April 20, 2017

Three Clarins Body Products You Need In Pregnancy

Being five months pregnant is wonderful – there’s a little boy kicking me like mad, keeping me awake at night and giving me the most amazing summer treat to look forward to – that first cuddle is going to be amazing. But pregnancy is not my favourite thing, and it really can (and does) take it’s toll on your body. Not just with extreme tiredness and sickness, but in ways you aren’t prepared for. Mostly things like the fact that the hair around your face really thins out and grows back in unruly curls that resemble horns. Yep, FACT. The other thing that faces major change is your skin. I’m not just talking on the face, I’m talking all over. And it’s hard to combat.

When you’re pregnant your skin stretches – not just on your tummy and bump, but hips, thighs and bottom too. To be honest, you’ll likely stretch everywhere. You’ll also experience an annoying itch as your skin stretches, but also, thanks to those pregnancy hormones, you’ll itch for no reason everywhere. Plus there’s dry skin that breaks…well, our poor skin is not in for a treat with pregnancy. That’s why this time round I was prepared with products galore before the skin complaints started. There’s three absolute essentials you’ll want to help calm the skin complaints and make things a bit more comfortable during those long nights awake and uncomfortable days at work or home.

1. Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer

Okay, ask any pregnant mummy-to-be and stretch marks will always be at the back of your mind. Yes it’s one of those things that you’re more likely to inherit, but it can happen to anyone. So preparing is essential. The Clarins Stretch Mark Minimiser is an amazing lotion that works to encourage the reduction of stretch marks. So if you’ve already got them, this will be amazing for you to help diminish their appearance. And likewise if you haven’t got them yet, this will work to prevent them. (Not just the stretch marks that appear during pregnancy, it’s also great for the marks left behind after weight fluctuation and puberty too.)

My opinion is that a good stretch mark cream is essential in pregnancy and this one works to keep skin looking and feeling tighter, clearer and smoother. I massage this into my bump, my bum and thighs every day and it’s kept things looking neat and tidy. I have white stretch marks on my hips, thanks to years of weight fluctuation and this cream has really helped me feel like the lines are less obvious. Plus, being a nice cold cream, with the Clarins quality and plant ingredients, it’s excellent at giving a lovely cooling and soothing effect when applied too. Which is perfect for itchy, stretchy skin. The Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer is £38 for 200ml – which is plenty to last for an entire pregnancy.

2. Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

Another absolute essential for pregnancy is a good body oil. I’d been recommend this one by so many of my mummy-friends that it was a no brainer for me to try – especially on my bump and thighs. Whereas the lotion is great for removing the appearance of marks, this oil makes me feel like I’m  getting deeper into the skin and giving it that moisturisation it needs – on a deeper level. 100% pure and filled with plant extracts, it also has the added bonus of making you feel like you’re doing something good for your skin by using it. And the hazelnut oil locks in moisture for that lovely nourished feeling you get after using a good body oil.

I tend to use this more in the evenings before bed to help soothe the irritation of stretching skin and it’s got a lovely delicate and calming scent that’s great for bedtime too. Plus, as with any body oil, it’s so relaxing to just massage it in – and I’ve conned my boyfriend in to being the delegate to apply it and give me a bit of a much-needed massage at the end of the day. 

When you’re talking about body care products during pregnancy, this is the one that people rave about and I can see why. The skin around my bump feels much softer after use, and I can only hope it’s going to help to continue to prevent stretch marks. The Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil is £40 and one bottle is plenty to get you through the nine months.

3. Clarins Energizing Emulsion

The other problem with skin during pregnancy is the feeling of hot, swollen and uncomfortable legs and feet. After a long day at work, your feet literally sting and swell – it’s not a pretty sight (or feeling!) So this has been an absolute DREAM for me in recent weeks. The Energising Emulsion has an instant cooling effect the second you apply it, and it relieves my feet instantly. My boyfriend is a superstar for giving me a foot rub when the day has been extra long, and this is the perfect thing for it. 

With camomile, you’d expect it to relax you, and it does, while also maintaining the skins natural moisture balance. This is so great it could even be used over tights if needed. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for tired legs and feet and is worth every penny. The Clarins Energizing Emulsion is £27.

So those are my three body care essentials for pregnancy, plus they’ve got some great extra uses even if you’re not pregnant, so check them out if you’re looking for some new body care treats.

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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