May 17, 2017

Ask The Experts – Top Beauty Bloggers Share Their Beauty Tips, Tricks & Hacks

The one thing I love about blogging and am constantly reminded of every time I go online, is how many talented bloggers and individuals there are out there. The blogasphere is full to the seams of people absolutely nailing their niche, storming social media and all round owning what they’re doing. It gives me such pleasure to see bloggers of all sizes creating content that shows how excellent they are in their niche, and I’ve discovered some real talent over the last few years as a beauty blogger. What I like is that blogging gives people an outlet that allows them to position themselves as an expert in their field – something which is reinforced with engagement and interaction from their very loyal audience. 

In the past year I have found some bloggers who I follow religiously and admire from my own little space on the internet. These are the bloggers who inspire me and I can always count on for giving the best, most reliable advice. So I got to thinking about a  brand new blog series ‘Ask The Expert’ which brings together the best bloggers I know of in a select category each week. And to kick start the series, where better to start than beauty?! As a beauty addict and all round make-up fiend, beauty is my love and so I’ve spoken to ten of the blogasphere’s finest to give us their top beauty tip, trick or hack – to give us all a bit of their expertise. Learn secrets from the pro’s, the seasoned bloggers and the ones who stand out from the crowd with their top beauty tip, trick or hack…

Hayley – London Beauty Queen

One of the biggest names in beauty blogging, Hayley a.k.a London Beauty Queen, shares her biggest skincare tip – and trust me, her skin is flawless – I’ve seen it up close! Even Michael Buble commented on it when he met her!

“My biggest piece of advice (other than SPF and cleansing properly!) is to make the most of overnight treatments. While we’re sleeping our bodies can effectively ‘regenerate’ so it’s a huge missed opportunity if you don’t apply a great night cream, treatment or oil to skin. No matter how much sleep I’ve lost or how busy I am, applying something before bed helps my skin to look so much better – and it’s a step I simply can’t skip.”

Em Sheldon – Em Talks

Award winning blogger, Em Sheldon, has amassed a huge 77,000 followers on Instagram and it’s easy to see why. Her audience trust her for all things beauty, fitness and travel and her top beauty tip is also to do with night-time and skincare too…

“It’s a cliched one and an old one, but SLEEP! Nothing beats sleep and this is coming from someone who doesn’t get enough. It’s so important to rejuvenate your body, skin and mind. It gives you body the chance to recoup and your skin too. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.”

Corrie – Dizzy Brunette

Full-time beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber Corrie is well known for her pretty photographs and fun videos. Currently with nearly 42,000 YouTube subscribers, she’s a girl in the know when it comes to everything from beauty to lifestyle, and this beauty tip will help you with your lashes…

“Use your hairdryer on your eyelash curlers to warm them up a little first, this will help to really curl your lashes and keep them curled all day. Oh, and about fake lashes – if you struggle to apply them, cut them in half or in to smaller sections and apply them bit by bit, it makes it a lot easier if you struggle. I always use tweezers and Duo Glue to apply mine!”

Megan – Thumbelina Lillie

Multi-award winning blogger Megan has amazing style and you make recognise her face from nationwide Boots stores as she’s one of the faces of their Natural Collection campaigns! Her tip is one for the eyeliner lovers…

“The biggest beauty tip I have learned over the years has to do with winged liner! I think it’s something that lots of people struggle to master and it has taken years and years of practice to nail it (pretty much) every single time! Remember that we are all blessed with different shapes but the best hack to the perfect cat-eye is to use cellotape! Simply follow the natural shape of your bottom lid diagonally and apply. Wings like a dream!”

Nathan – Plastic Loafer

Proving beauty isn’t just for the ladies, Nathan is an amazing beauty blogger with major photography skills. His tip is for the fellow beauty bloggers on taking the best make-up photographs possible…

“I have a couple of little tricks: I always use natural light, I take my photographs next to a window when the sun is shining straight through and that way you don’t get any harsh shadows or digital noise in your photos. I also keep a tissue at hand just to wipe away any fingerprints or residue from the products so they don’t look filthy in photos! Also, refrain from using flash on reflective products, it will blow the exposure way out and leave your photographs looking blotchy.”

Angela – Beauty By The Bunny

The queen of gorgeous make-up and skincare pack shots, Angela has an Instagram feed to envy. Not only that but she’s a guru in all things beauty with a huge stash and addiction to Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. Her tip is for maximising skincare…

“My biggest beauty tip is never to rub serum in to the skin. Always pat in. Rubbing breaks down the formula and reduces the effectiveness of the product.”

Anoushka – Anoushka Loves

With over four years dedicated beauty blogging experience, Anoushka is your lady for all things make-up, with a bit of skin care thrown in too. Her stash is the envy of many, so naturally, she’s talking make-up tricks…

“Rather than carry a big make-up bag around with me when I leave the house, I have a selection of multi-use products that can be used to top up my face during the day. Lipstick can be used as blush and even eyeshadow, a bronzer and highlight compact can add that shine and contour and I’m never without black eyeliner. From desk to disco in an instant!”

Megan – Life With MCM

A favourite of mine when it comes to eye-looks, Megan is a daily blogger and keen eye for new trends. Her step-by-step tutorials help to recreate amazing looks at home. Her tip proves you can’t go wrong with traditional tips…

“It sounds so simple but my number one tip is to splash your face with cold water every morning. It’s something I got taught from my nan and I’ve always stuck to it. Every morning without fail I splash my face with cold water to wake me up and get my skin ready. It honestly makes the world of difference and seriously wakes up your skin. Who doesn’t love a quick fix?”

Kasie – Kasie Beauty

Queen of the highlighters and all make-up that shimmers, Kasie is probably one of the bloggers who has influenced me to buy a product more than any others… 

“Leading up to summer and in the summer months I always add my favorite liquid highlighter to my face moisturiser and foundation to give my skin a really nice dewy glow look. It’s also great for oily skin too as you can even add to matte foundations. Another tip is to add the Body Shop Drops of Sun into your moisturiser or foundation and it gives your skin an instant bronzed look, like you’ve just been on holiday. This is great of you don’t like to fake tan your face.

So there’s ten excellent tips, tricks and hacks from the beauty experts to cover everything from skincare traditionals to lashes and tan. I’ve found some gold tips to implement into my beauty regime here and hope you have too. Thanks to all of the experts for being involved!

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