April 23, 2017

My HUGE Spring Make-Up Haul!

Once a year I do a HUGE make-up haul. I usually do it in October/November so the really good Christmas sets have been released and you’re fresh into Black Friday sales too. However with a baby due in the summer, meaning I’ll be broke by Christmas…well, spring it was for this year’s big haul! Now I’m not saying that I don’t buy make-up at any other time – you all know I do! But this once-a-year haul is something I save for, have a clear out for and generally look forward to a hell of a lot more than Christmas itself. 

I usually do my big haul with Sephora but this time they decided to take my order and my money and refuse to ship my goods. Which kinda sent my pregnancy hormones crazy stubborn so I just bought everything I had wanted from outlets here in the UK…plus a few extra’s to soften the blow obvs. I guess the novelty of a huge gift-wrapped Sephora order to myself has actually been outdone with how much more I was able to get just by splitting my haul over three different retail outlets here in the UK. And two had free shipping, so I didn’t even have to pay for shipping costs much either. Win/win. 

I have to say at this point that I rarely do haul posts and I stopped doing my bloggermail snapchats a while back (even though lots of you still ask me for them!) I don’t like to ‘brag’ – but my yearly big haul is something I work hard for, save for, and endure the horrors of selling my old clothes on eBay  (and we all know HOW awful eBayers can be these days.) So I wanted to share it with you all too!

SO in the name of a true haul, I covered pretty much all my bases and got something new for almost every part of my face…

Tarte Maneater Set

Okay so this was the last item(s) that I bought, so I’m mixing things up by talking about it first…but I’m so, so glad it’s come to live with me. I know a lot of bloggers have also bought this, and quite frankly I can’t blame them. It’s excellent value for money. Included are 7 items from the Maneater range – I’d been eyeing up the mascara for a while and I need a new one anyway, so I am most excited to give this a go from a practical point of view. Also included is an eyeliner, foundation, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, dual ended lipstick/lipgloss and of course, the palette itself.

I used this exact foundation for two years – I’m all for the Amazonian Clay foundation. Sadly they don’t do the set in my shade but I got the closest one to it, so we’ll see how we go. I actually use this exact foundation brush already too, except mine doesn’t have the leopard print. So I’m looking forward to using this one instead now – just for sheer prettiness value! The lipstick/lipgloss is a really versatile nude shade and the eyeliner and mascara is standard black – again, totally versatile. The palette is the golden girl of the set, it’s just stunning. Tate eyeshadows are some of the best I use for performance and pigmentation, so I’m super excited to try this.

Jouer Liquid Lipstick (Lychee, Dulche De Leche and Skinny Dip)
Liquid lipstick (with a matte finish) is one of my least favourite lipsticks. Doesn’t mean I don’t own tonnes, but it just means I don’t have quite as many as everyone else seems to. However I’ve been falling in love from a far with the Jouer ones. Torn between these and some Velvet’s from Kylie Cosmetics, I ordered these and within 2 days I’d ordered two more. That’s how impressed I am with them.

I got shades Lychee and Dulce De Leche, which are both pink rose shades. I also bought the Lip Topper in shade Skinny Dip and I think it’s this one product alone that made me fall in love with the whole brand. A glittery and sparkly top coat, when added to matte lipsticks it makes them less…deep in colour and gives you more tone. It just stops them looking quite so matte! Making it absolutely perfect for me. I can see this being something I re-buy over and over again.

Jouer Rose Gold Limited Edition Lip Creme and Lip Topper
After falling in love with the normal shades above, I ordered two from the Rose Gold Limited Edition collection right away. So beautiful were the shades and I’m so impressed with the finishes that it was a no brainer for me. I got the lip creme which is a metallic finish and the lip topper (both called Rose Gold) which is the gloss-like top coat with lots of glitter and shimmer in a rose-gold tint. I absolutely love them both and have worn Jouer on my lips almost solidly since they all arrived.

Jouer Swatch (Left to right) Lychee, Dulche De Leche, Skinny Dip, Rose Gold Lip Creme, Rose Gold Topper

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette
I wrote about how I bought this palette on one of the Facebook selling pages in my blog post about affording a make-up addiction. I am absolutely in love with it and it had been on my wish-list for ages, so when I managed to make a bit of money selling some of my old make-up on those groups, I decide to re-invest in something from there…this. Swoon.

I’ve wanted a pink/warm tone palette for a while and it had been a toss-up between this and the Anastasia Modern Renaissance. I picked this one because it looks a bit more like my kinda palette – lots of shimmery/metallic finishes and in all the right colours. The spectrum of shades is absolutely perfect too. I’ve only tested a couple of the pans, but so far, so good. I’ll probably do a full review on this when I’ve used it properly. But oh, what a beaut of a palette she is right?

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Special Effects (Socialite)
I’ve been desperate to try Huda Beauty for a while. But the problem is that, as mentioned above, I’m not all that keen on matte lipsticks. When I saw these newbies at Cult Beauty, I was sold though. The Special Effects have a metallic finish with the staying power of a matte liquid lipstick. I got Socialite – which is a peachy nude topped with rose gold flakes. To be honest this is the product I feel I may be disappointed with though. I’ve only tried it once but it stung my lips and I didn’t find the pigmentation or coverage that great. However I’d tried all of my new lip products before it, so this was last to be tested and that could be why it just didn’t work for me. So I’m going to give it a few more goes before I give my final verdict, but I’ll be gutted if it’s awful because I think £18 is a lot for a liquid lipstick.

Benefit Cheek Parade
Cheek palettes are one thing I don’t ever usually invest in. I tend to be loyal to my cheek products so don’t often find the need for palettes with loads of different shades… But this one was too much to resist. I’d been wanting to re-try Dandelion again when I saw the new Hoola Lite. The two of them individually would cost almost as much as this palette (£49.50) and seeing as you get five full size powders, it’s a great value palette. I’ve used Rockateur and Dandelion before but don’t have a pot any more and Hoola is something I use daily on my body (feet, chest, neck etc) and the Hoola Lite looks perfect for contouring with. The only one I’m not fussed with is the Galifornia… It looks beautiful in colour, but the more I look at it, the more I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it unfortunately. But I’m super loving the rest of the palette.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow (Kitten Karma and Smokey Storm)
I absolutely couldn’t wait to finally try these having seen some stunning swatches of them. The only problem I had was picking the shades because they all look lovely and usable! I went for Kitten Karma which is more of a rose gold/warm toned gold and then Smokey Storm which is a dark grey shade. The pigmentation is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before – being a shimmery eyelid lover, these are one of my favourite eyeshadows. The glitter is highly pigmented but because it’s a liquid eyeshadow it doesn’t have fall out and it lasts all day. I am absolutely loving them both and will 100% be buying more shades. They really catch the eye when worn and when blended well they can be worn as part of an every day look, as well as for special occasions etc.

…So that’s my big spring make-up haul and I’m now broke… but I’m a happy kinda broke because I’ve got enough new make-up to make me a happy lady! Anything you guys think you’d want to try from this list?


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