July 2, 2016

Rosie For Autograph Make-Up

Marks and Spencer have really upped their game in the beauty stakes recently. Did you know they sell products from the likes of Stila, Pixi, Barry M, Nails Inc, Alpha-H and many more? I was really impressed when I looked at the full range and I recommend that you check it out. They are also the exclusive home of the Rosie for Autograph Make-Up Collection, which by the way, make-up lovers and bloggers have been raving about – so you need to get on board! Rosie also has a lingerie collection at M&S under the same name, so technically you could match your make-up to your underwear… (just saying)

The range itself is extensive and features everything you need for a full face of make-up. There’s lipsticks and lip glosses, eye shadow palettes and pencils, blushers, bronzers and powders…and that’s not even mentioning the perfumes too. There is literally everything you need to get your face ready each day, and I was hopeful it was going to make me look exactly like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley too.  The range has been created to help capture Rosie’s superstar glam style. What I love about Rosie is that she’s naturally beautiful (dem cheekbones though!) and her make-up always has that natural edge: it always looks effortless. So I was really excited to try the range out and see if I could recreate some of her signature styles.

Having not tried the range before, I was excited to have a play with some of the products, and the fact that there is a huge amount of choice meant that I wasn’t limited. I was really impressed with the amount of colour options available because in my opinion it means that the Rosie range meets the standard of big name make-up brands. It’s not just a ‘couple-of-products’ range, there’s a full collection to take advantage of, and the prices are pretty good too.

I started with the lips, because after primer and foundation, this is the first step to applying my make-up. The Lip Glossy’s come in four shades and mine is Sweet Nothing Kisses – which, before application looks like a fuchsia pink, but when worn has a gorgeous touch of coral to it. It’s perfect for summer and the colour itself is very bold. Because it’s a really smooth and creamy lip pencil, it’s got a glossy finish that I love for the warmer months. Considering it’s got a glossy finish, it’s not remotely sticky so you can completely avoid those moments where your hair sticks to your lipgloss! It goes on easily and it’s perfect for lazy make-up days to add a pop of colour, and yet the shade is so intense you can wear it on a night out to jazz up your look too. I loved wearing this and highly recommend it. 

Next it’s all about the cheeks, and the first stage of getting cheek ready is blusher. The Rosie for Autograph Collection has an amazing Cream Blusher that I love for a summer glow. I’ve got Camisole Blush which is pink with a hint of copper to the shade, meaning it’s great for the bronzed and summer look. It’s a really creamy texture with a tiny hint of shimmer and it’s going to be coming on holiday with me for sure. I like this because it’s weightless and once applied (I use my fingertips) it settles quickly and lightly and adds just a hint of colour. Or you can build it up in layers for a more bold and striking look. There are four shades of the Cream Blusher available but they are so well regarded that you need to be quick and pick them up when they’re in stock.

Next is stage two of the cheeks, and let me say that I am SO impressed with the next two products. Contouring has taken the make-up world by storm in the last 2 years, and I am a fully fledged contour addict. I love cream and powder contouring and sometimes do both, or alternate between them depending on what make-up look I’m going for. I have limited time in the mornings to get ready so contouring sticks have become an essential in my make-up bag, and I’m loving the Starstruck versions in this range. Again, these products sell out fast so you need to be quick, it’s so easy to see why..

The Killer Contour is a chubby stick style contour pencil with the most perfect matte contour shade to chisel cheekbones that mimic Rosie’s style. It glides on effortlessly and delicately, so all skin tones can use this. One lick and it would be enough for those who like a minimal contour, but for those who go bold with their contour, you can build it up for more striking shadows. It blends easily and I like to use a make-up brush to buff it in. With so much competition in the contour market, this stick is an unsung hero and I’m absolutely loving it.

Match it with the Starstruck Get The Glow Highlighter which is the other half of the duo (sold separately) and you’ve got the perfectly contoured cheekbones that Rosie showcases on the red carpet. This stick is the perfect mix of pearlised and shimmer highlighter in a matching creamy chubby stick that glides on and blends perfectly. It’s buildable too, meaning that one layer it enough for a subtle light-catching glow, but add a few more layers, blend in carefully, and voila – radiance galore. I love using this on my brow bone and tip of the nose too as it all just catches the light perfectly. But again, be quick and pick this up when you see it. To me these two products are the heroes of the range, and it’s shown in the fact that they’re quite hard to get hold of.

Then it’s on to the eyes and there’s a lovely everyday mascara which is a good mix of brown/black, so it’s good for those with lighter lashes too. But the best eye product I tried in the eye range has to be the stunning eyeshadow palette in I Feel Like A Million Dollars. It’s a beautiful palette in everyday tones. It’s got every shade you could need for a beautiful eye look that can be used for a natural style or even a smokey eye. Theres a beautiful light and pearly shade for under the brows, two lid colours and a crease shade, so you can mix and match to suit the time of day. I love to build them all up to make a day-time smokey eye with a bit of glam. The crease shade is a lovely matte (always best for the crease) compared to the other three that have a touch of shimmer in them, meaning it’s a great palette for night and day wear. The colours are all just so pretty and it’s the perfect everyday palette. If you’re looking for nude and natural shades that can be worn during the day and then built up for nighttime wear with a smokey eye, then this palette is for you. The pigmentation is fantastic by the way.

So those are the six products from the Rosie for Autograph range that I’ve been trying recently and I’m seriously impressed. I don’t tend to have pre-conceived ideas when it comes to trying products as sometimes I’ve been disappointed, so I try everything with an open mind… The Rosie collection has really impressed me. Not just because the range is far more extensive than I first thought, but because the quality is on par with the counter brands you find in department stores. The colours themselves are absolutely spot on, all completely wearable and very lovely, and the staying power of them is also something I was very impressed with. Plus the contour duo products are better than some contour items I’ve spent triple the amount on! Also, I’m always a little bit critical with eyeshadow as pigmentation when worn is really important, but the palette in this collection is on par with some of my well known favourites… Plus all the packaging is a bloggers dream: rose gold and copper style!

If you haven’t already then check out the range in stores and online.

 This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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