March 21, 2017

Clinique Fresh Pressed 7 Day Challenge

When it comes to skincare and my daily regime, I love to give new things a go. It’s more like a little challenge that I set myself and the products, to see if they beat my trusty go-to’s that will likely never change. Where I’m loyal to my Holy Grail skincare products, I’m always on the look out for something new to beat my favourites and earn a place on my beauty shelf.

Clinique have just launched their brand new Fresh Pressed range, which instantly appealed to me because you only need to commit to 7 days – which is great because usually it takes 3-4 weeks to see proper results on my skin when trialing something new. So the time-frame appealed to me right away. The second thing that intrigued me was that the whole range has harnessed the full power of vitamin C. Everyone knows the benefits of vitamin C in your diet, and how much better your body functions with a good, regular dose of it. So the idea of a skincare range based upon the same principles was exactly the sort of thing I knew I’d want to try.

The Fresh Pressed system is a two-step process that’s really easy to add to your existing regime. What I like about using it, is that it’s in addition to your normal skincare pattern – not instead of. You don’t need to stop using anything you already use, you just add the two-step system in addition. I did my 7 Day Challenge last week and each day I did the same thing: first you take the once daily sachet of Fresh Pressed Powder and mix with a tiny amount of water. This creates a paste/cream that preps skin for stage two. You then apply to the face, and  found circular motions (keeping away from eyes and mouth) were best. And it smells fresh and non-harsh too. The benefits of the powder alone are that it’s supposed to instantly brighten and retexturise your skin. I used mine in the mornings and found it was a lovely start to my daily skincare regime as my skin felt clear and fresh after use. I usually do my exfoliating and retexturising in the evenings, and just a normal cleanse and tone in the mornings. Using this made my skin feel really fresh and ready for the day ahead.

The second step is the daily booster. A vial applicator which holds pure vitamin C concentrate in an isolated chamber at the top. When you first use the vial this mixes with the emulsion below to create one overall cream full of revitalising ingredients. You mix two drops with your daily moisturiser both in the morning and the afternoon, and voila – your two step regime is complete. And it works in conjunction with your existing regime completely.

In the short term, 7 days is supposed to give you enough results for you to visibly see.  Most noticeably your skin should look brighter, with improved skin tone and over time it’s supposed to be excellent for anti-ageing and reducing lines and wrinkles. As I don’t have any lines or wrinkles (yet!) I was excited to see if my skin would look more radiant and healthy. Especially because since I became pregnant my skin seems to be changing a lot, and I really feel like it’s lacking a bit of life.

By the end of the 7 Day Challenge I was really happy with the results. I found the morning routine really refreshing – it daily left my skin feeling more awake and full of life, definitely getting a big tick for the claims about skin feeling fresher. By the weekend when my 7 days finished, I was genuinely a bit disappointed it was over because I hadn’t expected to be quite so impressed. Although being so vitamin C rich has been a bit of a shock for my skin, and it needed a little break, the brighter skin tone and added fresh-faced feeling is something I absolutely love. I’d highly recommend trying the 7 Day Challenge on a monthly basis as a one week intense treatment for skin (if you’re younger.) And if you’re older, then I can totally see the benefits in using it daily. 

One week after using the Fresh Pressed Collection

The Fresh Pressed range is so well performing that I fully intend to repurchase the set and make it part of my skincare regime – most likely on a monthly basis as a pick-me-up. Now I’ve seen the benefits of vitamin C on the outside, it’s also encouraged me to drink more orange juice and eat more oranges to achieve the same results inside too. So it’s win/win. 

Find out more details and pick up your 7 day kit here.

What do you guys think? Do you like the sound of the Fresh Pressed 7 Day Challenge? And is it something you’d like to try?

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  1. Marcela says:

    Hello! did you used it while pregnant?

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