Clinique Crayola Collection

I’m diving right in with this one because it’s official: the Clinique Crayola Collection is the most fun you’ll have with a chubby stick all year. 

When I heard about the collection, I was excited. When I saw the collection, I was excited. When it arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas. Because, well, I love it when brands go quirky and fun with their collections. And what could be more fun than the colouring pencils we all loved as kids? Crayola were the pencils you really wanted to have in your pencil case. They were the best pencil crayons by far and you felt the bees knees if you turned up to school with them. They out-did the boring alternatives by miles and made you try harder with your colouring in. Well, quite frankly, the Clinique Collection does exactly the same thing – it makes you feel excited to use them, you get them out of your make-up bag in the toilets and feel a thrill when you get a comment about them, and you feel like the bees knees when you’re wearing them. And of course – they make colouring in (your lips) that much more fun.

(My little boy got involved in this blog post and coloured the picture shown in matching Crayola shades!)

The range consists of moisturising lip colour balms in seven shades and three other shades in an intense version. (The intense moisturising lip colour balms.) Meaning that there’s ten shades overall, and they’re all on the pink/berry/red spectrum, making them perfect for spring and summer when a pop of colour is absolutely essential. What I love about the range is that all but one of the shades is colour matched and name matched to an actual Crayola shade. Pretty cute huh? And to take things one step further the packaging and the chubby stick tubes themselves are all spot-on for the Crayola branding too.

The Clinique Chubby Sticks have long since been highly regarded in beauty, and chubby sticks overall have made a big impact in make-up over the last few years. Meaning this collab is perfectly suited in my opinion. As a balm based lip product, they’re intensely moisturising, thanks to the mango and shea butter ingredients, which leave your lips feeling well nourished when you’re wearing them. They glide on withe ease, blend in a lovely way and have a good colour pay off too.

Shades: Wild Strawberry, Melon and Pink Sherbert

The intense balms have the highest colour pay off, and they’re all slightly darker shades – more berry shades. Plus they look like they have more of a matte finish than the others, so you expect them to be more intense. They’re great lipstick alternatives thanks to the depth of shade and have the added bonus of feeling moisturising too.

But it’s the normal moisturising lip colour balms that have won my heart in a big way. Mostly because the finish on the sticks is absolutely gorgeous. There are shades from sheer to intense in colour payoff, meaning you’ll find one to suit you – guaranteed. Plus they each have a small amount of shimmer to add a creamy, moisturised (non-matte) finish that gives the lips dimension. Which is why they’re spring lip essentials.

Shades: Wild Strawberry, Melon and Pink Sherbert

I literally can’t fault the Clinique Crayola Chubby Sticks. Everything about the range made me fall in love with them from afar, and using them is even better. They’re simple to apply, glide on effortlessly, they’re perfect for keeping in your handbag and they combine the best features of a lip balm and a moisture rich lipstick – in one. There’s differing levels of colour payoff in the shades, meaning there is bound to be a colour to suit everyone. And the novelty of having the ‘grown up girls’ Crayola pencil is not a notion that’s lost on me. (I love it!) The sticks are £17.50 each and are available from the Clinique website. Check out the shades here.

So, what do you guys think? Do you love the look of them as much as me? And will you be investing in a Crayola for your make-up bag?

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