10 Thoughts You Have In Sephora

When it comes to beauty shopping, there’s no denying that Sephora is the beauty lovers mecca. Its mass of beautiful, wonderful, brand new make-up just waiting to be purchased and enjoyed by beauty lovers of all styles…well, it’s pretty much heaven isn’t it? There’s no better feeling as a beauty addict than when you lay eyes on a Sephora store. The potential purchases, the overwhelming urge to buy the entire shop…you know the kind of thoughts I’m talking about…

Most specifically, if you’re a beauty addict, blogger or fellow make-up junkie, then you’ll be able to relate to these…

1. “I don’t care if I look like a kid in a sweet shop, I’ve never been this happy!”

Particularly if you’re British. Seeing as our High Street is seriously lacking any Sephora action (Sephora please come to the UK!) the endorphins kick in as soon as you cross the threshold. You flit through the rows of displays wide eyed, almost drooling, potentially with butterflies in your tummy..and you don’t even care how glazed your eyes look as the hearts fill them like an emoji.

 2. “I need it”

Whatever it is. This feeling comes over you at almost everything you lay eyes on long enough for it to hold your glance. Suddenly the mental list you’ve compiled is irrelevant because you really need this. Your make-up collection has been in search of this one item forever, it’s the reason you hoard beauty products – this one product is the thing you’ve been searching for. It’s not a desirable item…it’s an essential item. Duh.

3. “Buying a ninth highlighter isn’t excessive.”

No matter how many of any make-up product you have, you’ll never have too many. This could be the one that exceeds all the others. That stops excess oil, that lasts the longest…that gives you cheekbones of a greek goddess. So no bank balance, nine isn’t excessive. Now shut it.

4. “If I buy this I’m going to have cheekbones that mimic a supermodel, I’ll cure world hunger and the world will be happy.”

Thus is the heady intoxication of Sephora that there’s nothing you can’t solve with another lipstick or Beauty Blender.

5. “I know this won’t suit me but maybe I’m wrong. I’m definitely wrong. I’m going to buy it.”

The packaging, the dislplays, the bright lights… common sense goes out the window. That black lipstick that approximately one percent of the population can pull off, but not you? Well suddenly you think you can. And the ridiculous price tag is totally worth it. Right?

6. “I look like I’ve got some sort of multi-coloured skin disease”

The amount of swatches that cover your skin is growing like a rapidly spreading illness. Starting from your hands, down your wrist, and if you’re truly hardcore, down your arm too. 

7. “I wonder how many Snapchats I can take in here without looking uncool?”

You’ve tried the subtle point-and-click shot to avoid the security guard noticing (did you know that you’re not allowed to take photo’s of the inside of a Sephora store? Go figure. Spoilsports) and yet you can’t quite capture that cool and urban shot… Sod it, you’re going full on selfie…QUICKLY! …Phew he didn’t see..

8. “Spending a months rent on make-up and beauty products is totally fine. I can live on baked beans next month.”

Because it doesn’t matter what your finances are like when you’re in beauty mecca. It doesn’t matter if pigs are flying, the sky has turned green or if armageddon is happening outside, because in that beautiful moment, surround by Kat Von D stands, Too Faced displays and Tom Ford perfume that I swear doesn’t smell that good at home…well, who cares if you’re only going to have enough money left for baked beans and water for a month or two?

9. “I’m going to buy this because my blog readers will love it. It’s practically a work expense right?”

Those moments when you start to mentally tally up what’s in your basket and suddenly find yourself having to justify things to yourself… If you’re a blogger then it’s absolutely essential for your blog work that you have this extra lipstick, eyeshadow palette and new mascara. Oh, and the perfume, skincare set, face mask, blusher and highlighter too. Obviously.

10. “An hour and a half isn’t really that long to have spent looking at make-up”

Usually said rather than thought to your long suffering boyfriend, mother, friend.

Any of these sounding familiar?!

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