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The change in seasons always brings about the desire to change your signature scent. For me, shifting from the sultry cold weather means I want to leave behind my deep and musky perfumes in favour of something a bit more fruity and spring/summer like. I know lots of people are like this – we all tend to have our daily staples – the ones we rely on all year round, but then the change in seasons mean we tend to go to our seasonal picks for a few months to mix things up. (I’m hoping this isn’t just me because my perfume shelf is positively bulging!)

My most recent additions were the two Want fragrances from DSquared2 – which are exclusive to Harvey Nichols. Want is the original and Want: Pink Ginger is the second in the collection. (Want has a cream lid and Pink Ginger has the pink lid.) Both have Japanese and oriental themes in the scent, so they’re very feminine and quite universal too – meaning women of all ages are likely to enjoy the fragrance.

There are always a few things I look for in a perfume, regardless of the season. I don’t like weak scents, so for me a fragrance has to be strong and lasting. I don’t want to spritz on my perfume in the morning and not be able to smell it before I arrive at work. So the first thing I considered with these was their strength – I tried Pink Ginger first in the evening and could still smell it – strongly – the morning after. Which really impressed me. Want has the same staying power too and both perfumes offer long lasting staying power, which is a big tick from me.

The second thing I look for in a perfume is musk. My personal preference is that I like musky perfumes – they stick to my skin and just suit me so much better. The Want fragrances are on that musky and very strong spectrum – their high scent level is perfect for the perfume wearers who want to walk past people and leave a plume of scent behind!

For me, Want reminds me of some very top drawer brands. It competes in it’s floral yet musky and vanilla scent with a weight that you just won’t find in a cheap perfume – it earns its price tag easily with it’s quality. Classic and elegnat, the perfume has top notes of mandarin and pink pepper which mean it’s a lovely spring scent. If Want was a film, it would totally be Pride and Prejudice. (Want is available in 30ml £39, 50ml £56 and 100ml £71 exclusively from Harvey Nichols.

Want: Pink Ginger on the other hand is it’s flirty sister, and my favourite of the two. Think Pride and Prejudice meets something scandalous – like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. That’s what Want: Pink Ginger reminds me of: it’s got pure sass.

With heart notes of damask rose and neroli and base notes of vanilla, violet and amber – it’s still got that musk that I absolutely love. The vanilla and amber adds the heaviness, while the neroli and rose add the floral notes that are great for spring. And it’s the Japanese influences that give it that flirty and sassy kick. It’s perfect for those who like strong perfume with a distinctive femininity. Want: Pink Ginger is vailable in 30ml £39, 50ml £56 and 100ml £71

Both bottles are designed to stand out – there’s no other perfume bottles like them. And while Want is lovely for everyday wear, it does remind me of some very lovely other perfumes. Pink Ginger really impressed me and stands alone with its fragrance. So if you like musky, strong and feminine perfumes that I highly recommend you check out the Want perfumes from Harvey Nichols.

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