August 14, 2016

Did You Know Sigma Do More Than Brushes? They Do Make-Up Too

You guys know that I love Sigma. You can’t have missed it because I Tweet and Instagram about their brushes all the time. They’re my ultimate favourites for eyes – in fact, I’ve not used another brand of brushes on my eyes since I started using Sigma. Thus is the superior quality of their brushes. But did you know they do make-up too? And not just make-up: really high performing and good quality make-up. AND they have an exclusive collection with YouTuber Camila Coelho too.

As you know, I’ve taken a bit of an interest in make-up collections from bloggers/vloggers recently. I talked about Tanya Burr Cosmetics and one of the new Zoella products here in my July Favourites. I guess I’m currently uber intrigued by the collections that some of the Blog/Vlog Queens are putting out there. So when my brush favourites, Sigma, created the Nightlife Collection with Camila, well, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to try it. Camila Coelho is a YouTuber who has two channels (one in English and one in Portuguese) and she’s got a host of videos on all things beauty. Her make-up is flawless and she’s really easy to watch, so I had high hopes for her Sigma collection.

The Nightlife collection itself has everything you need to create stunning looks. There’s an eye shadow palette, blush, lip products, bronzer and more. The colours are all really wearable and fun and the packaging is pretty cute too. My favourites so far are without a doubt the lipstick and lip liner…

Sigma Nightlife Dance til Dawn Lipstick

What’s not to love about a lipstick with that name?! The Sigma Nightlife Dance till Dawn Lipstick is baby pink on the cooler end of the colour spectrum – meaning it will suit a variety of skin tones. It’s such a lovely colour to wear and feels very girlie without being too pink or babyish. It’s basically the perfect baby pink for the modern lady, and I’ve been wearing this a LOT.

It’s got a buttery and creamy finish – my kinda lipstick! And although it’s not got a metallic sheen to it, the butter like finish does mean that it looks like it has multiple tones running through it, which I find is great for giving a more plumped lip affect. This was my first ever Sigma Lipstick and the colour payoff is seriously intense as the pigmentation is excellent – it’s beautiful, deep and lasts for a good amount of time. It’s pretty and goes with everything, as a good pink lipstick should.

Sigma Nightlife Lip Liner In Fine Feather

Since I started blogging, one of the biggest changes I’ve made to the way I wear lipstick is to never wear it without lip liner now. How did I manage for so long without lip liner?! The Nightlife Lip Liner is a really great addition to my ever expanding collection. 

It’s supposed to be a neutral pink, but I found the In Fine Feather Liner to be quite a dark shade – but it’s sassy and looks lovely when worn. I am obsessed with this lip liner because it’s given me the ability to create ombre lips like no other lip liner. Because it’s a darker shade, but the colour isn’t too extreme, it’s perfect for creating darker lines before adding the Dance till Dawn Lipstick for the perfect everyday ombre lip. It’s creamy texture means it’s easy to apply and wear, and it’s great for creating lines to stop lipstick bleed – but on the other hand it also blends easily too, for that perfect ombre lip. Another lip winner from Sigma!

Dance til Dawn lipstick and In Fine Feather Lip Liner (no flash)

Not just obsessing about their Nightlife Collection, I also had to try a few of their normal make-up bits and pieces right? It wouldn’t be fair otherwise – right?! And if you’re anything like me, nothing quite does it like opening a brand new eye shadow palette. And the Sigma palettes are no exception. 

Sigma Brilliant and Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette

My first ever Sigma palette and it is an absolute BABE. The colours within the palette are all bang on trend right now as they cover the warm tones and shades with a variety of finishes, which means that you can absolutely nail those warm tone smokey eyes, and everyday neutral looks with this palette. 

Being a new lover of the warm tones, I can’t get enough of the rich browns, and warm almost orange colours – this palette has got you covered. It’s got 12 toasty shades and I have to admit that I am seriously in love with the more shimmer and metal finishes. the colour payoff is really impressive and there’s barely any brush fall out – HALLELUJAH!

Useability wise there’s only one colour in the Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette I wouldn’t use (top row, far left) because I don’t wear bright colours on my eyes – it’s not a look I can pull off easily. Other than that, all of the colours are super wearable and my two favourites are probably the two on the far right, top row: Healthy and Languid. They have such a shimmery finish, it’s practically metallic and was so powerful that the first time I used it I actually sat back and mumbled something under my breath about being so impressed. Even the peach, coral tone (Bloom – bottom row, second from left) is wearable for me as it blends really nicely for a centre lid shade.

Sigma Individual Eye Shadows

But hey – I’m never satisfied when it comes to eye shadows, so I decided to pick up two of the Sigma Individual Eye Shadows too. Because, well, they look beautiful – and that’s all the justification I need to buy more make-up. I went for two tones which I would describe as being more on the cool spectrum – Fawn, which is a glittery shimmer in a nude colour, and Muse which is a shimmer grey. 

Muse is perfect for smokey eyes. It looks like a matte shadow with very fine shimmer pigments in it – meaning it’s great for building coverage. Fawn on the other hand is shimmer to the max, and great for adding a pop of dimension to my lids. Mixing Fawn with any darker shade gives it an instant metallic look which I love! (swatch below)

The colour pay off with these is as excellent as the palette – they last for ages without budging and the colour stays true all day. They’re so easy to apply as well, they blend well and mix with other shades perfectly to allow you to mix and match your eye look. I wear a huge amount of shades on my eyes, to create the perfect blended look and these eye shadows have seriously impressed me. They’re better than some of the beauty counter brands I’ve been buying for years.

From top down – Fawn, Muse, then mixed together

Sigma Eye Shadow Base – Persuade

Another item from their professional range is the Eye Shadow Base. I’ve gone mad for primers this year. I’m on the hunt for the best primer for every part of my make-up routine, and I’ve been using this Sigma Eye Shadow Base for my eyes recently and I’m very impressed with how well it performs. 

It comes in a pot and it’s a neutral, nude shade – perfect for all skin tones. It’s really smooth and easy to apply – and you barely need any of it to give full coverage, which means it’s going to last for ages. I apply mine with my fingertips, but you can apply with a brush.

The benefits of wearing this are that it dries quickly and creates a smooth foundation for eyeshadow – it also means the pigmentation in your chosen eye shadows will really pop. It’s like foundation primer – you use it to give you the best foundation to build your make-up on, and this Eye Shadow Base does exactly the same, but for your eyes. I wouldn’t be without an eye shadow primer now, and this is the one I’ve been using recently.

So what can I say about the Sigma make-up, other than it’s blown me away? I expected BIG things because they’re a MUA brand who’s brushes are used by professionals all over the world. But their make-up is also just as high performing and of a top-notch, professional standard. It’s not a brand I’d considered buying make-up from, until I tried it and the colour pay off of all products is on par with brands I’ve been using for years. So I’m really excited to continue using their products now, and am so glad I did! Not only that, but being a professional make-up artists brand, the colours are perfect and the tones are clearly created by pros who know what they’re doing – I couldn’t tell you one item that didn’t achieve better than expected results.

So, if you didn’t know that Sigma did make-up, you do now, and they are one brand I highly recommend you try out.

What would be on your Sigma wish-list?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.


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