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We all know that matte lip products are currently the hottest lip trend around. We also know that any and every make-up brand out there have been creating their own take on the cult lip style. However there is one brand who I feel takes precedence when it comes to matte lips because they’ve been doing it for yonks longer than the rest – Gerard Cosmetics.

Gerard Cosmetics have been one of those brands who’ve inspired lip lovers the world over, and I for one was so excited to try their wonderful products. However, they don’t just have an amazing array of matte lip products, they have various finishes in a whole range of colours, which meant my wish-list went on forever. I did however manage to narrow down to six products in three finishes – which is restrained for me!

If you haven’t heard of Gerard Cosmetics, you’ve probably seen them on Instagram. Their feed is the stuff of dreams if you love lip products. I frequently spend ages trailing through their Instagram page and admiring the shots and colours on offer. In fact, it’s their Instagram account that first drew my attention to their brand. I don’t know about you guys – but when I’m buying make-up online, I always rely on Instagram to give me the final decision. I find that Instagram can show the make-up in a multitude of lights and backgrounds so that you get a clear indication of the colour. Gerard Cosmetics Instagram feed is great for helping give you more indication of a colour. So make sure you give them a follow.

Anyway! The first of their products that I tried was the well known Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. The two shades that I tried are Everything Nice and 1995 – which I think are two of the most popular. If you’re into your nude matte lipsticks – these two shades are perfect for you. In fact, I’d go as far as to say they’re better shades (for me) than the Kylie Lip Kits. Yes, I did actually just say that. The nude tones are darker and more bold, but for me the quality is excellent and there is none of the drying sensation that some liquid lipsticks give. My lips don’t feel dry after wearing these and the two shades I have are a lighter and darker nude, so I feel like I’ve got both ends of the nude lip spectrum covered with these. Lots of celebs rave about these lipsticks, and I can see why. I recommend starting with these as an introduction to Gerard Cosmetics products.

Next up on my Gerard list were the Supreme Lip Cremes.  I absolutely love these because they have the pigmentation and colour depth of a matte, but with a more creamy finish. Which is more of my personal style. I’ve been trying shades Destiny and Envy which are both more pink than the nude shades.

I love how creamy these feel, which I think is down to the really lovely and unique mousse formula. They’ve got the shine and hydration feeling that you get with a gloss and yet the colour intensity is top notch. I personally love Destiny – it’s a girlie pink that’s great for day time and evening wear and Envy is more dark and sultry – perfect for darker skin tones and for when you’ve got a tan. These are only $16 each too, so they don’t break the bank.

(Left to right, no flash) Hydra Matte ‘Everything Nice’ and then ‘1995’. Then Supreme Lip Creme ‘Destiny’ and ‘Envy’

And what lip review would be complete without the classic Lipstick hey? And these lipsticks are show stoppers! I love how smooth they are and the cream like texture means they feel light and delicate, but the colour pigmentation is fantastic. I tried shades Kimchi Doll and Vintage Rose. Kimchi Doll was created in collaboration with Sophia Chan and is supposed to be the perfect baby doll pink, but in my opinion is more of a pure nude. Great for the nude look that’s become so popular recently.

The Vintage Rose shade is absolutely divine – I love it. It’s a mauve pink with plum undertones, so it’s not the sort of shade I’d usually go for. The hint of pink/plum is different for me but I absolutely adore it – so pretty for day time and evening wear. If I want to glam it up, I wear this underneath and the Destiny Supreme Lip Creme – it’s a gorgeous statement mauve pink lip with creamy, gloss like finish. My lips really stand out when I wear these two together.

The lipsticks have a really lovely finish – not matte but not quite creamy or glossy. It’s in-between, which also creates a very minimal almost metallic gleam – which I love. There’s no shimmer in the two shades I tried, so it’s all about the finish that creates the light catching look, but it’s genuinely a really delicate but lovely finish. Big thumbs up from me.

So the ultimate lip colour brand have really impressed me in quality. I love the variety of colours they offer and the fact that they also have some fantastic finishes too. My observation is that the colours are darker in real life than they look on the website so check out swatches (like mine) and on their Instagram page for more details etc.

So Gerard Cosmetics – I’ve loved you from afar for a very long time, and now I will be frequently repurchasing your lipsticks and Supreme Lip Cremes. Oh and lets not forget the Slay All Day setting spray which has radicalised my make-up wearing. God bless you Gerard Cosmetics for that little gem!

Which Gerard Cosmetic products would you most like to try?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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