November 8, 2016

Back To Basics – With The Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

When it comes to eye shadows I’m not a less-is-more kinda gal. I love sparkle, shimmer, glitzy and something that makes my lids stand out. I use matte shades in the crease, as my transition shade and lightly dusted  across my eyes before I coat with my ‘top layer’ of something more shimmery as a final step. Matte colours are the base and the foundation for my eye looks, kinda like the glue that holds the whole thing together. So I have a lot of matte shades on the go, for perfectly matching crease and transition shades, and creating that elusive perfectly blended smokey eye.

I don’t always feel like my eye make-up is heavy enough when I rely on just matte shades, which is why I add a top and final layer of something spritzy. But without good quality matte eye shadow, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my daily style of a mild to dark smokey eye. I’ve used, got or had all of the Urban Decay Naked palettes – the colours are perfect for me. With their mid tone nudes to cooler greys and warm tone browns…between their palettes, they covered my eye looks and styles for a good period of time. Plus the pigmentation of Urban Decay eye shadows are so high that it’s been a staple brand of mine for years. So when I got my hands on the new Naked Ultimate Basics palette, I was expecting big things…

Having not had an all matte palette before – ever – this was a first for me. And I have to admit being dubious about trying it out. I felt a bit naked *ahem* as I opened the palette and there were no token shimmery shades or glittery shadows to catch my eye first… Matte palettes mean boring without one or two in the palette to spruce things up right?


Don’t let this all matte palette fool you. 

All mattes doesn’t mean boring – far from it. It’s like your trusty and reliable favourite pair of shoes: always there for you, never lets you down and pulls the rest of your outfit together. Even when the rest of the outfit might be less than perfect, those shoes never let you down. The Naked Ultimate Basics Palette is for your full face of make-up, what your trusty staple shoes are for your outfit: reliable, true to life and the thing you can count on to spruce up everything else.

The palette contains 12 brand new neutral shades with a good mix between true-to-life, barely there shades, right through to cool and warm tones darks. (And the mix of shades means the palette is suitable for all skin tones too.) It also means you can tackle the base of all your eye looks – from golden browns on the warm spectrum, to a grey and black smokey eye. This palette has the reliable way of giving you all you need for shadows and shading whichever end of the spectrum you pick.

Pigmentation is second to none as well. Never expecting less from Urban Decay, I wasn’t disappointed. There’s little fall-out with UD shadows – hence why my collection is full of them. They’re fab little shadows for hogging their space and not wanting to share the limelight – they’re too interested in sticking to your lids and staying in place, so fall-out is a no-go from Urban Decay shadows, and this palette is no exception.

But for me the high point of this palette is the blendable nature of the shadows. Probably because they’re all perfectly complimenting of one another, and because they’ve all got the same matte finish. This palette blends. Like, it really blends. You can get the best looking and perfectly transitioning eye make-up just by carefully blending the shades together in the right place. And because the quality is as ever, excellent, the staying power is seriously impressive too. 

So my thoughts on the first ever all matte palette to enter my collection are this: if you’re into heavy, bold and deep eye make-up then it’s an investment item. An essential that you didn’t know you needed. Because underneath those bold colours, or those shimmery finishes, you need a reliable and perfectly blendable set of matte shades to do the leg work.  Alternatively if you’re less into bold eye looks, or more into the natural looking make-up, then this palette is going to be a dream for you too. 

Going back to basics isn’t boring. It’s essential for the perfectly blended eye look whther nude and barely-there, or all out smokey.

Will the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette be making your Christmas list this year?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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