July 7, 2016

Nude By Nature Contour & Highlight Collection

When I first heard about the Nude By Nature Contour & Highlight Collection, I was instantly very excited. Any type of make-up with the words “contour” and “highlight” in the same sentence and you’ve got my attention. Not to mention the fact that Nude By Nature are one of Australia’s biggest names in mineral make-up. A friend of mine who is originally from Oz had previously told me about their products, and said how highly she rated them, so hearing about the new range launching and knowing it was going to be available here in the UK was a double whammy. Waiting for the goodies to arrive was like waiting for the contour Queen herself to come through my letterbox.

One of the things that makes Nude By Nature different to other mineral brands on the market is it’s natural ingredients that are good for your skin. Including an ingredient that contains the worlds highest dose of Vitamin C – which is pretty much what perked my ears up to the brand in the first place. And reassuringly, the Contour & Highlight Collection also had these same ingredients so it’s win/win for your skin.

The collection itself has everything you need for the perfect summer glow and there’s a product for every type of contour you need, and a highlight for every place you’d want to um…highlight! 

The first products I tried were the Touch Of Glow Highlight Sticks which come in a choice of three colours. These beautiful shimmery and creamy highlighters are in the style of a chubby sticks and they’re really lovely to use. The three iridescent shades are Champagne, Rose and Bronze meaning you’ve got a shade for every skin tone. I prefer the Champagne because I’m quite pale but I have been loving wearing the Bronze and the Rose when I’ve been wearing my fake tan, to give that shimmery bronze affect. These two shades are perfect for taking on holiday and rocking a sun kissed look.

The sticks themselves have a cream to powder formula that glides on really easily and unlike other highlight sticks, the coverage isn’t too dramatic so you don’t have to worry that one quick layer will blind people with your highlight. I like this because it’s gentle and buildable – you can apply a couple of fine layers so it’s perfect for day time and work wear, but then layer it up and blend in for a really striking highlight that’s great for the evenings or when you’re more tanned. I’ve also never felt a cream highlighter stick blend like this – it’s like it turns to powder super quickly – which I love. Having oily skin, any product with too much moisture (or cream) and I’m going to look like an oil slick – these sticks are a great way to highlight if you’ve got oily skin like me.  I apply mine over the top of my foundation, to my cheekbones and to the arch of my brow and blend it in as an eyeshadow primer – it works well and lasts all day.

The next product for giving the all over contour look is the Contour Palette. It comes with three shades for the perfect contour – a contour, a bronze and a highlight shade. I love this contour palette because all three shades are matte – not a hint of shimmer in sight. This is essential to me when it comes to contouring – no thank you shimmer. Although that’s another reason I do love this collection – it’s got the matte and shimmer products nailed separately, not thrown together. In my opinion there’s nothing worse than a product that’s perfect – but it’s either got shimmer in when you don’t want it, or none when you do. The Nude By Nature Contour & Highlight products have shimmer in all the right places… *sassy finger snaps*

The Contour Palette is really lovely to use – the powder is light and blendable and I use the contour and highlight on my cheekbones and the bronzer to add some warmth over the top of my contour and in the smaller parts of my face that I like to add shadowing (around my forehead and either side of my nose.) I love how quickly the powders settle on my skin and it’s one of the best and most gentle  powder contour palettes I’ve used. And trust me, I’ve used a lot.

After applying the Highlight Sticks over the top of my foundation and then the Contour Palette over the top of that, I then add the Highlight Palette to enhance my complexion as a final step. It’s got three shades: Champagne, Rose and Bronze which means there’s a contour shade for everyone. I usually mix Champagne and Rose together but when I’m sporting a bit more fake tan than normal, I love the Bronze in the palette – it’s lovely for a sun kissed glow.

 Highlight Palette (No Filter)

The pigmentation in the palette is really gentle and buildable, and the powder texture is lightweight so it’s easy to blend. I dust mine over my cheekbones and one or two layers is perfect for daytime wear, but add a few more dustings and you’re highlighter is on point for a night on the tiles. It gentle and very shimmery but it’s not too in-your-face, which is exactly what I like in a highlighter palette. I like to wear highlighter to work, but I don’t want to overdo it, so this palette is perfect for everyday highlighting.

The special brushes in the range are fantastic for helping to apply the products in all the right places, and the Pointed Precision Brush is perfect for the temples. Although it’s designed for smaller areas, when I want a more fierce contour it gives an amazing cheekbone contour too.

Overall I’m very impressed with this range. Considering it’s new to the UK I wasn’t sure what to expect. Despite my friend raving about it, I’m always interested to try brands from abroad for myself before I give a verdict… And this one is a very happy two thumbs up. Here’s the main reason: it’s an oily skinned person’s dream! 

No matter what highlight products I use, my over oil producing skin means that by the end of the day my face just resembles an oily mess. I hate it. I try all sorts to combat it and some things have made a huge difference. These products however have meant that I can highlight without fear of the oil slick. So fine and natural are the products that they don’t clump together on top of my skin and then encourage oily build up on top – no, these are gentle and therefore they don’t have that affect: praise the make-up Gods! The contour powder is lovely and matte too, so together they provide a perfect contour and highlight base for my whole make-up routine. The Highlight Sticks give that extra oomph from underneath – kind of like the foundation that the whole highlight and contour sits on, and again, because of it’s powder-like finish it doesn’t look oily.

I’m so glad I tried these and am loving the contoured and highlighted style that’s natural and doesn’t encourage the oily look. You can get the Nude By Nature Contour & Highlight Collection here.

Do you like the sound of this mineral contour and highlight range? What would you like to try most?

 This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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