August 7, 2016

I’m A Narsissist JetSetter With World Duty Free

STOP THE PRESSES! (I’ve always wanted to say that!)
But seriously, stop whatever you’re doing, sit down and prepare yourself for what I genuinely think was the most exciting beauty discovery I’ve made in recent months… introducing: the Nars Jetsetter Traveler’s Exclusives from World Duty Free.

If you’re going on holiday this year, make sure your first stop at the airport is World Duty Free, because it’s they only place you’re going to be able to get your hands on four very special and exclusive sets from Nars. As if you needed any more encouragement to book that last minute holiday this summer, now you’ve got even more reason with the most beautiful collection of Nars products – which you can only get from World Duty Free stores.

The Nars Jetsetter Traveller’s Exclusives made me fall in love from afar, and are even more stunning in real life. There are three make-up sets and one brush set, all of which are priced between £39-£42, which is very reasonable for a Nars set. Especially because each set is fantastic value for money considering what you get…

Nars Jetsetter Eye, Cheek And Lip Palette

This palette was The One for me. The one that drew my attention to the entire collection. It’s unlike any other Nars palette I’ve seen or owned. The palette itself contains a blush, a bronzer, three eyeshadows and a mini lip gloss. Obviously the blush is the cult Orgasm shade and the bronzer is the equally as popular Laguna tone. Both of which I use anyway on a daily basis. Orgasm is my daily blusher and Laguna is what I use for a subtle powder contour, so for me it was a no brainer that I wanted, no – needed, this palette. Combined with the mini lipgloss and eyeshadows, well, this was one set that I knew from the get-go that I’d be trying.

The eyeshadows are lovely – perfect for skin tones of all types. There’s a matte black, a shimmer bronze gold and a matte looking cream, nude shade too. With these three colours you can make an array of eye looks from a summer sultry to a barely there. Combined with the beautiful pink and shimmery lipgloss which matches perfectly with the blush, it’s a fantastic set. In fact I’d go as far as to say this is one of the most versatile palettes I’ve seen.

The mix of cheek colours, eyes and lips means that it’s a great little treat because so much of your make-up is covered. Plus it’s housed in a really cute and handy case with mirror, meaning it’s perfect for on-the-go application.

The Jetsetter Eye, Cheek and Lip palette was ‘The One’, and it hasn’t remotely disappointed. If you love Nars as much as I do, then it’s an absolute essential. 

Nars Jetsetter Orgasm Face Set

As I’ve mentioned, I already use the Orgasm blush on a daily basis. So to see this Traveller’s Exclusive from World Duty Free made me very excited. The Orgasm Face Set features four products in the cult shade, which together will give you the perfect everyday pink glow.

Orgasm has reached cult status because it’s so versatile – skin tones of all descriptions can wear and enjoy it, and it flatters everyone. I love that Nars have a collection of matching products because personally speaking, Orgasm is the perfect blush shade for me. The shade itself is the perfect pretty pink with gold shimmer, and just a hint of coral in the overall colour. Meaning it’s great for summer but adds a perfect pop of colour during the winter too – it’s the best all rounder.

Included in the set is a blush, a lipgloss, the Illuminator and The Multiple. The blush is full size, which alone would cost £23 and the lipgloss is also full size which would cost £19.50. Those two items combined would be £42.50 but the set only costs £42 AND you get a 15ml Illuminator and 4g The Multiple. Although they’re mini sized products, they aren’t tiny and they come with a lot of product inside – so this set really is excellent value for money – big round of applause for World Duty Free please!

Nars Jetsetter Lip Pencil Trio

What exclusive set would be complete without a dedicated lip set? World Duty Free and Nars have truly spoilt us with this trio. Combining three gorgeous shades of their lip crayons, I am besotted with all three shades in the Lip Pencil Trio. Nars Lip Crayons cost £20 but this trio is only £42 – meaning it’s almost like getting one for free!

The shades included are: 

Jardin Des Tuileries (Satin Lip Pencil)

Dolce Vita and Dragon Girl (Matte Lip Pencil)

Dragon Girl is a beautiful matte red that’s perfect for the red-lip days. And Dolce Vita is a long standing favourite of mine anyway – it’s a matte brown/red. I love to wear the Jardin Des Tuileries over the top to add some shimmer and less of the matte look, but on it’s own Jardin Des Tuileries is so pretty too. 

The trio set has you covered for bold, night-out looks with the matte red Dragon Girl, daytime wear with Dolce Vita and a pretty pink and casual (more minimal) look with Jardin Des Tuileries.

As well as these three make-up exclusives, there’s also the Jetsetter Brush Set too, which I *may* pick up at the airport, just to complete the set obviously!

I am completely head over heels with these travel exclusives and can’t applaud World Duty Free enough for being the exclusive owner of the collection. What’s more is that you can order online to collect these, and all your other World Duty Free goodies in store when you travel. Which is great because each terminal stocks different brands, so to make sure you get what you want, or if you won’t have much browsing time, you can reserve in advance and collect on the day. Nifty eh?

Shopping at World Duty Free is always the best part of my airport experience and it makes going on holiday even more exciting when you can get travel exclusives of this standard. It’s also a pride thing – knowing these aren’t widely available means you’ll be picking up a beauty must-have that you won’t see around often. Praise for World Duty Free!

Will you be picking any of these up on route to your summer holiday this year?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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