February 8, 2017

My Annual Skin Detox With Natural Spa Factory

My skin is changing a lot at the moment and I’ve gone from having an amazing skin month, to break outs, dry patches and oily areas – all in one. It’s been a bit of a skin roller coaster! The problem with changing skin types is that they’re hard to treat and combat with a standard regime because each area of your face needs a different type of care. Because of this I decided that January was my time for a skin detox – which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I try to do one a year, for a full month, which basically means that within that time frame I abandon my trusty skincare staples and replace with a new regime to detox my face. I almost always go for something natural – just because by the time I reach the need for a detox, natural feels better than anything else…Wouldn’t really be a detox otherwise would it?!

I was fortunate enough that the lovely folks at the Natural Spa Factory had sent me their Illuminate Spa Gift Set at the end of last year. I’d previously tried one of their stunning face masks and absolutely loved it – my skin felt amazing for days afterwards and so I knew that they’d be a good little selection of products for my 2017 Skin Detox.

The set includes a gel cleanser, an illuminating toner, an illuminating moisture cream and an illuminating facial polish. Considered their hero product range, each product contains 15ml inside, so I found I would have needed a little more for a full month detox, but I got between 2-3 weeks from each item. The reasons I went with this natural range above others I know of is because it contains rice bran oil, which is proven to be one of the best anti-oxidents for skin protection. Perfect for a detox, each product also contains alpine notes, as well as subtle notes of white flower and vanilla – which meant there was no nasty, lingering smell. Each of the four products smelt light and fresh, which is a bonus for me because I can’t stand skincare that’s got a heavy scent. Basically it ticks every box for natural skincare, that’s perfect for a detox.

During my time using the set my skin went through a variety of reactions. At first, my breakouts got worse, but that happens pretty much every time I use something new on my skin. I find good quality daily skincare should create some sort of response on your skin at first – after all, for me during my detox, I wanted all the dirt and nastiness clogging my pores to be pulled to the surface and removed. What’s the point otherwise?

After this settled down, my skin felt gloriously soft and my cheeks really looked more radiant. The apples of my cheeks especially saw the most benefit as they cleared quickly and the increase of natural ingredients meant they looked plump and full. It was a lovely and healthy little glow that remains now, even a few weeks afterwards.

Another great thing about the detox was that the dry skin on my chin (a winter problem spot for me) was laid to rest quite quickly. After only a few days, the dry patch had gone and I feel like that part of my face is more nourished than usual at this time of year. This was another big tick for my little skincare detox.

I’ve now used up all four products and returned to my normal regime. My skin has definitely seen the benefits of using these natural treats and even now I feel like I’ve retained that extra bit of radiance in my cheeks. I find gift sets like the Illuminate Spa Gift Set to be the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little pamper or detox because you get everything you need to cover all your bases. 

Would you consider a skin detox, and if so, what sort of products would you try?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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