October 29, 2016

Love Smokey Eyes? Now There’s Smokey Lips!

I am an avid fan of smokey eyes. I love the sultry blended look of a good smokey eye and the classic and deep look that it brings. Even when I go for the more neutral or ‘barely-there’ shades on my lids, I still revert back to a deeper crease colour to carry off the smokey look. What can I say? It’s my favourite style to wear.

So when the lovely people at Space NK got in touch about one of my favourite lip discoveries this year – Lipstick Queen, and their Smokey Lip Kit, well I was clapping my hands with glee to give it a go. You’ll remember Lipstick Queen from my blog a few months ago. They’re the funky lip brand making big waves in the lip market with their seriously innovative products. I last spoke about their Frog Prince Collection which was a range of green, yes GREEN, make-up that magically turns the perfect shade of pink for you, based on your skin’s natural pH balance. It was a fun and quirky introduction to the brand and I’m now following their new releases with excitement because nothing quite comes close to their products in the innovative stakes.

SO, when the prospect of a smokey lip became possible, the smokey eye lover in me got very excited. Very excited indeed.

The Lipstick Queen Smokey Lip Kit is £32 from Space NK and features two lipsticks to help you achieve the  perfect smokey lip look. The first is a gorgeous and easy to wear pinky nude that’s got a deep colour payoff. It’s such a lovely and universal shade that it would suit almost all skin types and is so easy to wear that you could go it alone if desired.

The second lipstick in the sultry looking lace design box is…BLACK. Yep, black. I did indeed say BLACK. Lipstick Queen certainly like surprising us with their colours right?! First green, now black…


With a textured golden shimmer finish, the black lipstick is the second stage in achieving the smokey lip look. Apply over the top of the pinky nude and it subtly deepens and darkens the shade beneath it. The subtle shimmer adds an extra dimension to your lips and transforms the look from Snow White innocent to Sultry Queen in seconds.

Together the look is gorgeous and multi-dimensional. The lips look luscious and glossy and the rich texture of the lipsticks mean that the intensity is bold without being overbearing. It’s so easy to wear.

Lipstick Queen have become one of my favourites for their novelty edge over other brands, and while a shimmery lip might not be anything new, the black lipstick that instantly transforms the cute nude is not a theme that’s lost on me. I love brands that do things differently and Lipstick Queen certainly do that without fail.

I love both the pinky nude on it’s own, and I absolutely adore the finish that’s achieved with the black top coat too, so it’s a big hit from me again.

I’ve tried the green, now the black…what’s going to be next on my Lipstick Queen list?!

Get it from Space NK.

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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