May 30, 2017

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics – Swatches, Review & Verdict

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll know that as soon as I heard about the Kylie Cosmetics KKW collab, I was excited. Not because I’m a fan of the Kylie range (I’m not) and not because I’m a Kardashian superfan (I’m not.) But I was excited because the collab was going to feature Kylie’s first ever creme liquid lipstick formula. And as a creme lip finish kinda gal, this made me know for sure I wanted to get my hands on it.

Let me start by saying that I have a lot of matte lipsticks and I’ve tried a lot more. I do wear them, and I understand why so many people think it’s the best finish ever for lip products. But for me, the drying feeling isn’t my thing, and I’m much more comfortable in creme finishes, glosses and oils. When I do wear liquid lipsticks in a matte finish, I love wearing toppers with it, just to take too much of the matte finish off. I’ve tried three of the original Kylie liquid lipsticks – the matte ones – and I still use them occasionally. My thoughts are that they’re average – nice enough, but not the best out there and as a not-so-huge matte fan, I just tend to overlook most of the other products in the Kylie range by association. But hey, that’s just me.

Fast forward to the launch of the KKW collection and all that changed. The social media teasers of the shades had got me excited. Really excited. And despite knowing I’d get a huge customs fee, I was happy to shell out for the whole set. Being my favourite finish, in shades that looked like they would suit my pale skin tone, I ordered without hesitation and waited… The delivery was a couple of weeks but I don’t think they’ve restocked since then, so I’m glad I ordered when I did. As expected I got the customs fee through and as I paid it, reminded myself I wanted them as badly as I did. Which is hard to remember when you’ve already shelled out a lot of moolah for a product then nearly another £20 on customs!

So – the verdict…

Officially there’s four shades, all creme finishes, all liquid lipsticks and all in versatile pale nude/pink shades. The reality is that yes, there’s four shades and yes they’re all creme finishes but the shades aren’t quite what you’d expect. No matter how many swatches I saw beforehand, the shades have surprised me the most. I LOVE them, and the colours are my favourite thing about the collection – and in reality, it’s the saving grace for what I would otherwise say is another average product from Kylie Cosmetics. (Don’t hate me Kylie lovers!) The shades themselves are far more pink toned than you anticipate, with less of the nude shades you’d expect from Kim Kardashian. Seeing as she seems to only wear brown nudes and muted tones, the amount of pink in all four shades is very surprising…someone said they can’t actually imagine her wearing any of the shades, and I kinda have to agree – except maybe Kimberly which is the most nude toned of them all.  It’s expected then when I say that Kimberly is my least favourite of the four. I reach for Kiki the most with Kim and Kimmie being equal seconds after that. For someone with pale skin these pinks are the perfect shades – all three are lovely colours and as I said, it’s the colours that save this collection for me.

Performance-wise this is where things get a little disappointing, sadly. As far as being ‘liquid lipsticks’ I can’t agree, or see any sort of trace of a liquid lipstick in these. Yes they are 100% a creme finish lip product, so that bit is accurate, but the texture and finish is far from what you expect. Jaclyn Hill did say in her video that these had a really weird finish that you can’t explain – and it’s true. It’s got little qualities of lots of finishes, but liquid lipstick isn’t one.

So, what are they like? At best I’d describe them as a non-sticky gloss. Credit where it’s due, a really pigmented one, at that. If you’ve ever used of tried the ABH Lip Glosses, think more along those lines than the lines of a liquid lipstick. Once applied you need to let them settle for a few minutes before making a verdict, almost like letting them dry – except they don’t because they have a creme finish. So they stay ‘wet’ when worn. Which does mean they last no-way near as long as you expect from a liquid lipstick. And they don’t make it through eating or drinking at all. All of which you expect from a creme finish lip product, but not one that calls itself a liquid lipstick – where you expect that bit more from it’s performance.

The finish is gorgeous for us creme lovers. But after a while (and I’m not talking long) that top layer of creme that gives it the shiny, wet look disappears altogether and you’re left with the pigmentation of the shade on it’s own…which sinks into the natural lines on your lips. So basically girls, it goes patchy. This happens within an hour – well within an hour. I will apply mine before leaving the house, do the school run and get to work half an hour later and just talking (or even doing nothing) and it’s pretty much started to go…Not great for a premium brand. It also retains that really irritating line you get behind the dry part of your lip line – one of the worst parts of liquid lipstick. So where your mouth naturally gets wet, you’ll get that tell-tale line. Boo.

So are they worth it overall?

Price-wise and altogether with customs these work out at approximately £15 per lipstick, which is about average for a premium brand. I’d personally only spend £15 on a lip product I loved, because there’s so many great products out there that you only need to spend that sort of figure on one lip product if you love it. For me, I’m on the fence about these. I can’t rate the colours themselves highly enough – with the exclusion of Kimberly, they’re perfect for my skin tone and prettier than I had hoped or expected. But that’s where my love for this collection ends. The formula is basically a gloss that’s not quite as glossy…think of it as a muted gloss, if there was such a thing. Plus it’s got really disappointing staying power – not remotely what you’d expect from a liquid lipstick. (Although I hope we’ve established that it can’t really be called a ‘liquid lipstick’ anyway.) I think maybe if it was positioned as a creme product/gloss/muted gloss, I’d have adjusted my expectations accordingly and been suitably impressed, but because it’s positioned as a liquid lipstick, I’m just feeling rather…meh, about the collection.

So, I am glad I bought them, because the shades are pretty and I’m a beauty addict so my intigue needed to be settled. But would I buy them again when I run out? No chance. For £15 each there’s far better products, that aren’t so confused about what they are. So unless you’re absolutely desperate to try them and see for yourself, I’d save yourself the £60.

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