June 8, 2016

Studio 10 Make-Up

So when it comes to make-up, a girl can never have too much right? And that means never giving up the quest to find bigger and better products. I love that beauty blogging has lured me out of my ‘comfort’ zone which previously meant I only ever used the same products on my face without fail. I guess I was stuck in a make-up rut. If it wasn’t for my blog I’d never have been able to try some amazing products and discover brands who surpassed the quality and performance of some of my long-standing (and now previous) staple products. And one brand I’ve been so excited to discover like this, who’ve raised the bar and introduced some fantastic products to my make-up bag, is Studio 10.

A beauty brand designed for women who are looking for quick-fix, skin perfecting make-up, their products are well known and much loved by make-up artists around the world. What’s more is that their products were originally designed for women who want make-up to combat the signs of ageing, but are now staples and ‘must-have’ items in the lives of younger women everywhere. I decided to initially try out these products with a bit of a difference to how I usually test new make-up – I invited my Mum over for the afternoon and we decided to both put the products to the test. A mother and daughter dual testing commenced! Could a brand really provide such flexible results that their products worked for me (age 28) and my Mum in her 50’s (she said I’m forbidden to put her actual age here!)

We had various beautiful products to try, but started with the Youth Lift Glow-Plexion. Which is supposed to be like a multi-purpose illuminating and radiant highlighter which can be used in a variety of ways. It comes in a pump style bottle and has a really thick texture – far thicker than expected, which both Mum and myself were pleasantly surprised with. This baby is amazing because it has so many uses. You can wear it under or over foundation, mixed with moisturiser for a body glow or use it to highlight cheekbones, jawlines etc. It’s texture means you can use it for pretty much everywhere you’d want a bit of an extra glow. 

Youth Lift Glow-Flexion Swatch (no filter)

Mum found that she preferred it best when mixed with her foundation because it gave her skin a bit more of a pick-me-up. She felt like it had given some life back to her ‘dull’ looking skin tone. (Her words, not mine!) When mixed with foundation, the tiny amount of shimmer was taken down a level, just enough to add radiance to her skin without making her look shiny. For my skin, I personally found that I loved using this over my foundation as a cream highlighter because I like my highlighters to be bold and striking – the Youth Lift Glow-Plexion is so purely pigmented in it’s shimmer that my cheekbones stood out a lot. Which is a style I love! I also mixed a bit of this with some instant fake-tan over the weekend and found it added a beautiful shimmery and natural looking edge to my tan and I will 100% be using it like this again. So the Studio 10 Youth Lift Glow-Plexion gets two big ticks from us!

Next up was my personal favourite of the entire set – the Radiance Glow Bronzing Veil. This powder palette is just so amazing – if you buy any bronzing powder for the summer, let this be it! Not only does the palette look amazing but it’s fantastic for contouring too. The powder is so lightweight and easy to wear, it doesn’t stick to the skin, but rather sits securely on top, meaning my face felt fresh and not like my pores were being blocked: as I usually find with powder products because of my oily skin. The bronzing powder was just the perfect universal shade to add a hint of colour, and considering that I’m naturally so pale, this is very important to me. I have tried so many bronzers that just end up looking muddy on my face because of my pale skin tone, but this was light and delicate in texture and shade. And combined with the Radiance Powder, which adds just the right amount of dimension, I was able to get an amazing contour using this. VERY happy with with the Bronzing Veil.

Mum naturally has more colour depth in her face (her skin tone is slightly darker than mine) so she is used to wearing bronzer all over her face and she found that she loved using this as much as I did and it was a light enough colour to be able to provide a healthy looking glow all over. She also found that for a powder it had good buildablilty, meaning that she could build up the colour on her cheekbones and other places she wanted to add more colour as if she’d caught the sun. We both said this product gets a very big gold star for contouring, bronzing and all over colour.

