Mac Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection

Oh how excited I’ve been to write this post! I’ve always been a huge MAC fan, and their recent limited edition collections have been pretty impressive to say the least. Personal favourites this past year include the Ellie Goulding Collaboration and the Vibe Tribe collection, both of which are firm favourites in my make-up bag. However the MAC collection to beat all others has arrived – it’s the Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection, and I am in love with it all.

Unsurprisingly, the products are selling out fast, with several pieces now being completely sold out and difficult to find. However it’s easy to see why – everything in the range appeals to the inner beauty addict and MAC lover. From the gorgeous packaging, to the variation of products, right through to the beautiful, sweet inspired shades. I honestly think it’s the best MAC Collection yet – bar none.

The packaging is so distinctive that you only need to share a picture of it’s statement pink and purple sweet loving colours with gold trim and everyone knows which range you’re talking about. It’s been designed with the girlie-girls in mind, and I couldn’t be happier. The colours of the packaging make the little girl in me so excited, and if the packaging can do that, then the products were always set to surpass expectation as well.

Featuring everything from individual eyeshadows, nail varnish, lipsticks, lip liners and blushers, the collection also has some swoon-worthy Gift Sets and Kits too. Which just so happen to be excellent value for money, pretty and equally as appealing as everything else in the range… The whole collection is going to make you want to throw away your entire make-up collection just to replace it with this.

As mentioned, some products sold out pretty fast – and the Sweet Copper Face Compact was one of these. (If you don’t believe me, look on eBay to see the crazy prices these are now selling for!) This beautiful compact is encased in the trademark pink and purple packaging with gold trim, and features a mirror on the inside for easy application. The copper toned palette features a rich, warm-toned blush in a demi-matte finish. It’s got a rich and intense colour payoff that means a little goes a long way and because it’s peach toned it will work with a huge amount of skintones.

The other part of the compact is the Beautiful Dimension Skinfinish powder which is a shimmery golden warm toned highlighting powder. As with all MAC highlighting powders this is rich in texture and feels very high quality. The pigmentation is excellent and the shimmer payoff is seriously intense – for fantastic looking cheekbones. This compact is probably my top pick of the whole collection, and I can see why everyone wants it.

Next up on my trial list was the Magic Dust Powder in shade Sweet Vision. Let’s just take a moment to swoon over this powder shall we…

Yep, this is seriously eye-catching. An ultra-fine, light catching powder, this combines the need for individual blush and highlight. A subtle peach/pink with a pop of colour and a golden shimmer, it’s perfect for pale and cool skin tones. The powder itself feels rich and creamy, and has a high shimmer and colour payoff – exactly the sort of quality that I rely on from MAC. Easy to apply and it blends in perfectly with it’s lightweight ability to sit on the skin nicely without feeling like it’s clogging pores, it’s another product in the range which is easy to understand why it’s selling out fast.

Moving on to the lips now, my favourite lipstick in the collection is Kingdom of Sweets. This playful pale pink lipstick has cool lilac undertones which means it’s a really different kind of shade for me. But I love it! It’s got the cool theme of Christmas in that shade, along with the sweet fun of the range. Who knew a lipstick shade could show so much hey?! But this Cremesheen soft milky pink lipstick is adorable and I feel like it embodies everything a Christmas limited edition lipstick should – it’s different, fun, quirky and not something you’d usually go for. But you adore it because it’s special.

Not only are there these gorgeous individuals, as I mentioned there’s some seriously gorgeous looking sets to ask Santa for this year. Personal favorites of mine would be the Lip Gloss Kits, the Sweet Plum Eye Bag and the Basic Brush Kit. All of which I’m asking Santa to leave under my tree this year!

The MAC Nutcracker Collection is available in stores and online now, but be quick, it’s selling out fast and I can guarantee that it’s going to be one of those gorgeous ranges that you kick yourself for missing out on. So maybe you could give Santa a hand and leave one or two (or three) of the Nutcracker goodies under your own tree.

Which would be your favourites from the Nutcracker Sweet Holiday collection?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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