December 13, 2016

An Introduction To Zoeva Palettes and Brushes

Zoeva are a make-up brand I’ve been meaning to try properly for ages. I have tried their lipstick before, but other than that, I’m a total newbie. Their beautiful eyeshadow palettes always seem to pop up on my Instagram feed, and so I’ve been wanting to try out more from them for a while. Not just that, but their brush sets looked fantastic too, and I’m always looking for new make-up brushes – because a girl can never have too many right?

Zoeva are one of those brands who you’ll probably have heard of too. A German brand of make-up essentials, they’re popular all over the world now – and it helps that their products are just so pretty! I really rate the two lipsticks of theirs I’ve tried, so when some new make-up additions landed on my doorstep recently, I was excited to see if they’d measure up too. 

Warm Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

The first new addition was the Warm Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette. According to their website, Zoeva say this palette is inspired by a volcanic explosion. So there are lots of shimmery ash shades and warm lava-like tones. Within the palette there’s 15 individual shades and they’re a lovely mix of matte and shimmer finishes – meaning you can create lots of different looks with just this palette alone.

The beauty blogger in me is always wondering about eyeshadows from a performance point of view: will the colour pay-off be good? Will it have bad fall out? …These are always the things I like to know about a palette before buying it, so I was really intrigued to try the Zoeva shades out…

So what’s the low down? Well – colour pay-off is excellent. It’s really lovely and the fine powdery texture means that the colour is buildable and blendable, so it’s perfect for block-of-colour looks, as well as perfectly smokey eyes. Not to mention that the perfectly co-ordinating shades mean you can create the most amazingly blended looks with perfectly complimenting shades. There’s also very little fall out from the shadows – which is important for me, especially with shimmer shades. No-one likes glitter and shimmer specs under their eyes, right? You don’t get that problem with these, which is another big tick for me as it shows high quality eyeshadow.

Enriched with Vitamin E and free of all parabens, the palette itself not only performs well, but is thoroughly lovely to use too. I’m so impressed with my first ever Zoeva palette and can’t wait to add to the collection already.

Nude Spectrum Blush Palette

Next on my list of new additions was the Nude Spectrum Blush Palette. I am very particular about blush – and anything that goes on my cheeks really. Thanks to my oily skin, I have to be so careful with cheek and face products, as even the slightest amount of shimmer makes my face look awful and oily. This lovely palette is firstly – perfect for me as a pale girl! Naturally I’m really fair, so dark blush shades don’t look great on me. The nude spectrum of colours in this lovely palette are perfect for me – not too dark, rich pink or deeply coloured. It’s perfect for the natural cheek look that I love.

Secondly there’s a couple of matte shades and a couple of shimmery shades – which work well together. The light powders are silky to use and apply, and the colour pay-off is really intense, without making me feel like I’ve got obvious blocks of colour across my face! Perfect for the natural look again. I love how pretty the shades look and I can honestly say that there isn’t one I don’t like or wouldn’t wear. Plus the shimmery shades act like great highlighters too – even though I can’t use too much of them because of my skin type, I can always appreciate a good shimmery highlight.

Bamboo Make-up Luxury Brush Set Vol 2

The first thing I’m going to say about this brush set – is phew-ee, how beautiful is it?! Have you ever seen such a pretty and good looking brush set? Zoeva brushes have this gorgeous and classic feel about them – elegant in fact. 

Made of genuine bamboo wood, this set is vegan friendly and designed to celebrate natural life – which is why the brush is made from three different renewable materials. So not only do they look stunning, they’re also eco-friendly, and that’s always nice to hear in the beauty world. When it comes to application and performance they’re absolutely lovely too. Fine brush ends give the most pointed and precision finish to your application – they don’t split or flare away. Which is always the sign of a top quality brush in my opinion. They are also super soft – which I love! Because when they’re high perfomance as well as soft and vegan friendly, you feel like you’ve got a top quality brush in your hands. And with this beautiful set, you really do. Plus the matching pouch is a lovely touch, and it’s really pretty too.

I have absolutely loved using these new Zoeva additions recently and couldn’t be more impressed with their performance. The eyeshadow palette is beautiful and perfectly co-ordinating when it comes to the shades, the blush palette is perfect for my skin tone and the brushes are just stunning. So overall I’m a little bit in love with these Zoeva products. In fact, I’ve already put a few more of their lovely products on my Christmas list. Including their Rose Golden Complete Eye Brush Set and the new Pure Lacquer Box. So it’s safe to say I’m a big fan.

Have you tried anything from Zoeva yet, if not – what would top your list?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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