February 18, 2017

Top 10 Blog Photo Props & Where To Buy Them

When it comes to blog imagery, your props go a long way. Whether you like to have a more natural, styled look with lots of props, or keep things simple with just a few key pieces – both (and the in-between) are reliant on some versatile objects that can be re-used a lot. The difficulty is finding the right sort of products, the right household items to fit with your blog, your style of photo and also finding something that can be used indefinitely without making your images look too samey. So because of that, I’ve put together a list of my top ten blog photo props, and to make it easy, I’ve also listed exactly where you can buy them too.

Some of the products are stereotypically so blogger, but hey, if you are a blogger then it’s kinda expected – and okay!  

1. Dried Flowers

One of my fail-safe props is without a doubt, my dried flowers. I used to have one small selection in pink and one in white. Now I have a lot more to help with all the different colour schemes I use in my photographs – both for the blog and Instagram. I’ve got all shapes and sizes, pre-arranged versions and loose, single stems. I recommend you buy them from places like TK Maxx and actually local supermarkets too. If you don’t have to keep your blog spending under wraps you’ll find amazing selections in Marks and Spencer, and some lovely loose and single stems from Hobbycraft. But for budget friendly I recommend TK Maxx and the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

2. Cinema Light Box

These are really nifty for blog photos because not only do they act as a prop, they also give you the ability to say something – whether it’s the brand name, product type or blog post title. Which means they’re uber versatile and easy to style to fit every type of photo. They look really cool too, and I love how much of a comeback they’ve made recently. I have a small (tiny) version which cost £12.99 from New Look and includes a tonne of letters. And a bigger, three line size from Heidi Swapp – but this one does mean you have to buy everything else separately, so shop around and you’ll find cheaper options with letters included. (New Look also stock bigger sizes for approx £19.99)

3. Flooring and Wallpaper Samples

This is a big one for me because I live in a rented house with dark wood floors and dark carpet. Meaning that my floors are not ideal for blog photos. So what to do when you can’t make the old white washed floorboards happen in reality? Fake it! Go to your local Homebase and B&Q and get some wallpaper samples along with samples of the laminate flooring (they are usually only £2 each and you’ll only need 6 ish for a good amount of space) and you’ll suddenly find yourself with a nice little stockpile of different flooring textures and colours to base your photos and layouts on.

4. Fairy Lights

What would I do without my fairy lights for my photos? I genuinely have no idea because I use mine in all of my photos now – even if just hanging in the background. I recommend Primark for the basics because they’re only £1.50 and you can get a huge amount of colours from natural and white light to pink and blue. I also recommend Primark for bigger, more funky lights that look great as props based on their shape. These Hexagon Frame Lights are perfect for gold based images – and they’re only £6.

5. Notebooks

Stationery is another no-brainer for me. The likes of Paperchase and Bando have some gorgeous designs that I love splurging on from time to time. But notebooks especially have a firm place in my heart for blog photo props. The ones with a quote, or wording on the front are perfect and I re-use them time and time again on my Instagram photos and never feel they get tired looking. I obviously don’t use them for writing though – just to keep them prestine! The best selection I’ve actually found is from the supermarkets believe it or not – mostly because they’ll have a whole collection dedicated to the same style so you can pick up matching accessories for a tiny price. Tesco, Sainsbury’s and even Wilco’s are best.

6. Make Up Brushes

These are always key essentials for blog photos if you’re a beauty blogger like me! They’re tools of the trade right…so kinda important to have in your photos. I get so many spares kindly sent to me as gifts, as samples and also through extras like Christmas Crackers, free with magazines and things like that. They don’t need to be branded brushes, or even big brushes. The best one’s I’ve used are some unbranded, skinny brushes that I got from a beauty cracker at Christmas. Think budget brushes and you’ll be able to pick up a small selection from Superdrug or Primark for a couple of quid.

7. Make-Up

With that said, it’s not just make-up brushes that are important. No, it’s also make-up itself that’s a great blog prop. My current favourite is the Make Up Obsession palettes. They’re fully customisable so you can pick your own colours to match the style of photo that you go for. The pans are only £2 each and the case only slightly more than that, so for £10 you’ve got a perfect palette that will always look new and untouched. You can pick them up from your local Boots.

8. Phone

This one won’t cost you anything extra at all. You can have your blog on screen, your Instagram page, or any product or brand website. Meaning you can reinforce whatever tone or message you’re trying to give through your photos and blog post. It doesn’t cost you any extra but here’s the BIG tip – make sure you take down the brightness to the minimum level so that when you lighten the photos they match the same level and don’t come out overblown.

9. Tea Cups

I’m a tea cup hoarder. I have multiple mugs, cups and tea cups and saucers. These are also perfect for blog props because you’ll likely have them laying around the house. If you fancy treating yourself to a new one, the bloggers favourite alphabet mugs from Bombay Duck London are £14.95 and perfect for treating yourself to your favourite brew – and for photographing too!

10. Books

Books make great background props. I like to use my books to reinforce my tone. I like to think of myself as a bit of a feminist, even if I’m a pants one. That means that I like to show off books like Girl Boss and Girl With A Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. Books are great because they fill space in your background, and you’ll have loads laying around at home.

So those are my top ten blog photo props, which do you think you’ll adding to your prop library?

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