June 28, 2017

June Favourites

How is it that another month – a whole month – has flown by? June seems to have barely greeted us and now it’s already bidding us farewell. Scattered with some horrific stories, the country overall hasn’t had the best June, so for that reason I’m glad to see the end of it. Plus that heat-wave last week was just a big old no-no for the pregnant among us. However, June has been pretty special for me, in that I’ve tried, and found, some amazing new products this month. Some which I’ve loved using and wish I’d known about sooner. 

Monthly Favourites posts are always some of the most fun to write, and this month’s is no exception. I like to try products across all elements of beauty, so this month’s features a little bit of everything. Which I like, because you know, I like to mix things up! So hear are the goodies I’ve loved most in June…

John Frieda 7 Day Volume Hair Care

I have the thinnest hair known to man. It’s currently on my collarbone and refusing to grow, and my hormones have meant that it’s also gone a bit weird in recent months. Meaning that my already thin hair has been looking even thinner – sad times. So when the opportunity came to try the 7 Day Volume collection from John Frieda, I jumped at the chance. Nothing makes a girl feel better about herself than freshly blow dried hair that’s got lift and volume, right? So for the past few weeks I’ve been using the Shampoo and Conditioner (£5.99 each) on a daily basis, and I’ve also been using the In-Shower Treatment (£9.99) every 3-4 days too. The results have really impressed me and I can see a definite improvement in the thickness of my hair. Mostly on the ends, and not at the root, but on the days I use the In-Shower Treatment with the Shampoo and Conditioner, I see a huge lift from the root too. It’s not over the top, but manageable volume that works for fine hair like mine. I think its performance is to do with the caffeine elements and keratin within the products, because caffeine especially is known to stimulate hair growth and volume. But whatever it is, these products have really made me feel better about my hair. It feels less limp now during the day and I can 100% say these are my favourite hair care products from June. Check out the range here.

Scunci Hair Accessories

Speaking on the hair front, the heat wave we had recently was unbearable for me. But made slightly more endurable by using some of my new Scunci hair accessories to help keep my hair out of the way. I’d not tried Scunci before but their products are really great value. I’ve been using their hair elastics and am really impressed that they offer great hold without making me feel like they’re going to break my hair when I go for the messy-bun look. My favourites of the range have to be their No Slip Grip Pins, which are coated bobby pins that keep my hair in place all day. I quite often pin my fringe into a quiff during the day at work and these pins fix even my fine hair in place and hold it there without budging. Only £3.20 in Boots for a pack of 24, they’re really affordable too. I have also really enjoyed their headbands this month. I haven’t worn one for years but their’s have a soft, almost rubber like undercoat that sits really comfortably on my head and keeps hair off the face. Every girl needs bobbles, pins and hairbands and I’m really impressed with the Scunci range – especially for their affordable price-point too.

Studio 10 Wake Up & Glow Lip & Cheek Flush

With the hot weather, I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors this month. Mostly in the garden and at the beach, but wherever I’ve been, I’ve restricted my make-up because in the heat heavy make-up just melts off anyway. These new dual purpose sticks from Studio 10 have been absolutely perfect for the hotter weather, so I’d call them a summer essential – not just a monthly favourite. In a choice of three shades you can use these on your cheeks as well as your lips, and there’s a peach shade, a rose shade and a more tan shade in the collection. What makes these special is that they have a balm at the centre, which works with the colour in the stick to create a great and natural looking make-up style. It gives the cheeks a flushed and healthy glow and the lips a natural tone that’s so versatile you could wear it every day. My favourite is probably Tearose, but it’s a tough call as all the shades are stunning. Not to mention that Studio 10 are one of my favourite brands for products that work for all ages, so Mum’s and daughters alike will love these. In fact, they’re so popular they’re currently all sold out – but keeping checking the website here for the next stock update.

Miss Gorgeous Make-up Tools

Miss Gorgeous might be a brand you’ve not heard of before, but their make-up applicator tools caught my eye and they’ll catch yours too. Their ‘I Am Not Lipstick‘ applicator looks like lipstick, seems like lipstick but the tip is actually a make-up sponge applicator. Nifty huh? Designed to apply eyeshadow, the sponges are good quality and a bit of fun when it comes to applying your make up. I found mine was great for applying concealer under my eyes as well as eyeshadow too. Unlike other make-up sponges, this one comes in a lipstick-style case, which means you can carry it with you throughout the day because it’s not going to be unhygienic, like it would be carrying a lose sponge. Good quality and a fun way to apply make-up, it’s worth a nosey for how convenient it makes make-up application on-the-go.

As well as these, I’ve also been using their Foundation Brush in a mermaid patterned design. The brush itself is super soft and lovely to apply foundation with and gives full coverage when applied in outward strokes across the face. Both are under £10 so they’re nifty and fun but also don’t break the bank either.

So those are all of my monthly favourites for June and I think you’ll agree that there’s some really fun bits and absolute summer essentials here too. Each of these comes with my personal recommendation and none will break the bank, so I highly recommend checking them out!

Which of these take your fancy?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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