June 15, 2017

The New Addition To My GlamGlow Collection – Gravitymud

You know how much I adore the GlamGlow masks if you follow me on social media – literally every time anyone asks about face mask recommendations, I’m there shouting about GlamGlow. Any skin complaint? I’ll likely recommend GlamGlow for it, because within their range there’s a mud mask for everyone. I featured a couple of the masks a few months ago here, and have still been using them religiously, and I just replaced my empty Supermud pot because I use it so often and can’t be without it now.

But not stopping at my trusty Sueprmud, I’ve been itching to try the Gravitymud for ages too. Because nothing appeals to me more than something like this…wait for it…it’s a peel off face mask. How cool is that?! Differently to the previous GlamGlow masks I’d tried, this isn’t your standard mud face mask. You apply the same way – with a brush (which comes included with the Gravitymud) but once your time’s up you don’t wash off, but rather, you peel off. So appealing right?!

So whats the low-down on the face mask that everyone seems to want to try? Well for starters it’s a pure white mask when you apply it, that dries metallic silver when it’s set and ready to be removed. So not only is it fun to use because you peel it off afterwards, but it also changes colour too.

I love that this one comes with a brush applicator as well, because the others don’t. I’ve been quite happily using a brush of my own for my Supermud, but it’s a nice extra that the Gravitymud has it’s own. For application you don’t need a huge amount of product, which is one of the things I love about GlamGlow. One pot goes a long way as you only need a thin and even layer covering the skin for full effects. Just enough to stop you seeing your skin, and it’s the perfect amount. Using too much will pull the under layer off as it starts to dry, so once you’ve applied to a specific area, move on and don’t revisit.

The first thing that struck me about the Gravitymud is the scent. It’s quite sweet – and very different to the other masks I’d tried in the range. I love the smell, it’s like sweet cocktails and it’s a pleasure to use, which is down to the marshamallow and licorice leaf I think. It’s not overbearing, but nice and pleasant and when applying it still retains that refreshing cooling sensation which I love about the GlamGlow masks. It’s like your skin has a wake-up call before the treatment commences.

Once on it doesn’t need long to work, I find 15-20 minutes or so is ample time for it to dry and then it’s time to remove. As a fully grown woman, I shouldn’t get as much satisfaction from peeling a face mask off as I do. But I don’t care, I love peeling it off! Especially when you get to see the results as you go.

So what are the results like?

As soon as you remove it, you’ll notice how it’s worked. For me, my pores look smaller right away, and more closed. Which is always one of the things I want a mud mask to do for me. Having such oily skin, my pores are such a problem area for me. So I love how much smaller they look after using this. And my face looks cleaner, and smoother and with the smaller pores it looks more toned and taunt in appearance.

Around the eyes I also see a good difference – the fine lines and the puffiness is really reduced after each use. And overall there’s a more consistent appearance to the tone of my skin. My partner commented the first time I used this that my skin looked lovely and clear, and really healthy. And he said it was softer to the touch too. Which is win/win. For me having a more consistent base and tone means I find my make up goes on smoother if I apply it after using the Gravitymud.

I’ve been using this weekly for just over a month now and I still don’t tire of peeling it off – it’s so fun! Plus the way my skin looks and feels makes it worthwhile. I’m very happy with this addition to my growing GlamGlow collection and used in conjunction with my favourite Supermud means I’m feeling like I’ve got a great face mask combo going on. Get the new larger sized pot here.

Have you tried any of the GlamGlow products yet? Which takes your fancy the most?

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