July 16, 2016

IT Cosmetics

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this year has been amazing for beauty in the UK. It feels like we’ve been delivered some awesome new products, witnessed some fantastic new launches and seen the arrival of many foreign brands as they finally step foot on UK soil (or rather, on a beauty counter near you.) It’s been a fantastic year for beauty, and from my perspective I’ve loved trying all these wonderful new beauty ranges. I’ve really enjoyed trying brands from overseas as you’ll have noticed recently, and IT Cosmetics has been a big one…

Already huge in America, this brand has been created in conjunction with plastic surgeons so their products are clinically proven to deliver results. Their make-up is designed to provide coverage that enhances your natural beauty, but makes it look even better. I was really excited to try these out as I’ve heard so much about the products from my American blogger friends, especially because they have such a comprehensive range of products that there’s something for everyone and a huge amount of choice for all skin types.

Created by Jamie Kern Lima, who herself suffered from a range of skin imperfections from hyper pigmentation to rosacea, IT Cosmetics offer high performance make-up. With someone behind the brand who’s experienced real and everyday skin issues, I’m always quite confident to try the products. If the brand creator knows first hand the problems and difficulties with skin imperfections then you can rest assured that the line will have high performing products… Which is how IT has won over 150 beauty awards for their products. This collection is set to be BIG here in the UK now too.

I’ve been trying some of their products recently to get a feel for the brand and have really loved trying a bit of everything. I’ll start with the face products, because that’s always where I start when applying make-up…

Hello Light Creme Illuminator

This gorgeous and very pretty creme highlighter is perfect for pale skin tones. It’s a light pearlescent pink shade and it’s really lovely to wear during the day and evening too. It’s gentle and subtle so it provides an enhancement of natural highlight, illumination and radiation. It’s also full of anti-aging and hydrating ingredients that defuse the look of pores. I found this to be so beautiful when used on my cheekbones and brow bones. I also like to add a tiny amount to the tip of my nose and above my top lip, just to catch the light. Because it’s a creme, its easy to control and get it exactly where you want it to be. It’s silky to apply and because it’s a creme texture the shimmer pigmentation is so tiny that it acts to illuminate more than add shimmer – which is perfect for my make-up taste (I’m not big on too much shimmer during the day – oily skin problems!) I have been applying mine with the Heavenly Luxe Pointed Precision Brush which allows me to apply it exactly where I need and not get my fingertips involved, which could usually add to excess oil on my face. I recommend using the brush for the best application and coverage. Voila pretty and natural illuminator. Get it here.

Vitality Cheek Flush Powder Blush Stain HD Micro-Powder

Blushers are also an everyday staple for me. With an uneven skin tone, I rely on blusher to colour the most open parts of my face – my cheeks. I have been trying the Cheek Flush Powder Blush Stain in all four of it’s different shades but my favourites are Matte Sweet Apple and Pretty In Peony. These two are the more pink shades in the powder blush stains. There are also two other shades: Radiant In Rose and Magical In Muave which are more on the pink to purple end of the colour spectrum, which will be perfect for darker skin tones. 

The Matte Sweet Apple is the perfect everyday blush – it’s pretty and pink, and has a matte finish – so it’s perfect for the apple of your cheeks (see what I did there?!) Uniquely these Powder Blush Stains are free from talc, which means when worn it doesn’t cling to your skin or settle in pores or lines. Which basically means I can get to the end of my working day and not feel like my pores are clogged and when I look in the mirror I won’t have that horrible problem where you see the powder sitting on top of your skin. Bleugh. There’s lots of vitamins, antioxidants and even green tea in these blushers too, so they act as a hydrating skin conditioner too – look good and feel good too. I recommend applying with the Heavenly Luxe French Boutique Brush which has just the right amount of slanted hairs to apply with a slight contoured look to give a really professional looking cheek.

Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish HD  Micro-Powder

This award winning loose powder is a God send for people like me with oily skin and big open pores. It’s infused with collagen and Vitamin K which means it’s acting to combat the signs of problem skin, which means your make-up won’t get ruined by pesky problems like pores and excess oil. It works to absorb the shine and oil and I am LOVING this for reducing the oily look. If you’ve got oily skin then give this a go.

It’s so easy to use – the matching Airbrush Powder Brush makes it really easy. I just tap a small amount into the lid of the pot and then mix into the brush. I then dust all over my face and use it as a setting powder for the rest of my make-up. Because it’s a colourless powder, it’s suitable for all skin tones and I recommend applying this after all your other powder and base products. For example, I apply mine after foundation, blush and contour – but I don’t apply it over my darker contour shade FYI. For me, this is the hero of the range.

Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

Eyebrows are big right now – and I’m not talking about big as in, big and overgrown! I’m talking about the fact that brow make-up has exploded recently, so no range would be complete without products to get fleeky looking brows. IT Cosmetics have a universal brow pencil, which is another award winner in the range. It’s a universal taupe colour so it’s good for everyone at filling out sparse looking brows and I like to use mine to add a light line above and below the fine hairs to define and sculpt my brows. If you don’t like ‘colouring in’ your brows for those bold, dark and stand-outish brows then this is a great pencil because the colour isn’t too deep.

Hello Lashes 5-In-1 Mascara

I am a mascara fiend. I am forever trying mascara and to be honest, I’ve tried some pretty amazing ones recently. So my standards are high. Think high like a skyscraper! Considering this is one of the best selling products in the entire IT range, I was excited to see if it really would quadruple the look of my lashes, as is claimed.

It’s quite a thick tube – it’s not slim line, but that’s good because it feels like there’s some serious sustenance to the product inside (I smell good value for money!) It also has a lash ball at the end to enable you to apply to the inner and outer lashes with ease. The mascara itself has collagen within it, as well as a whole host of other nice ingredients which means it acts as a primer too – which is my biggest beauty secret right now: PRIMER IS VITAL. The Hello Lashes is a lovely everyday mascara that provides extra lift and a good coat means your eyes look wider and more attention attracting. It’s got good hold too – my lashes are quite long and I found that this held them up for the majority of the day without them drooping. It’s a good everyday all rounder.

Vitality Lip Flush 4-In-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain

A great slick of colour but all the nourishment of a balm, these Lip Flush Lipsticks are great everyday colours. My favourite is Love Story which is a matte nude that’s got just the right amount of pink in the colour. It’s got a lovely ability to moisturise as well as add colour and it’s really light on the lips. Great for handbags everywhere.

 This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

So those are the lovely IT Cosmetics I’ve been trying recently and I’m really impressed with how lovely they all are. For me the hero is the Pore Powder and I recommend it for oily skin types everywhere! But overall IT Cosmetics have some fantastic and high performing products for skin tones of all types and they have a great collection of products to combat all manner of skin imperfections, so they’re definitely one to check out. Find out more from IT Cosmetics here.

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