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Considering that the vast majority of my make-up comes from counter and premium brands, I’m still never able to resist the buzz and hype that seems to grow continuously around the drugstore brands these days. It seems that these said ‘drugstore’ brands are battling that little bit harder for their slice of the beauty market, and as a result there have been some pretty nifty products to hit shelves recently. Being a self confessed make-up snob, I thought this year would be a great time to delve into these brands a little bit more, and if nothing else, it would make great comparison posts between high-end and drugstore products! So I’m starting with Rimmel and what’s new from them in the first of my Budget Beauty posts. 

The first product would be the Rimmel 15th Anniversary Collection Lipstick by Kate, which celebrates 15 years between the brand and model. The lipstick comes in six shades – all nudes or red’s (Kate’s favourites apparently) and they’re very reasonably priced at £6.49 each. I’m loving the nude shades the most and the colour pay-off is excellent. It’s quite creamy, so needs regular touch-ups but the nude shades have been absolutely nailed with this range. Definitely better than some more premium brands I’ve splurged on.

The next would be the Kate Scultping Palette – which I was super excited to try. Mostly because I’ve seen GREAT things about it online, with people raving about how good the powders are. For only £6.99 (yes, you read that right – a whole cheek palette for under a tenner!) you get three shades – a highlighter, a shading powder and a blush. Each is a lovely universal shade that will work with most skin tones and make it easy to define and contour. The only down side is that there is a *slight* (and I mean, slight) edge of shimmer to the face powders. This is something I’ve come to expect in budget beauty face powders, but I prefer the all matte look on my face, so overdose on shimmer isn’t for me. That said – for £6.99, I’d 100% re-buy this palette because for the price, the powders are light, easy to blend and great to work with. Even with a slight shimmery edge.

Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness, so trying out the new Magnif’eyes palette was a lot of fun. In fact, an 8 shade palette for only £7.99 sounded like a budget beauty dream. There’s three palettes to pick between, and I’ve got the Nudes Calling version, which is the most amazing dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. The shades are on the rosey-pink end of the nude spectrum, which really does give the Naked 3 a run for it’s money. The shimmer shades are the best, although the mattes aren’t bad either. The shimmers have a high intensity colour payoff, which really impressed me. The shadows themselves are all quite creamy in texture, which works well for blending and needing little on the brush to achieve full colour depth. Although there is some powder fall out when used. The mattes need a bit more work to build up, but for £7.99 and being an almost perfect Urban Decay dupe – I recommend snapping it up immediately.

I’m not capable of creating that perfect winged eyeliner much, so I tend to stick to budget brands for my liquid eyeliner products. That’s why one of the new Rimmel goodies I’ve adored is the Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Liner. £5.29 and it’s got a really simple and easy to use applicator, that makes even those who fail at winged eyeliner (me) able to give it a good go. It’s smudge proof and lasts all day with a deep colour that’s perfect for outlining too. This one was a big hit for me.

Last up was the Wonder’full mascara. Now, my review for this was going to be pretty poor unfortunately. I tried it multiple times and wasn’t particularly impressed at all. I’ve got long lashes that start thick and thin out at the ends. Meaning it’s a pain to lift them due to the base weight, but really easy to make them curl. I felt this did neither and just felt a bit nothing-y. HOWEVER, after persevering I realised that you can get a really great look from this mascara with some effort. The only downside is that you need a gazillion layers to achieve it. For me, I’ve always used premium mascara’s because you only need a few coatings and you’re done. However with this I needed to spend a good five minutes doing my lashes to get the look I wanted. When I did, I was seriously impressed – and the lift lasted almost all day without need for touch ups. The feather-light formula (with argan oil) explains the nothing-y feeling that means you can’t get away with anything less than a hell of a lot of coats. It’s disappointing, because if the formula was thicker, this mascara would genuinely rival everything else I’ve tried and loved in the mascara stakes… Sadly I don’t have a full five minutes every morning to spend on my lashes, (thanks to the school run) so even at only £7.99 it’s not the mascara for me. But if you like light and simple mascara, then you might find this works better for you.

So overall I was pretty impressed with this set of Budget Beauty goodies – the Kate Sculpting Palette, the lipstick and the eyeshadows all fair as good products in my opinion, with the eyeliner going as far as a big ole’ gold star and excellent rating. The only product I didn’t enjoy was the mascara but everything else was pretty impressive and I was seriously impressed with the quality based on the price point. If you’re looking for some new budget beauty bits, then I recommend giving some of these a whirl.

What do you guys think – do any of these Rimmel goodies take your fancy?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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