May 11, 2017

Mac and Fleur De Force Lipstick – #MACxFleurDeForce

It’s the lipstick I’ve been excited about ever since Fleur revealed she was working with MAC on a lipstick. I absolutely love her style and she often wears make-up in the same shades that I like, so I knew she’d create a shade of lipstick that I’d love. And over the past few weeks as pictures have come out showing the lipstick in all its glory, I knew with even more certainty that I was going to buy it. I was determined not to miss out, as I have done with other limited edition products, and then regretted it big style. So I made it my mission to make sure I got one – and I did!

The Fleur De Force lipstick is a cool, nude toned lipstick which is perfect for every day. The colour comes out (on me) with a hint of peach – but without the warmth, and I like that. Nudes in general and especially pink nudes tend to wash me out, so this is more of a natural and easy-to-wear shade for me. It’s genuinely the perfect shade to go with anything and will be great for day wear and evening as well because it’s such a universal shade. My struggle with nude lipsticks is that I worry I can’t pull them off. But this is the perfect tone and I’m surprised just how much I like it for a nude, and how much I know I’ll wear it.

It’s got a cremesheen finish, meaning it looks glossy – without the stickiness. Cremesheen lipsticks are my MAC favourites, so I am genuinely loving this even more just for that. It’s got the quality that I expect from MAC, with a shade I am genuinely in love with and I feel like I’ve found a nude shade lipstick I can finally pull off and enjoy wearing with this. Absolutely worth the wait and I’m hoping the fact that MAC sold out so quickly when it launched will show it’s popularity enough for them to consider making it a permanent fixture in the lipstick section.

What do you guys think? Do you like the look of the MACxFleurDeForce lipstick?

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