December 29, 2016

December Favourites

With Christmas now done and dusted for another year, the turkey leftovers just about finished and the presents have almost found their way from the lounge where they were unwrapped, to their new homes in the rest of the house, it seems like December is just about over… So with the festive season just about wrapped up (see what I did there?!) it was time to wrap up my December Favourites too. And with some pretty cool products gracing the list this month, I’ve been excited to showcase some of my monthly favourite’s…

Pippa For Blank Canvas Palette

I have been desperate to try some Blank Canvas make-up for a while now. I’ve used their brushes before (I think I got one in a Glossybox last year) but they’ve got a couple of limited edition palettes that look so pretty, so I was excited to see if the Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette would perform as highly as hoped. Containing 6 eyeshadows, one blush, one highlighter and one contour powder, it’s an everyday face palette with some major versatility in it’s shades. All of the eyeshadows are nude-ish shades, with a range of dark through to light, meaning you can create a variety of looks, as well as vamp up the smokey eye for the evenings too. The cheek shades themselves are spot on for me as a pale skinned person – a peach coloured blush, light pink highlight and a contour powder that’s not too dark. Meaning it really is a great palette for everyday use – and for keeping in your handbag for touch ups.

Quality-wise the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is nice. It’s not the best I’ve ever used (it’s hard to beat ABH and Urban Decay), but it’s easy to apply with a nice soft texture that blends reasonably well too. The colour payoff is gentle – perfect for natural looking make-up days, but it’s also buildable, so you can create deeper colours when you add a few more layers. Which to me means it’s a great little addition to make-up collections for all manner of personal make-up styles, from barely there, to show stopping. The face powders are absolutely lovely to use and wear, and I love the shades because they’re perfect for me. The highlighter isn’t too glitzy, perfect for subtle cheekbones that catch the light. Overall a lovely little palette that I’ve absolutely loved having in my handbag this month. Join the waiting list for the February restock here.

Big Sexy Hair – Get Layered Flash Dry Thickening Hairspray

Hair wise I’ve been trying out a couple of new products this month and the first was this thickening hair spray from Sexy Hair. Having thin hair I’m always intrigued to see if thickening products actually work because if they do, I’m likely to become their biggest fan. This hair spray is designed to add volume and thickness while also being a quick drying hairspray. In fact it’s so quick that Sexy Hair say it’s the fastest drying hairspray around – and I can vouch for this, it’s dry almost as soon as it touches my roots.

It’s got a really firm hold too – my concern had been that with it focussing on being fast drying, and thickening, it might not actually hold up that well as a hairspray… But I needn’t have worried because it offers a nice firm hold, that worked well with my fine hair, as it didn’t overload it or weigh it down. For £15.99 I was expecting BIG results – my usual hairspray costs less than a fiver, but this is well worth the investment. Not just a hairspray, it genuinely works nicely as a styling product too – I tend to spritz some over my dry hair, ruffle up for the volume and lift that it does give effortlessly – then add a second coating for hold. That’s how I’ve found it gives best results. As a person with thin hair, products that get applied to wet hair mean they can weigh my locks down, so this is a fantastic alternative. I’ve also been loving the Magi:Bobbles too. Both big favourites this month. 

Feel Unique Beauty Tools Cracker

I’m a sucker for all things Christmas and it seems that it’s not just beauty advent calendars that are getting bigger and bigger each year. Nope, now it’s crackers too. Which I couldn’t be more excited about! This one from Feel Unique was a wonderful surprise and I absolutely loved it. Gorgeously patterned, it featured some lovely little treats inside for less than £10 (it retailed for £9.99 I think) – inside was a set of mini eye brushes – and they’re actually really lovely to use. It also had a sparkly nail file (which I am always in need of!) and a Feel Unique make-up sponge too. It’s safe to say that there were no naff cracker treats on my Christmas table this year thanks to these crackers! I’ll be snapping them up again next year without a doubt.

Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas 2016 Nail Varnish and Lip Gloss

One brand I’ve loved trying more from this year is Paul & Joe. Their make-up is lovely and I’m a big fan of their quirky and unique packaging, with collections that aren’t like anything else on the market. Their Christmas 2016 Collection was no different, and I was fortunate enough to try two of their nail varnishes and a lip gloss. The nail varnishes are a lovely, light texture that has brilliant colour pay-off. I tried shades 019 and 017 which are a bright festive red (my favourite) and a dark navy black shade. 

The Lip Gloss I tried was 004 and is a coral pink. A lush glossy texture, it’s not too sticky and looks lovely on it’s own or as a lip topper over deeper coloured matte lipsticks. As I’ve got used to with Paul & Joe make-up, the products all perform really well and I am totally in love with the gorgeous packaging – it was perfect for Christmas. 

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm

Another product I’ve wanted to try for ages, after I’ve seen so many refer it as their Holy Grail product, the Dr Paw Paw Original Balm was something I was super excited to get my mitts on finally.  I can’t believe how much this all-in-one balm can offer! Yes, it’s designed for lips as a hydrating and healing balm – and it works very well at making mine feel softer and healthier. (I recommend this before using matte liquid lipsticks as it’s a perfect lip primer to prevent your lips feeling dry) But it can also be used on annals, cuticles and dry hands and cracked heels too. Dr Paw Paw say it can also be used on insect bits and on minor cuts too – but fortunately I haven’t had to try it that way yet!

Overall it’s a really thick cream like texture which instantly turns to an almost liquid texture on contact with lips/skin. It’s quite surprising how quickly it transforms from one consistency to another! But I can see why so many people swear by it because it’s an absolute handbag essential. I do use mine mostly for my lips, but with how many other things it can help with, I’ll make sure it’s always in my handbag from now on. 

Ghost Whitelight Set

Ghost takes me back to my teenage years and I remember getting a bottle every Christmas, so when the new Whitelight fragrance set landed with two gorgeous matching nail varnishes, I was a little bit curious to re-live my youth! The fragrance itself is different to the original, but still has that musky edge that I’ve come to associate with Ghost fragrances. It’s got middle notes of jasmine and rose, with  base notes of patchouli, vanilla and amber – which is where it gets it’s musky edge from. It’s very feminine, delicate and not overpowering – and the set is excellent value at only £18.99. One i’ve enjoyed keeping in my bag for a mid-day spritz at work between meetings.

Evolve Organic Beauty

I’ve been trying out a new skincare brand this month, and it’s called Evolve Organic Beauty. Evolve call themselves natural skincare artisans, and their products are all hand made with natural oils and ingredients. I have to say that the three products I’ve been trying all smell divine – which is one of my favourite things about natural beauty products. My favourite of the three products I’ve been trying has to be, without doubt, the Radiant Glow Mask. Containing raw cacao and coconut, somehow it smells like chocolate! It’s got a grainy texture that buffs skin as an exfoliating mask, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. A 30ml pot only costs £11, so it’s worth trying, especially because there’s absolutely no nasties in it what-so-ever. I also recommend their Miracle Facial Oil too for some post Christmas detox regimes! 

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum and Strengthening Oil

As I mentioned, I’ve been trying several hair products this month and these absolutely amazing goodies from Grow Gorgeous have been another big hit. My hair hasn’t ever felt as nourished and cared for as it has done since I started using this two product combination. First I’ve been using the Hair Growth Serum, which is supposed to create density, fullness and thickness. I’m only about 30 days in to the recommended 90 day cycle, but so far I’m loving how much thicker my hair feels from the root. I apply 20 drops to my hair before bed…which means going to bed on greasy, oily feeling hair, but because I wash my hair in the mornings, this isn’t a problem for me. You massage into the scalp and as long as you do this for 2-3 months, you’ll be on your way to thicker hair! 

Because my hair is so thin, I’ve also been using the Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil too. This works to strengthen the fibres of your hair and prevent split ends. As I’m growing my hair out, this has been a huge help at maintaining the ends of my locks, and between these two products I can honestly say my hair hasn’t ever felt this good. I’m so impressed with these two serums that now I can’t wait to try their Shampoo & Conditioners too.

So that’s it for myDecember Favourites – I hope you’ve found some new products that capture your intrigue? Let me know which you like the sound of the most!

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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