5 Make-Up Products That I Won’t Be Rebuying

I’m such a huge make-up fan that I get through a huge amount of the stuff. I’m obsessed with trying new products and seeing if they out-perform current favourites, and I’m basically just a self confessed make-up hoarder. 

That means that over time I’ve found some amazing products (both high-end and drugstores brands) that I swear by and love to recommend to others. But that also means that once in a while, I find something that doesn’t quite work out for me. Generally speaking I know my skin type and I know what works for me and what doesn’t. This means I’ll rarely go as far as to purchase something if it’s unlikely to work for me, so fortunately I don’t make as many buying mistakes as I used to! However there have been some that stand out and after being requested on Twitter, I’ve written this blog post because you guys asked for it! 

My disappointment when something doesn’t work out is always the same, no matter what the product. And these five genuinely make me a bit gutted that they didn’t work, because I had such high hopes for them all. But as much as I love to share with you all the things I love and happily recommend, sometimes I guess you guys want to know about the products on the other side of the coin. So you guys asked, and here it is: the make-up products that I won’t be rebuying…

Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Foundation

I feel like such a traitor saying this, because Tarte are one of my favourite make-up brands and I have a LOT of their products in my collection. Some of which are daily staples in my make-up bag. However this foundation was a big disappointment for me. I had heard so many people raving about it, that when my last foundation ran out, it was a no brainer that I’d be buying it. And I all but expected it to become my everyday foundation without a second thought. Mostly because I used the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation for years, and loved it. 

However this foundation is not what I expected. I wrongly assumed it would be high coverage – it’s not. You can layer it up for a fuller coverage look, but it’s a very liquid consistency, very thin and watery. It applies with a brush wonderfully though, and the first few hours are nice when wearing it. However it’s more of a dewy finish – whereas I go for matte. I had to use a mattifying powder on top of this from the very beginning to get the coverage I wanted. On top of that, after a few hours it goes really patchy. Really patchy. Admittedly I have oily skin, but I do expect more than a few hours wear before the oil causes patchiness. It just doesn’t stay on your skin very well, or very long and by the end of the day it looks flipping awful around the nose, chin and forehead. I got half way through the bottle before I gave up with mine, and there’s no way I’d be tempted to give it a go again. I’m really sad about this because I genuinely expected to adore it!

NYX Lip Cream and Butter Gloss

I really, really wanted to like these products. When NYX launched in Boots last year, I was super excited to make my first ever NYX purchase, and these two lip products were some of the first bits I got. The colours looked lovely when swatched, and again, I’d heard great things about them (although admittedly that was mostly about the cult lip Lingerie range.) Sadly though, despite the colours being lovely when worn, there is absolutely zero staying power. The Lip Cream is shade Istanbul, a nice rose pink. But it doesn’t even last an hour without disappearing, let alone withstand drinking or eating – which is not what you expect from a matte lip product. With so many wonderful matte products on the market, both high-end and drugstore, I was hoping for a lot more. The Butter Gloss was the same and although you don’t expect gloss to last as long, it was sticky in texture and had zero staying power. So it was a no from me.

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara

Another product I’d read some really interesting reviews on was Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara. Again I was due a new one as my old one had run out, so it seemed like a great opportunity to give this a go. It’s a Japanese product, and I’d read reviews about how they would hold and curl even the thickest of Asian lashes (which are usually wonderfully thick but quite straight.) So I expected it to work for me. Sadly even the figure eight shaped brush was disappointing. The texture of the mascara is lovely and thick, but it’s not curling at all, it doesn’t give much hold and although it will coat your lashes in a great colour, that’s pretty much all it’s going to do.

MAC Lipstick – Twig

I love a good MAC lippie. I’m a sucker for them actually, and I can rarely walk past a MAC store or stand and walk away without buying a new one (or two.) My latest treat was a satin lipstick in shade Twig, which is a plum rose colour. Considering I’ve been so poorly recently that I’m uber pale, I don’t know why I didn’t cotton-on in the shop, but when I got it home it was just too darn dark. *SOBS* I wanted a pretty rose pink but somehow my eyes must have tricked me when I tried it on in the shop because it’s just simply too dark for me. I’ve tried everything to lighten it, even using a top coat in a metallic finish to create more of an ombre lip look. But to no avail. It’s just not my colour. If you like your pink lipsticks verging on plum red, then you’ll love it. But sadly it’s just not for me, so I wouldn’t be rebuying.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer

I don’t often use concealer anyway, but this used to be my go-to concealer of choice. However after a few months I found that everything I loved about it, was actually a bit of a downfall. Loving full coverage make-up, I was seriously amazed at the consistency of this when I tried it for the first time. It’s SO thick. The thickest concealer I’ve ever tried or seen. Great – I thought. But actually it’s too thick, it’s impossible to blend and sits on top of the skin. Yes it’s got serious staying power – it doesn’t budge, but it’s not got a matte finish, so where it sits on your skin, it creates a wet looking blotch, that can’t be blended and just doesn’t do anything. Great for covering things up (like blemishes) but if you can’t blend it with the rest of your make-up, then what’s the point? Boo.

So, there you have it – five products I won’t be rebuying. And it genuinely makes me a little bit sad writing this because I feel like such a traitor to these products! Whereas I’m sure some people have had great experiences with these, they just haven’t worked for me…

Which make-up products have been a disappointment to you recently? Or have you had a better experience with one of these than I have?

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