December 30, 2016

Beauty Pie – The New Make Up Buying Revolution?

Rewind to mid-December and the most stunning black box landed on my doorstep. Wrapped in matching bow, the embossed top simply said ‘Beauty Pie’ – the only clue as to what was inside. Like opening a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift, I took care in revealing the contents, unsure of what I’d find. Inside was a gorgeous array of beauty essentials in simple packaging and some information which I was intrigued by straight away… 

I’d never heard of Beauty Pie, which I quickly realised was because it’s a brand new take on how to buy beauty. In fact, it only launched just before Christmas. However, unlike the launches of other newbies in the beauty world, all who mimic the likes of a toddler learning to walk, Beauty Pie has Marcia Kilgore as the brains behind it. She’s also been the brains behind the likes of Soap & Glory, Bliss Spa and Soaper Duper. So there’s experience behind Beauty Pie that means they’ve already found their feet. And with the likes of Vogue and The Telegraph already talking about their brand, it seems they’ve learnt to run as well as walk already.

But what is Beauty Pie?

Well, quite simply, it’s a new luxury beauty brand that’s products cost an absolute fraction of the price – but without scraping on quality. Considering that most make-up products are manufactured in the same factories, and the ingredients are always relatively similar (did you know there’s only approximately eight ingredients in mascara and lipstick anyway?) Beauty Pie have gone direct to these factories and secured the products at prices you wouldn’t believe. No seriously, you won’t. Not only that but they offer complete transparency in their pricing. In fact, in the literature I was sent on the brand, they actually break down the cost of their £2.29 lipsticks – yes, £2.29 for a luxury quality lipstick! With the product and packaging costing £1.66, safety and testing costing 8p, warehousing costing 17p and VAT at 38p…they’re ensuring the customer gets sheer transparency in every purchase. You know what you’re paying for.

How does it work?

Well for starters, they’ve shaved costs where possible, so for now Beauty Pie is an online source of beauty purchasing only. The shades of lipstick and foundation are also on the small side, but I guess that will grow as the brand does. They’ve also ensured there’s a ‘no frills’ approach to their packaging. With plain black designs, it’s simple but still makes a statement.

The way in which Beauty Pie works differently is that it’s a sort of members club. You have to pay £10 a month to become a Beauty Pie member. From then on you have access to their range of products at those seriously low prices. The lipstick I mentioned above? If you’re not a Beauty Pie member, you can still buy it, but it will cost you the non-members price of £20. So it’s worth being a member if you intend to take full advantage of the range.

The products I’ve tried in my sample range were lovely to use. The foundation wasn’t the right shade but it offered good coverage abilities and the lip products were rich and had a good colour pay-off. So I’d be interested to try more from Beauty Pie as the range grows with time.

And if you’re still not convinced that Beauty Pie really do offer those top level products, I’m going to tell you something The Telegraph said: just copy and paste the ingredients into Google and see what other brands come up. I think then you’ll be very intrigued in securing that £2.29 lipstick after all.

So overall the concept seems like a mix of exsisting concepts (I can’t shake it’s similarity to a monthly  beauty box subscription, even though it’s completely different as your monthly membership doesn’t bring you any products, they’ll cost you extra) but with the twist being that these are genuinely the top drawer products at bottom drawer prices. I’m rooting for Beauty Pie and it will be interesting to see how much it takes off in the next few months.

Would you give Beauty Pie a go?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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