love nude tones too then this would be a pink for you. Comfort matte finish.

So those are my top 5 pink Vice liquid lipsticks and I like to think there’s a good spread of different pink tones there to suit everyone who likes the odd pink lip. Combined with how impressed I am with the overall performance and formula of these, I highly recommend checking them out and adding one  (or two!) to your collection!

Which of the mentioned shades would be your favourite?

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