After this we moved on to the Age Reverse Perfecting Lipliner which Mum was very excited about. Of the two of us, Mum has thinner lips and whereas I’ve never felt like I have that problem, she’s always quite wary of hers. So she tried this first. The innovative thing about this lipliner, the thing that makes it different to all the others, is that it’s dual ended with a double-whammy usability. One end is an everyday lipliner shade that’s universal for all skin tones. You use this as you would any lipliner, but the trick is to apply in an ombre style to create fuller looking lips and give the appearance of plumpness. We both agreed it was a lovely shade and very easy to wear and use. The formula was lovely and creamy and it sat nicely on the lips.

The other end of the lipliner is the nude shade which is designed to go on the outer line of your lips to highlight their shape, and combined with the ombre lipliner you’ve already applied, the affect should be fuller looking lips. But did it make us look like Kylie?!

Well, put it this way, I’ve used this every day this week already as I’m absolutely loving it! The two ends combined give a perfect line around my lips and the nude end has really helped me to tidy up the edges of my lipstick application – meaning my lips look a lot more defined. Mum loved this too and felt like her lips looked bigger and she has already started asking if she can have mine (no!) So I felt like the Age Reverse Perfecting Lipliner highlighted the shape of my lips a lot more and Mum felt it made hers look fuller, so it’s another win from us.

And last but not least was the 6-In-1 Perfect Lash Mascara which is effectively a mascara with a double end featuring two different shaped wands to help you get the best coverage. Which alone was enough to impress me because there’s multiple ways you can use this – each end individually, together in alternate times etc. It’s a pretty snazzy mascara, I must say!

When it comes to eyes, this is the big different between Mum and I when it comes to make-up. I go for the heavy eye make-up look with a dark smokey eye and lots of mascara because I love the fake-lash look. Mum’s personal style is a lot softer – she’d never wear grey or black shades and she doesn’t like the smokey eye style on her own eyes. She sticks to more neutral eyeshadows and less prominent lashes. So we were both wanting completely different things from this mascara – could it meet both our needs?

Mum went first and she tried both ends of the wand – one side with the comb and one with the brush. She felt the coverage and level of colour it gave her lashes was good with the brush and was happy enough with that and didn’t want to try using both ends together. Her opinion was that the mascara made her lashes feel thick and healthy without being overdone. So she was happy.

For me I absolutely wanted to try both together! I first used the comb end of the wand to apply a few layers of the mascara, then afterwards a few layers with the brush and then once dry, I applied a final quick layer with the comb again for added definition. The key is the different wands – I’ve never used a mascara like it and the lift it gave my lashes was really impressive! I felt like I could get a full coverage with the brush and then use the wand for definition and final shaping, which was like ticking every box on the mascara wish list.

So our overall impressions with this was great too, thanks to the innovative dual ended wand. Plus it’s worth a mention that it was really easy to remove too – some mascara’s are a nightmare to get off but this was easy to apply and easy to remove, which was more important to Mum than me but I’m used to wearing such thick mascara that it takes a while to remove it in the evenings anyway!

So, those were the four products that both me and my Mum spent the weekend trialling from Studio 10. I have to admit that we were dubious as to whether a brand could truly suit the needs of both of us, especially as our skin is at very different stages of life…but we were both really impressed with all the products. My personal favourite was the Radiance Glow Bronzing Veil and Mum’s was the Lipliner (although she said she found it hard to pick between this and the Youth-Lift Glow Plexion! 

So my thoughts are that it depends how you apply the products, and what sort of make-up style you go for, but Studio 10 really are a brand that suits skin types, and ages across the board. Lots of brands have their products described as being “innovative” but the Studio 10 products truly are – and deserve the title more than any. From the dual ended and double purposed lipliner and mascara, to the creamy highlighting abilities of the Youth-Lift Glow Plexion, it’s easy to see why women – mothers and daughters alike – are raving about the range. And it gets two big gold stars from two generations over here. 

You can find all the Studio 10 products on their website here.

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