June 27, 2017

Falling In Love With Buxom Cosmetics

I remember Buxom Cosmetics from the very first time they were on the shelves here in the UK. Known for their sultry and seductive plumping lip products, they were one of the first brands I tried when I was attempting to get fuller looking lips. However it wasn’t meant to be for Buxom at the time and I don’t remember when it was exactly, but suddenly you couldn’t get their products here anymore. When I was in New York last summer I bought a couple of bits in Sephora, which reminded me just how much I loved the brand. So when they launched their UK come-back this year, I was pretty excited to see what they had lined up.

Firstly – I wasn’t disappointed. The range has revamped from it’s last time in the UK and I was happy to see that it’s still as sexy and sultry as ever, with a new modern twist. It’s also got a standard and quality that meets (and exceeds) other brands that have been here for years. Not only that, but it’s shades are bang on trend, with finishes to maximise the appearance, regardless of skin tone. Oh and let me not forget that they’ve made ‘plumping’ products sexy again too. No mean feat right there.

May Contain Nudity Eyeshadow Palette

Available exclusively to Debenhams, Buxom have a product line up that’s going to excite beauty lovers. I’ll start with the eyeshadow palettes. Everyone has gone mad for customisable eyeshadow palettes recently – everyone wants to make one, have one and try one. And Buxom offer the ideal solution with their 6 shade refillable palettes. You just choose your shades and pop them in – and you’re good to go. But they also have some absolutely gorgeous pre-built palettes and my favourite is the limited edition ‘May Contain Nudity’. Told you the whole Buxom collection was sexy right?!

Buxom May Contain Nudity Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Containing six stunning shades on the nude/gold colour spectrum, this palette has blown me away and I’ve not stopped wearing it, because the quality is absolutely stunning. I have to admit – it massively surpassed my expectations. The shades themselves perfectly compliment each other and the texture is  so buttery that they apply like a dream. They glide on, with very little product actually needed for intense colour payoff. The finishes range from matte, satin and shimmer but the pigmentation of them all is intense. Not to mention the fact that Buxom eyeshadows are infused with a primer – so you don’t need to use one separately, meaning they stay in place all day without need for a touch up. I really can’t tell you just how impressed I am with the eyeshadows and if you want showstopping nude eye looks then this is 100% a palette you need to invest in.

Buxom Lash Mascara

Considering they’re best known for plumping the volume of your features, it was no surprise to me to see a mascara in the new product line up. Naturally it’s designed to “intensely volumise” and separate and define lashes. Pretty much what you want a good plumping product to do. A best seller in the US, if you have lightweight lashes you’re going to love this. For me and my heavy lashes it creates lovely lash definition and is one of the few mascara’s I’ve tried that has zero smudging – great for long days at work etc.

The Lips – Bold Gel Lipsticks

Next up is the lips – the products that Buxom are known for. I hadn’t actually tried their Bold Gel Lipsticks until these arrived, so I was excited to give these a go. And I can tell you that they are c.r.e.a.m.y. They are a lipstick lovers dream and I adore them. The rich texture and high colour payoff is uber impressive and as buttery as the eyeshaodws are, these are as creamy. There’s two finishes available – matte and satin and both feel lightweight when worn with a nourishing moisture that doesn’t dry out the lips. I’ve got Naturally Daring in the matte finish, which is a fun and flirty pink with an adult tone – nothing baby pink about this gorgeous lipstick! Then I’ve also got the Rebel Rose in the satin finish which is an incredibly versatile and everyday nude tone pink. With a brown undertone, if you love nude lips this shade will impress you and is a great dupe for all those people who missed out on M.A.C’s Fleur De Force lipstick – the shades are so similar that I highly recommend investing in this.

Full-On Lip Polish

Meet Sophia – the lip plumping product siren. If there is one product you try from Buxom first, it needs to be the Full-On Lip Polish. Always known the most for their lip plumping enhancers, these are going to be a make-up bag essential. I don’t have any issues with the size of my lips – I’ve got one thin one and one fuller one, and I’m not really that bothered about having a trout pout personally. However a little bit of extra volume doesn’t harm and this is an incredible way of achieving fuller looking lips without the need for needles. Plus it’s as-and-when you want/need it so you’ve got far more control. Sophia is a gorgeous everyday pink in a sheer finish – so she looks like a gloss when worn. I love to wear her over the top of the Rebel Rose lipstick and the combination is gorgeous.

The Lip Polish works to plump the lips just enough to be noticeable and even my boyfriend who is oblivious to subtle changes noticed this without prompting. When applied after a few seconds it settles onto the lips and you first notice the cooling sensation which I find to be very refreshing. It slightly tingles as it works and this lasts for quite a while. It isn’t uncomfortable or painful and the cooling makes is actually quite nice. If you’ve ever used a plumping lip product you’ll know what to expect, and the results are lasting too. Mine retain the extra volume even after the sensation has resided. A great £15 purchase for fuller lips in a huge variety of colours.

So it’s safe to say that the relaunched UK line of Buxom Cosmetics have captured my heart. I’m the first to be honest in my make-up reviews, and I can 100% say that not only do these products excite but they’ve surpassed expectation in quality too. I love the female silhouette designs on the packaging and the sexy and flirty vibe from the whole range. It’s just so girly and makes you feel like you’ve got something naughty that you’ve wanted for ages. Like a hidden beauty secret that’s just too good. For me, Buxom are still quite clearly Queen of The Castle in the lip plumpers department. I think that in the last five years or so lip plumpers had been seen as old fashioned, but Buxom have given them a whole new lease of life – with a seductive twist. And their eyeshadows have absolutely blown me away. Check out Buxom next time you’re in Debenhams.

Do you like the sound of Buxom’s UK line too?

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