March 3, 2017

Top Bath and Body Works Scents

I’ve been a self-confessed Bath and Body Works addict for years now. However, it was on my visit to New York last summer where it really went up a gear. I bought as much back with me as I could, then started making regular (huge) orders to cover my addiction. Much to my boyfriend’s annoyance, because our bathroom shelves are filled with my shower gels and body creams and there’s not much room for his stuff now…but hey, a girl can never really have too much Bath and Body Works in her life, right?!

Having tried so many of their scents and religiously sticking to the same ones, after my New York trip, I threw caution to the wind and now just order…well…anything I like the sound of! This means I’ve tried some divine scents and have been able to combine a list of my favourites. Which I hope will help my fellow addicts to try some new scents, as well as help those of you who may not have tried it much (if at all) and are looking for a good place to start. I have to say that the candles are currently my favourites, but I swear by their shower gels and anti-bacs too.

Top Bath and Body Works Candle Scents

1. Toasted Champagne

This candle is currently my first choice, although this does change almost weekly. It’s absolutely stunning and such a feminine and easy scent to be around. With notes of champagne, nectarine and blackcurrant it even sounds divine. I absolutely hate orangey scents, I can’t stand them. So I was dubious about this when I bought it, however I can’t sense any orange at all in this, it’s more like a light perfume champagne scent. I can’t imagine anyone disliking it.

2. Lavender Vanilla

This has always been one of my favourite scents for a candle but Yankee stopped doing it in the UK so I’ve been stumped for a replacement since. This one is gorgeous and it’s a soft way of introducing lavender into your home. I find lavender scents quite overpowering at times, the vanilla in this makes it softer and more gentle so it’s a sweeter alternative to basic lavender candles.

3. Any of the Pumpkin/Sweet range 

Who can resist a candle that’s got the word ‘cupcake’ in it’s name, or any sort of pudding? I wasn’t sure I’d like pumpkin as a scent but these are all sweet with a tiny fruity twist. They’re equally as yummy and I wish I’d got the bigger size in them all!

4. Vanilla Snowflake

This one is an absolute DREAM because it smells like vanilla cookies! It’s soft and gentle with a sweet edge that makes your house smell like you’re baking. It’s very warming too and I find all the vanilla scented Bath and Body Works products to be gentle, without that sickly-sweet element. They’re just so pleasant to have around – and deliciously scented too!

5. Autumn

I was a big fan of the Autumn 2016 ranges, and this was one of my favourites. I had several candles before they stopped selling them, and I’m glad I stocked up! Quite sweet and reminds you of a lovely autumn walk outside – fresh, easy and sweet.

6. Marshmallow Fireside

One purely for the sweet lover in me. This scent is an indoors, cosy afternoon scent. Think fluffy blankets and hot chocolate afternoons in front of your favourite film. It’s got a campfire side to the sweet element of the marshmallow, but it’s not overpowering. If you don’t like sweet scents then you probably won’t like this one, but if you do, you’ll adore it!

Top Bath and Body Works Shower Gel Scents

*Top tip, use the shower gels as bubble baths sometimes for a more luxurious soak!*

1. Sweet Tropical Vanilla

Clearly there’s a slight theme going on here with my love of vanilla! But this shower gel is a mix of warm, tropical, sugary love. No seriously, it’s like sweet vanilla with a hot and tropical twist. It reminds me of beach holidays and the summer. It’s also really musky, which I love.

2. Wildberry & Chamomile

One for the more stressful days. This shower gel is so relaxing and I sometimes use it as a bubble bath to help relax me. It’s fresh and calming and great before bed, but also for starting the day with a clear head. Still feminine and light, with no heaviness at all.

Top Bath and Body Works Body Cream Scents

1. Sugar Plum Swirl

Both of my two favourite body cream scents are from the 2016 Christmas range, mostly because the whole collection was absolutely amazing and I tried most of the scents and wasn’t disappointed at all. Sugar Plum Swirl is sweet and light – with no trace of any Christmassy cinnamon etc – meaning it’s perfect all year round. The body creams are always super luxurious and leave skin feeling really moisturised, but this scent is gorgeous. Very light but long lasting and sweet without being overpowering, and just a hint of bubbly that reminds me of prosecco! 

2. Frosted Coconut Snowball

Another from the Christmas range but this one is just as gorgeous. I love it because it’s sweet and creamy, and the coconut gives it just that edge of fruit without it being a really fruity scent…if that makes sense?! It’s a really easy to wear body cream and the smell is subtle and yet lasting. I can’t rave about it enough, and got it in every product available – hand soap, shower gel, cream etc! (Told you I’m an addict!)

Top Bath and Body Works Anti-Bac Scents

1. Copacabana Coconut 

Probably my number #1 favourite anti-bac scent. It’s sharp and reminds me of citrus and yet the coconut gives it a lovely creamy edge. It’s divine and the scent lasts for ages. It’s refreshing to use and a little goes a long way. I only wish it was easier to get hold of!

2. Champagne Sparkle

If you’ve ever smelt the American ‘grape’ flavoured lip balms, or ‘grape’ flavoured anything, then you’ll know exactly what to expect with this. Although just add a slight fizzy edge (yes, it kinda smells fizzy) and you’ve got it. Very girlie and lovely.

3.Boardwalk Vanilla Cone

Think vanilla cupcakes and sunshine with this one, and you’ve got it. Enough said!

4. Peach Bellini

One of my favourite cocktails to enjoy during the summer, the overwhelming peach scent with this is divine! It’s like fresh peaches all over your hands. It’s a very strong scent, perfect for summer and it’s great if you’re a cocktail lover.

And finally, if these have taken your fancy, but you can’t afford the shipping fees then join THIS Facebook Group for people in the UK who want to buy BBW products here. I get a lot of mine here!

So those are my favourite products and scents, which of these take your fancy, or is your favourite not listed here? (TELL ME SO I CAN TRY! #addict)

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