June 14, 2017

First Look & Swatches – Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be writing this! As soon as I saw the pictures of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette a few weeks ago, I knew I’d be getting it. Not just because I am a slave to every eyeshadow palette that Urban Decay release, but also because the colours in the palette are stunning and completely up my street. Warm tones are my thang. The pre-release caused a lot of us beauty addicts stress this week, mostly due to the fact that it sold out in minutes first time round, but I tried to personally help as many people out as I could, sharing links etc – because everyone who wants this, deserves to have it in their make-up stash. And fortunately the lovely people at Urban Decay reloaded stock half an hour after their first batch sold out, so most people who wanted it, managed to get it. (For those of you who didn’t, it officially launches online on July 27th.)

So imagine my sheer delight (yes, I was like a kid at Christmas!) when I got home today and found this gorgeous box waiting for me! I’d only received the confirmation email an hour before I got home, so it was literally the best surprise ever and my week has officially been MADE.

As I know everyone’s totally heart-eye-emoji for this palette too, I wanted to share some pics and first impressions with you all. Obviously I can’t write a full review just yet – that will come soon – but here’s the pics we’ve all been waiting for – the real, raw edit in all it’s glory. And it’s a beauty for sure.

So the deets – 12 gorgeous summer shades all on the warm colour spectrum including bronze tones, warm oranges and some cute nudes to pot (because well, it wouldn’t be a Naked palette without a few nudes right?) The finishes mix between matte and shimmer shades, so you’ve got a good mixture of both. I count 4 shimmers and 8 mattes, which actually works quite well because as I’ve been playing around with these, I think Urban Decay have nailed the finish ratio. It’s not shimmer overkill, and the mattes are all subtly different too. Meaning this palette is going to be able to create some absolutely awesome summer eye looks.

So these are the shades, with swatches below:

Ounce – very pale cream, probably best for the brow bone (matte)

Chaser – nude tone cream, best for the lid (matte)

Sauced – very pale nude orange, great for the lid (matte)

Low Blow – pale latte/nude shade, ideal for the lid (matte)

Lumbre – shimmer peach shade (shimmer)

He Devil – burnt orange, great transition shade (matte)

Dirty Talk – burnt orange with gold specs (shimmer)

Scorched – warm bronze/orange (shimmer)

Cayenne – burnt orange, a darker crease shade (matte)

En Fuego – warm muted purple/orange (matte)

Ashes – pale brown/purple, creases and outer eye (matte)

Ember – brown shimmer (shimmer)

The shades all perfectly compliment each other as you can see and my first impressions are that this meets the usual standard of the Urban Decay eyeshadows – extremely pigmented with high colour payoff. Their texture is creamy and easily blendable – the shadows themselves spread like butter when I was swatching them, which shows their high quality and ability to blend well. Meaning there are going to be a lot of us rocking the warm smokey eye look this summer – and I can’t wait to see what looks everyone comes up with.

Basically, The Naked Heat has everything I love about Urban Decay eyeshadows. Admittedly this is only a first impressions post, but so far I’d say the shimmer finishes have a higher pigmentation because they really do pop and catch the light. The matte shades need a bit more product to reach the same high colour payoff, but that’s easily achievable with a good eyeshadow primer.

Overall this palette doesn’t disappoint and I’m even more in love now I’m holding it in my hands. It was well worth holding my breath for and stressing over during the pre-sale and I can honestly say that even now, without much more than a first impression, this is probably my most favourite Naked palette to date.

Have you ordered this for yourself – or do you intend to next month? What do you think?

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