Top Chick Flicks For The Perfect Night In

When it comes to films, I’m in my absolute element with a good chick flick. Nothing quite beats a night when the boyfriend’s gone out with his friends and I have full control on the TV and the remote. Meaning I can indulge in some of my favourite chick flicks, re-watching them for the millionth time, and still absolutely adoring them. Why is it that boyfriends and husbands can’t stand re-watching films?! Because I for one absolutely love it!

Anyway, the ingredients to the perfect night in include:

Comfy Clothes

I’m talking about fluffy socks, pjs and an extra large and cosy jumper too.


Top choice would be sweet and salty popcorn, ice-cream (cookies and cream, just because) and a good cuppa…and you’re pretty much set.


You obviously need a TV for this night to work out, and the Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic would be a great place to start.

Chick Flicks

And of course the movies! And here’s my top five for the perfect, cosy, girls night in…

The Other Woman – I absolutely adore this film because it’s all about women and solidarity. The sisterhood sticking together regardless of circumstance, and the meaning of true friendship. Plus it’s absolutely hilarious too, so you can’t go wrong. A bit of subtle heart warming, a good giggle and it leaves you with a real appreciation for your own girl friends.

Safe Haven – another key ingredient for a cosy girls night in, is Nicholas Sparks. The master of romance, I’m a HUGE fan of his books and films. I’m basically a sucker for anything he’s written. Safe Haven is an easy watch with a lovely story. It’s totally predictable but ever so romantic and it warms the heart in true chick flick style.

Pitch Perfect – because what chick flick fest would be complete without The Bellas and some serious sing-along opportunities? I absolutely love Anna Kendrick in this film and Rebel Wilson makes it a total giggle fest too. Win/win for the chick-flick fest!

Crazy Stupid Love – because quite frankly any film with Ryan Gosling barely dressed is a winner in my eyes.

The Lucky One – I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist another Nicholas Sparks entry, like I said, I’m absolutely obsessed. The Lucky One also features Zac Efron (phwoar) and has all the key parts of making it another romantic must see: man back from war, falls in love, faces something blocking their relationship and overcomes it with some heartache along the way. But it’s epically romantic.

So those are my top five chick flicks, although it was way harder than I expected narrowing it down…who knew there were just SO many amazing chick flicks?! And remember if you’re planning a cosy night in with a chick flick marathon, and you’re in the market for a new TV to enjoy all your finest films on, then check out the range of Ultra HD 4k TV Pansonic specials…because heart warming, giggle fest’s (and Zac Efron) are always better in HD.

*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own*

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