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I’m absolutely loving how much is going on in the beauty world right now. From whole collections to international shipping news – we’ve been spoilt as beauty lovers in the last month. Not to be outdone though, Urban Decay launched their Vice lipstick collection in stores on June 16th and it’s glorious – everything I hoped for and more. When it comes to lips, Urban Decay dominated June. The Vice Range has 100 shades in 6 different finishes, so not only did Urban Decay dominate, they slayed.

We all have those brands that hold a special place in our hearts, don’t we? Well you guys know that I’m a shameless UD fan, so when I heard about Vice I was mentally preparing myself (and my bank account) for what would be a significant splurge. With 100+ lipsticks to choose from, how would I be able to narrow it down?!

Finish wise, the six finishes are Metalilzed, Cream, Sheer, Sheer Shimmer, Comfort Matte and Mega Matte. The shades themselves vary across the spectrum from nudes and barely-there’s right through to bold reds and purples on the more vibrant end of the scale. It’s the perfect lipstick collection because you’re covered no matter what style of make-up you wear. Pale skin tones, dark skin tones, nude lip lovers and stylistic make-up wearers will all find lipstick to suit their beauty regime with the Vice Collection.

Price wise the lipsticks are all £15 each – regardless of shade or finish and they all come in the same gunmetal coloured packaging. I think £15 is a good price for these lipsticks, because they last ages when the quality is as high as Urban Decay, and they’re worth the spend because you have such a vast array of choice that you’ll be able to get exactly what you want.

I’ve been trying five different lipsticks in the range recently and have already settled on my favourites!

The first one I tried was the Mega Matte finish in shade 714 which is a bold red – fire engine red! I’ve tried a LOT of red lipsticks recently. And I must admit that it’s really encouraged me to be more bold with my choice of lip colours. This red is bright and lovely – such an intense colour. It’s deep and sumptuous and although it’s a very matte matte, it’s not drying and actually looks like it adds volume rather than the matte sucking the plump look out of your lips (as can sometimes happen with matte finishes.) It’s perfect for the statement lip that seems to be so popular right now and red is a classic, timeless colour that will never go out of fashion.

I also tried the Mega Matte in shade Pandemonium which is a bold purple with deep undertones. Not my usual shade but the intensity of the Mega Matte’s is fantastic. The coverage is brilliant and because it’s such a bold colour, you really feel like your lips are being indulged in some stand-out quality lippie! Both of these shades are bold – which is always a good choice for a matte lipstick, and they both have staying power and only need to be reapplied a few times to last the day. They aren’t drying either – which is a big thing for me with matte lipsticks.

Then there’s the Comfort Matte finish. I’ve tried Backtalk which is a gorgeous nude shade – I liken it to Kylie’s Candy K except maybe a shade or two lighter. It’s on that sort of colour spectrum. Which is one of my favourites right now – the nude lip is BIG in beauty and shows no signs of going anywhere any time soon. If all else fails, whack a nude lip on and pout your way to a high fashion look…That’s what I keep telling myself anyway! The finish on this one is a teeny, tiny bit less matte than the Mega Matte but it’s still very much part of the matte family. I prefer this finish for day time wear, it’s great for work and during the day and the colour goes with everything. Combine with the matching lip pencils and it’s a perfect Kylie dupe.

Then I tried the Cream finish in Firebird which I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did – this baby is gorgeous! It’s a fuchsia pink but not too in your face. Basically it’s a fuchsia that you can get away with wearing in the day time too – which I love, especially because I’m loving bolder lips during the day at the moment. The lipstick itself looks more like a purple, but when worn it’s vibrant pink – hence why I was surprised, pleasantly! I love how creamy the finish is – almost like gloss, but it doesn’t take away from the colour intensity. This is my favourite everyday colour and finish of the five I’ve been trying.

Next was the Metallized finish in shade Big Bang. This was the finish I was most excited to try because I love metallic looking lips. I’ve worn metallic shades on my lips for nearly eight years because I love the dimension it gives. But I’d never ventured out of the nude/gold shades. This one is a hot pink with serious shimmer/glitter pigmentation. It looks just gorgeous *swoons* and is very pretty. Worn alone the colour is less poignant than the shimmer – great for a metal look. But here’s my tip – combine the Metallized finishes with the Cream (preferably the one mentioned above) and my-oh-my, whit woo! A creamy, multi dimensional looking lip. Plus these two shades are a pink lip lovers dream – perfect for the summer.

(Left to right and no flash) Backtalk (Comfort Matte), Big Bang (Metallized), Firebird (Cream), Pandemonium (Mega Matte), 714 (Mega Matte)

So those are the five Vice lipsticks I’ve been trying, and hey, if 714 is good enough for Ruby Rose then it’s good enough for me. I’m absolutely obsessed with these lipsticks – the Urban Decay quality is as ever, excellent and the range of choice available in colour and finish has blown me away. I will absolutely be investing in growing my collection. Check them all out on the website.

Which shades or finishes do you think you’d most like to try?

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