April 19, 2017

7 Spring Beauty Essentials

I’m so pleased that the weather is finally warming up. I even managed to go out in sandals last week for the first time without my toes feeling so cold and like they’d fall off. It’s a miracle! (I’m always freezing.) Spring brings a bit of a smile to everyone doesn’t it? It brings flowers, blue skies and a bit more optimism than most of us have had in a while thanks to the constant cold and grey clouds of winter. Spring also brings the perfect opportunity to refresh your beauty regime, include some new make-up shades in your collection and it also means there’s a few products you need to start using from a health perspective too. Dang, it’s not easy being a girl right?! 

Having recently had a make-up clear out, and replaced some winter essentials with some spring ones, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to talk about seven of my absolute Spring Beauty Essentials…

1. Sun cream 
Clarins Sun Cream For Face

The first absolute essential for this time of year is a decent facial sun cream. Because I work in an office and spend most of my days indoors, the rest of my skin is mostly underexposed so I don’t worry about full sun cream just yet. But my face gets the most sunshine in spring, and so I make sure I’ve always got a good facial protector in my bag at all times. I prefer 15 SPF because the sun still isn’t strong enough to burn me as I don’t spend long enough in it. But it gives me the reassurance that I’m covered when I need it. This Clarins one is perfect for me because it’s non-oily, and as someone with oily skin – this is absolutely essential. It keeps my face moisturised and nicely protected from the sun without any greasy residue. 

2. For the eyes
Colourpop Eyeshadows

Spring means it’s time to bring in some new colours with regards to make-up. For me I tend to go a little bit warmer and brighter and I’m an absolute sucker for metallic and shimmery eyeshadows. Cool shades tend to be worn less, in favour of something a bit more floral, fun and girlie. I absolutely adore Colourpop eyeshadows anyway – they are some of the best shadows I’ve ever used: the pigmentation is excellent and they’re so cheap at only $5 each. (Minus the shipping *sobs*) Three gorgeous shades I’m loving for spring are Arrow (warm bronze/pink Ultra Glitter finish) and Amaze and Lovely which are both Metallic finish nude shades with high shimmer pigmentation. A few lighter and brighter shades for the eyes are essential for spring.

3. For the lips
Studio 10 Lip Perfecting Gloss

It’s not just the eye make-up that should be updated for spring, but the lips deserve a treat too! I leave behind the reds and dark browns and embrace more pink shades with a brighter kick as the sun begins to shine. I love the colour of the Studio 10 Lip Perfecting Gloss. It’s the perfect universal pink shade for spring that is so versatile it will suit all skin types, but it also acts to plump the lips too – giving you kissable lips as well. Gloss tends to be a finish that I embrace a bit more during the warmer months too, so this ticks every box.

4. For the face 
Too Faced Love Flush Blush

Cheeks too need a flush of pink during spring as the fresh-faced look becomes more of a staple way to wear make-up. I love to go for pink/nudes on my cheeks to give the look of a few hours in the sunshine. The Too Faced Love Flush Blushes are perfect for this time of year for a natural pop of colour with high payoff. Love Hangover is my current shade of choice, it’s a pretty pink and perfect for everyday. And the fact that the compact looks like a Polly Pocket…well, it massively appeals to my inner little girl too!

5. For the lashes 
L’Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara

While you’re updating the make-up wardrobe, why not try one of the big new mascara’s doing the rounds? I’d seen so much about the L’Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara that the change in season gave me the perfect opportunity to give it a go. A double ended mascara – one to lengthen and one to volumise, this mascara is great for first shaping and separating the lashes, then adding the fibres to thicken their appearance. For only £7.99 it’s a good budget mascara that really does thicken the lashes.

6. Make-up brushes
Ecotools Six Piece Starter Set

The new season seems as good a time as any to bring in some new brushes to your make-up application routine. I regularly replace my brushes as they get so much use and I want to get the best out of them, so spring is a great time to bring in some cheeky newbies. I love the Ecotools brushes because they’re a great quality without breaking the bank. The Six Piece Starter Set covers all bases with a face brush, a couple for the eyes and one for the brows – and at approximately £10 it works out at less than £2 a brush for the Ecotools quality, which I’ve written about before because it’s so high. Plus they come in a cute little pouch, which a girl can never have too many of for keeping in her handbag etc.

7. Make-up Remover
Bioderma Make-up Removing Micelle Solution

This has become my make-up removing hero product! I’ve always really relied on baby wipes for removing my make-up, but this has exceeded absolutely everything I’ve ever found in previous make-up removers. Not only does it remove make-up, but it also cleanses and soothes too, while also minimising redness – which is pretty good for a make-up remover, right? And my skin feels absolutely lovely after each use. Plus it removes even the most waterproof of make-up with ease, and is great for all skin types. It’s just under £11 for a 250ml bottle but you only need a couple of make-up pads worth for each use so it lasts for ages.

So those are my seven spring beauty essentials which are perfect for this time of year. Which of these do you think your beauty wardrobe would benefit from being updated with?

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