Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

This year has been the year of the eyeshadow palettes. Brands have absolutely knocked it out of the park when it comes to their eyeshadow palettes this year, and I for one am loving it! Eyeshadow palettes are probably my favourite piece of make-up. Bar none. I love them. All. I love them all. So this year has seen my collection grow multiple times over with the arrival of some seriously outstanding palettes. One of which is the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette.

For me, Urban Decay set the precedence when it comes to eyeshadow. Probably the first brand I used as a teenager whose shadows were high quality and high performing – since then they’ve continued to be some of my staple shades. The quality is the standard by which I judge all others on too. They’re the original high quality to me, and always will be. So when the Full Spectrum Palette landed on my doorstep, I was clapping my hands with glee.

Not like the last few Urban Decay palettes I’ve had, this one is as far as you can get from the Naked palettes! Full Spectrum is BRIGHT! It’s bold, lively and full of colour. I’ve genuinely never owned a palette with a colour spectrum like this – and I absolutely adore it. It’s bought a whole new colour dimension to my make-up palette collection – adding some much needed life into a predominantly neutral, warm toned set of palettes…even the packaging is a little bit different. It’s another thing Urban Decay have knocked out of the park this year – their packaging – phew-ee. It’s all been beautiful.

So the Full Spectrum Palette features 21 shades, 18 of which are brand new and exclusive to this palette. It’s also UD’s biggest ever palette – which shows it’s something pretty special indeed. With colours from pinks and red, through greens and yellows, right up to blue and purple, the palette creates a huge amount of options for those who love to experiment with a pop of colour on their lids.

In between the 21 shades, there’s a mixture of mattes and shimmers which combined with the sheer amount of colour options, means that you can create a huge amount of looks with this one palette. To help the application process there is also a huge mirror in the compact, along with a lovely and soft double ended brush.

As with all Urban Decay shadows, the pigmentation is excellent. It’s high quality, thick and rich in texture – and perfect for blending and shading. There’s little fall-out and the lasting power is immense when used with a primer too. So it gets top marks on the performance front as well.

Not for the faint hearted, the Full Spectrum Palette isn’t your average palette. It’s colours are bold and rich, and it’s high performance qualities mean that the colours you see are the exact colours you’ll get on your lids. So if you shy away from colour, this probably isn’t the palette for you. However if you like to rock the pop-of-colour look, and step out of your comfort zone once in a while, then this is exactly the palette that you want to be asking Santa for this year.

Would the Full Spectrum be a palette that would fit in your make-up collection? If so, which of the shades would you use most?

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