May 3, 2017

AM To PM With This Works

One brand I’ve been loving on the skin care and body care front recently is This Works. I’m not new to their products but it’s only in the past few months that I’ve been using their products with a dedicated effort to really get to grips with what they can offer. I’ve been a big fan of their Perfect Legs Skin Miracle since I tried it last year, but I’ve been really enjoying trying some others too, which together have given me amazing body and skin care throughout the day with something for every section of the day as it passes.

Starting the day – In Transit Camera Close Up

Starting the day right is something I’ve been making an effort with on all fronts – from a better breakfast and lots of water – for the inside, to making sure I properly do my skincare regime pre school-run too. Too often I do my full skincare routine at night but then slack in the mornings thinking my face is clean and clear and with the lack of time, it’s often the facial skincare side of things that suffers. So having this gave me a good excuse to make sure I was ticking that box and avoiding the same mistake.

The glory about the In Transit Close Up is that it’s a multi-purpose product…it covers loads of bases in one, which is great for me because having little time in the morning, something like this delivers everything I need in one. It acts as a primer, a moisturiser and a face mask all in one. So I’ve been using it after cleaning my face in the mornings but before I put on my make-up. I’ve found that’s the best time to use it and get the most from it. I like the way it smooths my skin and picks it up from looking dull and lack-lustre. The unique blend of plant oils is really distinguishable in it’s scent – I love the This Works products based on their scent alone. And this smells lovely, it also leaves skin feeling soft and nourished without making you feel like you’ve used a load of nasties.

Using this has made my morning skincare regime give a lot within a little amount of time, and for that I’m seriously grateful. I’d love to try more from the In Transit range now too.

 During the day – Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

This product is a summer must-have. I can 100% say that you’ll a.) want this in your locker and b.) need this in your life this summer. I used this last year in New York and since then I’ve been obsessed with how well it works. I am the most pale of pale people and my legs are lily white – not the cool sort, but the ill-looking sort. So I rely on products to help me get a bit of colour on them and this is by far my favourite for the legs. It’s a tinted serum that’s got the mix of gorgeous smelling oils and ingredients in it that I love about This Works, and it delivers a really nice and natural amount of colour. It’s non-greasy too, which means it rubs in nicely and without streaks and it leaves skin looking just a tiny bit more bronzed and feeling a whole lot nicer and smoother.

I use this all over my legs during the day and if I’m wearing trousers, I also use it on my feet to give them a bit of colour underneath my sandals too. It really is one of those products I didn’t know I would use as much until I got it, and now I wouldn’t be without it. It’s easy to see why the Perfect Legs Skin Miracle has won so many awards.

Evenings – Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil

Another ‘leg’ product, but one I use all over my body now, this oil is by far my most used body care product right now. I even sleep with it next to my bed! I am one of those people who get really dry legs after shaving, and no matter what I try, nothing soothes it. I also have insane itchiness everywhere thanks to my pregnancy (yes, did you know itchiness in pregnancy is something you’ve got to look forward to?!) and I’m constantly applying lotions and potions to calm it down and take the irritation away. This oil tackles undernourished, dry skin and has been such a saving grace for me in the last few months, I wouldn’t be without it now. The blend of ingredients means it smells absolutely divine too and my boyfriend always comments on how nice it smells when I’ve applied it. It contains 9 essential oils and 7 plant oils, so you can imagine how rich and nourishing it is!

I apply this usually in the evenings (and throughout the night!) and it instantly makes my skin feel more nourished and less dry. I did start only on my legs but the sensation of moisturisation and nourishment was so lovely that I quickly started to use it everywhere else too, and now it’s something I use a lot of every day. I don’t have a bad word to say about this Dry Leg Oil and will 100% be rebuying.

Bedtime – Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

I’ve always suffered with light sleep and insomnia and when I’m busy, stressed or even just a bit hot and bothered, well…my sleep is the first thing that suffers. Not to mention that pregnancy makes you sleep badly anyway, and well, I was in much need of a sleep-aid. Seeing as you can’t take anything medical while pregnant, this seemed like a great alternative and I’m so glad I tried it. The Sleep Plus Pillow Spray is basically a little spritz that you add to your bed linen before bed time, the idea being that it encourages natural sleep patterns. I add this to my bed right before getting in, just a few sprays and the aroma is so nice and relaxing that it’s easy to see how it lulls you into a nicer state of sleep.

The mix of ingredients within it helps to contribute to a better nights sleep and also means you wake up feeling refreshed – or I do anyway. Especially in the sense that I can still smell it’s goodness in the morning and the blend of things like lavender and camomile just make you feel that much fresher anyway. I’ve definitely seen an improvement on sleeping deeply in the first half of my night’s sleep since using this, and I feel a lot more relaxed when I’m going off to sleep and the fresh feeling in the morning contributes to feeling better too. It’s a great little bedside essential for anyone who wants a medical alternative to sleeping aids.

So that’s my day according to This Works and I’m loving that their variety of products means there’s something to get me through every part of my day. I’ll definitely continue to use both leg products and I can’t wait to try more from the In Transit range too. The sleep spray will also come in seriously useful once baby arrives this summer!

What do you guys think? Which of these takes your fancy?

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