My New Nudestix Additions

Way back when I used to do vlogs as well as blogs, I did a mahoosive Sephora haul and got hooked on Nudestix. I purchased a few of their products because I wanted to try them and talk about some cool new brands in my video, but they’ve remained a favourite since then. 

Nudestix are essentially life saving make-up sticks. The products in the range are all pencils of some description, and they’ve got every part of your make-up regime covered with their time-saving pencils and crayons. I love make-up that’s designed to help me save time and that slots easily into my existing make-up routine. Nudestix are supposed to be the thing you turn to for a quick touch up, a fast dab of colour or a quick look do-over half way through the day. 

The products, the colours and the textures aren’t supposed to be loud – this is a range that’s designed to be subtle: to allow you to go nude but better. So think about eyeshadow colours for a nude look, with lots of beautiful champagne and gold shades, think pretty and natural pink shades for the lip crayons and delicate cover-all concealers and corrector pencils… that’s the essence of the Nudestix range.

So my previous favourites from Nudestix would have been the Limited Edition Holiday Eye set, which was an exclusive last Christmas. I’ve got various other Eye Pencils in the range but that collection was absolutely on point… Now though, they’ve had to make room for some seriously cute new additions as my Nudestix collection has recently grown. 

I would have to say that my firm favourite in the entire product collection, is their range of Magnetic Eye Color Pencils. These crayon style pencils are so creamy! And the colours available are perfect for the nude eye affect, but they also have matte and shimmer finishes available meaning you can enjoy a variety of looks with each pencil. My latest addition was the shade Moon. This was only the second Eye Pencil in the nudestix range that I’d got with a matte finish. I absolutely love their shimmery finish Eye Pencils because they’re a gorgeous creamy texture with sparkly finish. Moon is a matte shade, but it’s what I’d class as a make-up essential. It’s a very pale cream shade which I find is best used as a base colour or if you go for the barely-there eye look. For me, I apply underneath my other eye shadows and it acts like a primer – it gets your lids ready and colour cohesive so that any colour over the top has maximum affect. It’s also great for adding the lighter dot in the inner eye to brighten and widen the look of the eyes. 

All the Nudestix Eye Pencil’s that I’ve tried (I’ve got 6 now) have a fantastic and creamy texture – they are probably the most creamy eyeshadow product I’ve used. It means they’re really easy to work with. They glide on, blend perfectly and sit well on the eyes. However they ‘dry’ quickly too and set for the day. The only sign of a days wear is that because they’re so creamy, it might gather in the creases a little bit by the end of the day. But that’s to be expected with creamy eye products. Other than that, I love working with these on multiple eye looks.

Next up to be added to the collection was the Lip + Cheek Pencil in shade Love. The Lip Pencils are all super girlie and easy to wear shades – perfect for daytime and minimal make-up looking days. The shade Love is just so pretty that I fell for it as soon as I saw it – it’s a girlie pink with an insane glossy finish which I absolutely adore. I’m totally loving the matte lipstick trend right now, but as I’ve said before – glossy and cream finishes will always have my heart. This pencil finish is super glossy without being too sticky. It gives dimension to the lips and adds a really pretty but natural pink pop of colour to the lips. 

The colour itself is the one I have with me on my desk at work – so before a meeting or if I’m suddenly called away from my desk, I just add a quick top-up of this to my lips. It’s because the colour is noticeable but still natural and it gives the appearance of perfectly painted on lip colour. It’s just so easy to use and wear – hence why it’s my work go-to lip colour right now.

The next addition to my Nudestix collection was also the first of their ‘face’ products I’d tried. I went for the Matte + Blemish Pencil which is essentially a mattifying, priming pencil. It’s green in appearance but goes on without colour. It’s perfect for this mental heat we’re having here in the UK right now because it works to absorb excess oil that would usually just sit on the skin and add to a greasy looking shine. It also has a whole host of ingredients that work to prevent the appearance of blemishes – which is win/win right. As an oily skinned person, this heat is creating so much excess oil, which then contributes to break-outs. So I keep this little pencil in my make-up bag for a touch up a few times a day in the excess oil areas (T-Zone and around the nose etc)

So those three are the new additions to my Nudestix collection and as ever I’m so impressed with the quality and performance of the products. They all do exactly what they say they’re going to do. There’s nothing disappointing about Nudestix pencils and crayons.

All Nudestix products come in a black individual tin with accompanying sharpener – which is fab because you don’t need to worry about ever having a blunt pencil or crayon again. The tins also have a mirror on the inside lid, meaning you can always have a mirror to hand for quick touch ups on the go. (Which by the way – I’m useless for. As a beauty blogger I am always searching out mirrors etc and it’s the one thing I never have on me!) All Nudestix products also come with a little leaflet that tells you about the product and teaches you how to apply to get the best from it – which is always useful if you’ve never tried a product like theirs before.

So my opinion on my new additions? Ever the essentials that I didn’t know I needed, but am now so glad I have!

You can get Nudestix here.
This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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