May 31, 2017

May Favourites

I feel like I’ve blinked and gone from January to May – anyone else?! This year is absolutely charging past, each month is quickly ticked off the calendar and suddenly we’re almost in summer without even realising. It’s clearly one of those years that’s going to fly by. I can’t say that I mind though because I’ve crammed so much in to the past five months, including trying some amazing products. My Monthly Favourites posts are always some of my most fun to write because I try to mix up the products I’ve been trailing, just to keep things fresh. It also means I’m forever trying new products and brands in search of those amazing things that are so good they need to be shouted about! And this month is a knock-out.

Being a lot warmer recently, the types of products I’ve been trying have been different to previous months. Not necessarily summer focused, but more directed to warmer weather beauty picks. So, not to tease you any more, here are my May Favourites…

Mii Cosmetics – Cherish Mii Brocade Palette and Passionate Lip Lover Lipsticks

I’ve talked about Mii Cosmetics before – they’re a brand I’m really fond of and I always like to keep an eye on what they’ve got coming out. Their Cherish Mii Collection has to be my favourite thus far as it’s got everything I love in a make-up range. Pretty, feminine shades with metallic twists and a versatility that means you can wear the products during the day and at night. My favourite pick from the collection is without a doubt the gorgeous Couture Eye Colour Palette which features one matte shade, two shimmers and a glitter-finish shade, just to add that pop of sparkle. I’ve been loving this during May because the shades lend themselves perfectly to the warmer weather and they all perfect compliment each other too, meaning you can create some gorgeous eye looks with only this palette. The pigmentation is lovely and rich and all four shadows are easy to blend, making it simple to achieve the perfectly enhanced natural eye look.

Then there’s the lipsticks. Oh the lipsticks. The colours speak for themselves, but I love Mii lipsticks because they’re so creamy to use. The Passionate Lip Lover lipsticks are no exception and the pretty pink ‘Enthral‘ and summery coral ‘Charm‘ are spring and summer essentials. I’ve loved them this month and can guarantee I’ll be using them through the summer.

Sigma Baking & Strobing Brushes

When it comes to brushes, Sigma are one of the best, used by make-up artists around the world, and I’ve featured their products a lot on my blog. The latest set I’ve been using has been their Baking & Strobing brush set, which is a five piece set containing all the brushes you would need for highlighting and setting your face for the perfect face-base. Designed as an alternative to make-up sponges, these brushes are used to highlight sections of the face, then apply other face products in a perfect and smooth way with pure precision. Better than applying with sponges, using this brush set will eliminate absorption of your make-up as the fibers work against this, which also removes bacteria build up too. Meaning you should effectively need to use less product. I love the finish that I can achieve with this set now I’ve got the hang of using them. My favorite has to be the Strobing Fan which allows highlighter to be swept across the face and the Powder Sweep too because it makes applying my setting powders so easy. The Sigma Baking & Strobing Set is great for those who like a perfect and pristine face base.

Evolve Natural Beauty Daily Defense Moisture Mist

When it comes to natural skincare, I’ve definitely been enjoying some amazing brands over the past year. Evolve Natural Beauty are one of them and their brand new Daily Defence Moisture Mist has been a real treat – especially in this humidity! A facial mist that you spritz over skin, it’s got a very distinct scent to it, which I now know is due to the Prickly Pear elixir. The mist works to calm and give the appearance of smoother looking skin. Because I’ve been going make-up free when in the garden during the warmer days, this has also doubled up as a refreshing facial mist because it leaves skin feeling cooler and more refreshed. Otherwise a quick spritz of this in the morning before the rest of my skincare has been the best way to use it. My skin loves it and it’s been a great little skincare pick-me-up during May.

Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Milk Smoothie and Raw Shea Body Lotion

I hadn’t used Palmers for years until recently, so rediscovering the range has been lovely. The distinctive Palmers Cocoa scent is still there – which I love. And it remind me of how much I used their body lotions and products when I was younger! I’ve been using both the Raw Shea Body Lotion and Hair Milk Smoothie for the past few weeks and I am loving both! They both contain ethically sourced  coconut milk, which added with their usual ingredients mean both products smell absolutely divine. I can smell the Body Lotion on my skin for hours after use, which shows it’s a high quality product, plus it’s made my skin feel amazingly smooth. I also love how it’s not sticky – body creams and lotions can sometimes take ages to dry and leave skin feeling sticky, but this doesn’t do that at all – so it’s a big thumbs up from me.

The Hair Milk Smoothie has blown me away as well – used to tame dry hair, or as I prefer, on damp hair for a bit more of a taming pre-wash treatment, this leaves my hair smelling absolutely stunning. It nourishes hair and leaves it feeling soft and healthy while also detangling and preparing for a blow-dry. My hair feels bouncy and lightweight after using it and it smells gorgeous too. Plus both products come in at under a fiver, so they’re absolutely essential for the beauty shelves this summer.

So those are my monthly favourites – I’ve loved trying something for my skin, something for my body, for my hair and for my make-up application. It’s been a great month of trials!

Which of these products would you most like to give a go next month?

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This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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